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The rarest and most beautiful female names

The most tender Russian names for girls: old and new

In many families awaiting a baby, the question arises — how to call my son or daughter? For me, as for a young mother, this question can also become relevant, so I compiled a selection of beautiful and uncommon maiden names.

Why does a person need a name?

The name is the face of a person; for many acquaintances, this is exactly the person who will be associated throughout his life with the sound set of his name. It happens that the sympathy and antipathy of people is caused by a human name.

It is important to choose a beautiful name for the child to caress the ear; rare that a person remains in the memory of others as a bright ray; A name can have a certain meaning, promising a glorious future for a person.

The rarest and most beautiful female names

Rare names for girls

  1. Adele — “the queen” — in the future: a strong and proud woman, able to govern;
  2. Angelina — in this name the word «angel» is clearly heard, perhaps its owner will be caring, kind and gentle;
  3. Aida is a name of oriental origin, meaning “reward”, suitable for a child who has been waited for a very long time;
  4. Albina — “white” — girls with such a name are noted for quick temper and strong will;
  5. Anfisa — “blooming, colorful” — should belong to a very beautiful girl;
  6. Bozhena — “divine”, gifted by God, the name belongs to the resolute and courageous girl;
  7. Vasilisa means “queen”, belongs to a noble girl who does not tolerate injustice;
  8. Veselina is a “cheerful” Bulgarian name, its owner is cheerful, smiling and full of optimism;
  9. Henrietta — «rich» — an active girl, has a male character;
  10. Gloria — “glory” — loves herself, pays much attention to herself;
  11. Eva — “life” — the name that was worn by the very first woman in the world, the name belongs to the cheerful and full of energy of the girl;
  12. Jacqueline — “the one that drives out” — a mysterious girl with a complex and unpredictable character;
  13. Zemfira — «rebellious» — a proud and mysterious woman, similar to an eastern princess;
  14. Iraida — means «heroine.» The bearer of such a name must be brave, resolute;
  15. Carmellita — belongs to the active and restless girl;
  16. Claudia — a somewhat outdated name, means «persistence.» This is a good quality for a girl who will achieve the desired;
  17. Leila — «night» — the name of Oriental origin,
  18. Martha — as a rule, women of that name are balanced, calm;
  19. Monica — “the only one” — as a rule, a strong and active girl;
  20. Nelly — “light”, the name of the Greek language, a modest, shy, charming girl;
  21. Pelagia — «sea» — a mysterious, brilliant girl;
  22. Roxana — “the soothsayer” — a sensitive girl, able to show compassion and mercy;
  23. Simone — “heard by God” — intelligent, easy to communicate, purposeful;
  24. Taisiya — “wise” — witty, responsible, purposeful;
  25. Ustinya — «fair» — strong-willed character;
  26. Francoise — sociable, open, graceful;
  27. Helga — «holy» — creative nature, will manifest itself in art, very purposeful;
  28. Tsvetana — “blooming” — a kind, sympathetic, creative person;
  29. Emilia — “zealous” — independent and wayward, attractive feminine;
  30. Juliana — “curly” — stubborn and very sociable.

The rarest and most beautiful female names

Names of Slavic origin

  • Agniya — “fiery” -energy, inquisitive girl;
  • Beloyar — self-confident, insightful girls;
  • Borimira is a courageous and independent woman who loves traveling;
  • Daryana — “courageous” — fidget, has a rich imagination;
  • Zlata — a little selfish, very demanding of others;
  • Karina — “brown-eyed” — never gives up, purposeful, bright, sociable;
  • Casimir-hardworking, educated;
  • Matryona — calm, kind-hearted, kind;
  • Rosana — “clean, fresh” — uncommunicative, usually achieves success in any one area;
  • Tamila — “weary” — resourceful and optimistic girl;
  • Yaromila — generous, capable of sacrifice for the sake of loved ones

The rarest and most beautiful female names

Fashionable women’s names in 2019

  1. Peacock is a good wife and housewife;
  2. Snezhana is sensitive, emotional, loves praise;
  3. Rimma — sociable, able to find an approach to anyone;
  4. Capitolina — balanced, purposeful;
  5. Kira — taciturn, harsh, sober-minded;
  6. Maya is serious and strict;
  7. Evdokia — decisive and independent;
  8. Carolina is charming, obedient;
  9. Marfa — self-confident, proud, intelligent;
  10. Sabina — generous, benevolent;
  11. Lily — flirty, proud;
  12. Ariana — can not save, loves entertainment;
  13. Aurora- stubborn, impulsive;
  14. Aksinya — “stranger” — smart, obedient girl, loves her parents;
  15. Anisya is a calm and purposeful girl;
  16. Vitalina — smart, energetic;
  17. Glafira — has a sensitive and sublime inner world, subtle mental organization;
  18. Yesenia — “beautiful” — strong in spirit, strong-willed girl;
  19. Ilona — “light” — well controls her emotions, secretive;
  20. Lyubava — “beauty” — generous, sociable, carefree;
  21. Matilda — a woman with strong willed qualities, prefers to work, not a word;
  22. Regina — “the queen” — capricious, likes to command;
  23. Eleanor — sociable, restless;
  24. Jaromira is a great student, in the future she is a confident, delightful woman;
  25. Yaroslav is a born leader, a fighter for justice, a kind and sympathetic girl.

The rarest and most beautiful female names

In this way

  • When choosing a name for a future daughter, it is very important to familiarize yourself with the meaning of the names of interest, because the name often predetermines the fate and character of a person;
  • Rare names are now in fashion, taking their roots from the Slavic and ancient Greek languages;
  • When choosing a name, it is important that it blends well with the girl’s last and middle name.

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