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The origin, meaning and mystery of the name Arseny: the nature and fate of a boy, a man

Male name Arseny means "mature", "manly". In the Orthodox calendar there are many saints under this name, so Arseny celebrates the name of the name several times a year.

Diminutive shapes and variations of the name Arseny: Arsyushka, Arsik, Archie, Arsenchyk, Asik, Arsenyushka, Arsenik, Ars, Arsyasha, Arsenyk, Arsyushenka, Arsyushik, Senya, Arsenyechka, Arsen. Suitable patronymic names: Leonidovich, Romanovich, Andreevich, Kirillovich, Valentinovich, Vladimirovich, Yuryevich, Aleksandrovich, Viktorovich, Grigorievich, Valerievich, Alekseevich, Nikolaevich, Maksimovich.

Meaning and origin of the name Arseny:

  • It comes from the Greek name Arsenios, the interpretation of which — "brave", "brave", "resolute".
  • This name came to the territory of Russia as an ecclesiastical one and has not yet received wide distribution among Russians.

The name Arseny sounds beautiful and noble, but such a man can not be called a gentle man. The abbreviated form of the name — Arsen — endows the young man with rigidity and lack of principle.

Arseny — rather controversial nature. He can be at the same time shy and too cheeky, silent or talkative, active or sentimental, lacking initiative.

The origin, meaning and mystery of the name Arseny: the nature and fate of a boy, a man

The table presents the name day by month for Arseny and the patron saints who are worshiped by the church these days.

MonthNumbers of the monthPatron saints
December26, 3
  • Hegumen of Latre.
  • Igumen Dmitriev
February28, 19, 1
  • Martyr Arseny.
  • Rev. Ikaltoi.
  • Archbishop of Kerkir
March21, 15, 13
  • Bishop Matseevich.
  • Bishop of Tver.
  • Igumen Dmitriev
May21, 12
  • Rev. Novgorod.
  • Archbishop of Suzdal
June25Rev. Konevsky
July25, 15
  • Bishop of Tver.
  • Rev. Novgorod
August13Bishop Nikotsmindsky
September12, 10, 6
  • Archbishop Serbian.
  • Pechenersky (Hardworking).
  • Igumen Komelsky
November19, 16, 10
  • Martyr Troitsky.
  • New Martyr Troitsky.
  • Archbishop Serbian

The origin, meaning and mystery of the name Arseny: the nature and fate of a boy, a man

Boy Senya is not different modesty and appeasability. From an early age, he shows his difficult temper, and his parents have a hard time.

The child is capricious, very stubborn and does not want to do what his relatives want. If the Seine is forbidden, he will immediately break the parental ban.

The boy likes to spend time in the fresh air. He enjoys playing football and other outdoor games with the guys.

Studying Arseniy is not interesting, he often skips school and receives comments from teachers for bad behavior.

Senya often gets into fights and likes to be in the center of attention. The boy is dancing, very artistic and has a pleasant voice.

Arseny doesn’t like to read, but as he gets older, adventures and poetry of the Silver Age become more and more interesting for him.

Arsen is a sporty and confident person who will always stand up for a girl and be able to stand up for himself.

The young man is inclined to idealize everything and sees the world not as it really is. Senya loves to gamble and can not live without extreme sports and adrenaline, often gets into trouble.

With age, Arseny’s craving for adventure will become less pronounced.

The guy goes to university with great reluctance. He does not prepare for sessions and relies on chance.

The young man loves to attend nightclubs and lives a rich and vibrant life.

Character Arseny, who was born in different seasons:

  • Summer — whimsical and witty, often cheats and shifts its responsibilities to others. Patronyms that are suitable for such a boy: Kirillovich, Valentinovich, Vladimirovich, Yuryevich.
  • Spring is a vulnerable, scrupulous and persistent guy who often makes mistakes and never listens to other people’s advice. Suitable middle names: Leonidovich, Romanovich, Andreevich, Arkadyevich.
  • Born in winter, Arseny is resourceful, sociable and enterprising. Such patronymic names will suit: Rodionovich, Terentievich, Aleksandrovich, Viktorovich, Grigorievich.
  • Autumn young man is different responsibility and seriousness. Suitable middle names: Valerievich, Alekseevich, Nikolaevich, Maksimovich.

The origin, meaning and mystery of the name Arseny: the nature and fate of a boy, a man

Characteristics of the owner of this name and love compatibility is presented in the table:

Morality and moralityA man adapts to the circumstances and can be both too principled and correct person, and a prudent and despotic personality.
Type of characterArseny melancholic type
FateThe fate of a man depends on his worldview, level of education and upbringing. If parents paid enough attention to their child and instilled spiritual values ​​in him from an early age, then Arseny will become a successful and outstanding personality.
HealthThe owner of this name is prone to nervous breakdowns and emotional breakdowns. The man has reduced visual acuity. He often has insomnia and has problems with the digestive system.
Positive traitsSociability, justice, openness, activity, responsiveness, courage, determination, intelligence
Negative qualitiesSelfishness, laziness, vanity, pride, touchiness, stubbornness
SexAggressive and rude in bed, she believes that a woman should please him in every way, but does not think about the needs of her partner. For Arseny, sex is an integral part of life, he often changes women and does not think about true love.
friendshipArseny has few or no friends, but the man does not want to make friendship, preferring unobtrusive communication and fleeting acquaintances
BusinessIf a man learns to cope with his laziness and apathy, becomes more disciplined, then he will succeed in succeeding in starting a business.
ProfessionsSinger, composer, choreographer, writer, art historian, actor, director, teacher, broadcaster, photographer
CareerProfessions associated with money, tedious calculations and mathematical operations, this man does not like. He is not able to sit all day in a dusty office and conscientiously fulfill his obligations. Arseny can use a creative activity without a strict framework and flexible working hours.
Hobbies and hobbiesCinema, cars, music, dancing, martial arts, psychology, politics
Mental capacityArseny has creative thinking, good memory and low concentration of attention. He cannot do the same thing for a long time and is often distracted by external factors.
IntuitionThe owner of this name has a fine intuition, and Arseny often acts at the behest of his heart.
LoveArseny applies to women and is fond of beautiful girls. He does not know how to care and often behaves brutally. But if he falls in love, she will become an intelligent and gallant young man who will strive for a girl by any means and turn her life into a romantic tale.
MarriageArseny rarely marries at a young age and believes that it is necessary to start a family after forty years. He will marry a spectacular girl who will perfectly cope with the role of mother, the hostess and will not complain that it is difficult for her to cope with household chores alone.
Family relationshipsArsen can not be called an attentive and sensitive spouse. He does not seek to help his wife and prefers a passive rest at the TV. A man is creative in raising children: he allows his children to do everything that comes to their mind, and encourages childish pranks that his wife does not like. Arseny does not believe that he should be a breadwinner in the family, and therefore his wife has to combine household duties and work
MindThis man has an unstable psyche. Arseny’s mood changes ten times a day. It is difficult for close ones to predict what he is thinking at the moment and what is going on in his soul. The owner of this name never asks for forgiveness and does not try to establish contact with their offenders, striking these people out of their lives once and for all
Love compatibility
  • Maximum — Elizabeth, Polina, Tamara, Olga, Christina, Arina.
  • Medium — Julia, Barbara, Veronica, Tatiana, Raisa, Margarita.
  • Low — Elvira, Inna, Catherine, Natalia, Lydia, Larisa

The table provides information about patrons, significant dates, lucky symbols and talismans for Arseny:

A rockAmethyst, Jasper
ColourGray, red, blue, brown
Lucky numbereight
Significant numbers18, 24, 32, 48, 64
Day of the weekWednesday
PlanetMercury, Moon
Astrological signTwins
East signTiger
Totem animalSwallow, Loon
Elementthe fire

The character and psychological portrait of a young man named Arseny, who was born under a certain zodiac sign, is presented in the table:

Zodiac signCharacteristic
AriesTouchy, quiet and notorious man who has a fine mental organization and with difficulty finds a common language with people. Arseny, born under the Aries constellation, needs support and constant care from his relatives. He is very attached to his parents and trusts them with all his innermost secrets. It is not easy for a man to communicate with the opposite sex, he is not looking for a life partner and does not let anyone in his little world
TaurusCheerful, sociable and unfettered young man who in every situation feels confident and at ease. Arseny-Taurus is almost impossible to offend; he turns any criticism and comments into a joke and can laugh at his own shortcomings and falls. A man never gives up and sees only positive sides in everything. Arseny, who was born under the sign of Taurus, has many friends, he is never alone. This person needs a cheerful and spontaneous girl who will become a devoted wife and best friend.
TwinsCharming, charismatic and intelligent man, which combines such qualities as independence and indecision, intelligence and madness, responsibility and lightheadedness. It is woven out of contradictions, but this only makes it more attractive for women. You can expect anything from Arseny the Twins, he is unpredictable and is an adventurer by nature.
CrayfishAn arrogant, arrogant and capricious guy with female traits. Arseny Rak is stubborn and never admits his own mistakes. He does not tolerate criticism and will not allow others to talk with him in a raised voice. Is a true romantic and prone to idealization. To win such a person is not easy, he is suspicious and distrustful. The ideal girl for him is a kind, humble, modest, but very beautiful and cheerful lady who will be able to support any conversation and will be happy to take care of household chores and parenting.
a lionAn ambitious, hardy and courageous man who creates a pleasant impression from the first seconds of communication. He is a born leader and winner, not looking for easy ways and never turns off the intended path. Arseny-Lev is able to find an approach to any person, his opinion is listened to and respected. A man is not used to showing his weaknesses and will never ask for help from relatives and friends, preferring to find a solution on his own. Arseny, who was born under the constellation of Leo, will be a temperamental and self-sufficient woman who will have time to be the keeper of the hearth and successful business woman
VirgoA reasonable, calm and balanced man who leads a measured life. Arseny-Virgo does not demonstrate his emotions to others, he knows how to control himself and prefers not to get involved in conflicts. Stability is very important to him, he does not like surprises and unforeseen circumstances, because of which things are not going according to plan. Arseny, who was born under the constellation Virgo, has clear goals and adequately assesses his own capabilities, without setting a bar for himself. He needs a nice and intelligent woman who will be a good housewife.
LibraA courteous, gallant and cheerful young man who lives one day and is not used to deny himself pleasure. His life is like a holiday, he does not think about the future and enjoys every moment. Arseny-Libra is very emotional and impulsive, he is not looking for a serious relationship and has fleeting and non-binding novels. The man is in no hurry to say goodbye to the role of a bachelor and marries in adulthood, when enough "goes up"
ScorpioDemanding, uncompromising and assertive man who achieves the desired by any means and considers himself better than others. Arseny-Scorpio is always in the spotlight. A man will never apologize first, even if he is aware of his guilt. He has few friends and troubled relationships with the household, because people prefer not to get involved in a scandalous and selfish person.
SagittariusEveryone’s favorite and darling of fate. Arseny-Sagittarius is always in a great mood, he takes up every business with great enthusiasm and rushes to the rescue at the first call. A man has a keen sense of justice and will not allow to offend the weak. He is intelligent, intelligent and successful in all spheres of life. Arseny, who was born under the sign of Sagittarius, is a very caring and loving husband. He is not capable of betrayal and treason
CapricornAn initiative, strong and courageous young man. He is purposeful and never gives up what he started halfway through. Arsenius-Capricorn knows how to manipulate people and loves to command. He is categorical in his judgments, and it is impossible to convince him of anything. Arsenius, born under the constellation of Capricorn, is very vulnerable and alone in the depths of his soul. He needs a patient, understanding and wise girl who will not hold family scenes of jealousy and demand a lot of attention.
AquariusA prudent and thoughtful man who never gets involved in doubtful business. He loves nature and fiction, prefers quiet pastime and avoids noisy companies. Arseny-Aquarius has no comrades, but he does not feel lonely and unhappy. The owner of this name will be approached by a balanced woman who will fully devote herself to the family and create comfort and a favorable atmosphere in the house.
FishDoubtful and unsure of a young man who does not know what he needs for happiness, and rushes from one extreme to the other. He often changes jobs and cannot arrange his personal life, constantly giving up on heart matters. Arseny Pisces lives in his illusory world and avoids harsh reality in every way, preferring not to notice obvious things. He is initiativeless, so a woman who wants to tie her fate with this man should take the reins of government

Famous men named Arseny:

  • Yatsenyuk — politician, former Prime Minister of Ukraine;
  • Tarkovsky — prose writer, poet;
  • Meshchersky — painter, Russian artist;
  • Roginsky — historian, public figure, human rights activist;
  • Borodin is a singer;
  • Yakovlev — opera singer;
  • Avakov is a Ukrainian politician and businessman.

Heroes of the USSR: Stepanov, Golovko, Vorozheikin, Shubikov.

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