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The significance of the rare nowadays male name Cyrus — his character and destiny

The mystery of the male name Cyrus — family, career and health

Do not confuse the two consonant, but different in meaning the names of Cyrus and Cyril.

The name Cyrus was born in Persia, where it was pronounced differently — «Kurush», which means «sunny.» Gradually spread to other countries, slightly changing the pronunciation: in England — «Cyres», in France — «Siryus», Italy changed the name most strongly — «Chiro», Spain adopted the name from Italy, changing the first letter in it — «Siro», after Italy, the name spread to Portugal — “Sira”.

It came to Russia under the name «Kirios», which was reduced to «Cyrus».

Pronunciation of the name in different countries

Variants of the name in Russia: Kirusha, Kirunchik, Kirchik, Kirk, Kyrych, Kyrochka, Kirula, Kirios.

Patronymic of children of the owner of this name: Kirovich, Kirovna.

It can be both masculine and feminine.

The significance of the rare nowadays male name Cyrus - his character and destiny

The character of Cyrus is spelled:

  • The first letter «K» speaks about the endurance and strength of the spirit of its owner.
  • The second letter «And» indicates peace, kindness of the spirit.
  • The last letter «P» means that its owner is implacable, brave, independent, self-confident.

From early childhood, Cyrus is ready to go to great lengths to win, he suffers hard defeats. Because of the pronounced leadership qualities, it doesn’t work well with the team, since childhood it’s necessary to teach it to a team sport in order to reduce one’s selfishness and throw away accumulated energy.

Sensing permissiveness, Cyrus can become cruel.

Cyrus remains persistent, self-confident, arrogant, purposeful person, knowing that he needs how to achieve this. He loves being admired, tries to impress others, amaze, surprise.

Despite these strong qualities, Cyrus remains a kind, sensitive person who cares for the weak and disadvantaged, but skillfully hides these qualities from those around him behind a mask of composure.

Cyrus is by nature endowed with a special charm, romanticism and is popular with the opposite sex, striking them with its lack of originality and spontaneity. He is given a difficult family life because of the desire to be the head of the family.

An accommodating and patient wife will suit him, who will agree to live according to his charter, otherwise Kira will not be able to avoid serious conflicts in the family.

As an adult, Cyrus has excellent emotions, it will not be easy to get him out of himself, and he will not be able to manipulate them either. Criticism, thrown at his address, provokes Cyrus to even more decisive steps.

Does not allow anyone to doubt his words, decisions, does not shift the responsibility for his actions on other shoulders, therefore he seeks to solve complex tasks alone.

Because of the analytical mindset, Cyrus is well versed in technology. Thanks to a developed intuition, he makes the right choice and easily achieves goals.

In the sports field can achieve high results because of the desire to win.

The main goal in the work is to achieve high results. Kira is suitable for any work where you need to move, act, achieve results, for example, in the field of marketing and sales, advertising, travel.

The owner of this name must go forward all the time, develop, otherwise it will quickly go out and turn into a gloomy and disgruntled pessimist.

The significance of the rare nowadays male name Cyrus - his character and destiny

Little Cyrus almost never gets sick, but as an adult, stomach problems can begin, you need to keep track of food. Cyrus likes to engage in various sports, especially mobile. The body, strengthened by sports, rarely does not get sick, in the case of illness, Cyrus quickly recovered.

Should be wary of physical injury.

Horoscope for the name Cyrus

Aries — Fits into any company with its communication, ability to be friends, but does not know how to trust friends.

Taurus — Often acts thoughtlessly, does not listen to anyone’s opinion, until the last time defends his opinion.

Gemini — Does not know how to make friends, does not make contact well, does not get along with personal life because of these qualities.

Cancer — Afraid to make their own decisions, is weak, not capable of cruelty, but dreams of becoming a leader.

Lion — Bright organizational skills, tact. It repels people by drastic changes of character, flashes of aggression.

Virgo — An interesting, versatile educated person with a wonderful imagination. But not a leader, not popular with the opposite sex.

Scales — Does not like to attract attention to himself, does not single out any of his friends, communicating with everyone equally, is attentive to trifles. Serious and reasonable man.

Scorpio — Outwardly evil, aggressive, and inside a kind, sensitive person. Great father and husband.

Sagittarius — Pleasant to communicate, lives according to conscience. Easily erases from their lives insecure and weak-spirited people.

Capricorn — Can take up for several cases at once and always brings them to the end. He will make a great boss.

Aquarius — Introvert, loves loneliness. For the sake of loved ones will do anything.

Pisces is an incorrigible dreamer, but brings it to the end. It looks like an optimist, and inside is a pessimist who sees negative in everything.

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