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The origin and meaning of the name Yang, the nature and fate of the girl

Yana: the meaning and origin of the name, character, fate

The short, but confident and strong name of Yana has a corresponding impact on her possessor: she is wise, reasonable, pragmatic, conquers those around her with calm and charisma. Able to present themselves in the best light, carefully hides flaws.

She is a fighter in life, therefore she is able to achieve unprecedented success on her own and without outside help. In this fragile, but purposeful and assertive girl, meekness and femininity are miraculously combined with business acumen, poise with impulsiveness and emotionality, and integrity with criticality. Subtle knowledge of human psychology and well-developed intuition allow cleverly manipulate others in the mercenary purposes.

But for his relatives, Yana remains a sensitive and vulnerable person who needs support and understanding, although she wants to look like an “iron lady”.

Linguists who study the mystery of the name Yang, allocate several versions of its origin:

  • It has Latin roots and comes from the word «janua», which means «beginning.» In ancient Roman mythology, Janus was the name of the revered god, the patron saint of the sun, heat and light. He was portrayed with two faces, personifying the entrance and the exit, the beginning and the end.
  • The female name is derived from the male Hebrew John (the modern form is Yang). His literal translation into Russian is «God’s mercy.» According to this interpretation, the meaning of the name is “given by God.”
  • Interpretation in the Turkic language — “a new life, soul”.
  • Perhaps the name has Slavic roots; in this case it comes from the name of the river of the same name.

Common Name Options:

Synonyms include:

Yang’s name is a brief address to the owners of the following names:

The male counterpart of the name is Yang. This form is used as a short form for:

The name of Jan is absent in Orthodox and Catholic conventions, therefore at the baptism of the little ones they are called John. The patron saint of the owners of the name is the righteous John the Myrrh-Bearer.

The story says that it was she who buried the head of John the Baptist. The days of her memory in the church calendar and in combination with the name of the owners of the name fall on July 10 and the third Sunday after Easter.

The origin and meaning of the name Yang, the nature and fate of the girl

Famous people and celebrities named Yana:

  • actresses Jeimo, Poplavskaya, Sekste, Druz, Esipovich, Arshavskaya;
  • Russian music producer Rudkovskaya;
  • TV presenter Churikova;
  • athletes from Nekrasov, Khokhlov, Tsislarov, Klochkov, Bode, Uskov, Batyrshin, Galikov, Kandarr, Novotna, Romanov, Kapustov;
  • rock singer and poetess Dyagileva;
  • Russian animator Yanina Volskaya;
  • German writer Frey.

The origin and meaning of the name Yang, the nature and fate of the girl

Astrological signs of the name:

  • planets — Mars, Pluto;
  • the corresponding zodiac signs are Sagittarius, Scorpio;
  • metal — tin;
  • the element is air.

The magic symbols and talismans include:

Sign of


Crimson, green, red

Ruby, Emerald, Jade

Good day of the week

Happy season

Significant years of life

In numerology, the symbol of the name is a six.

The origin and meaning of the name Yang, the nature and fate of the girl

The powerful energy of the name gives its owner a wayward character, incredible stubbornness, self-love and self-centeredness. In order for a girl to grow up a harmonious personality and easily adapt to society, parents need to form an adequate self-assessment in their child and teach them to take into account the interests of other people. The daughter should be brought up in relative severity and not indulge her endless whims.

Otherwise, she will turn into a capricious and narcissistic young lady who is confident that everyone owes her.

Suitable middle names: Olegovna, Borisovna, Vladislavovna, Arturovna. Andreevna is distinguished by sociability and vigor, Alekseevna — by calmness and balance, Dmitrievna — by strong-willed character and impulsiveness.

The origin and meaning of the name Yang, the nature and fate of the girl

Little Jan is not an obedient, docile child. She is capricious and stubborn; she prefers not to listen to anyone and act as she pleases.

Trying to achieve his goal, he uses various methods, ranging from obsessive entreating and ending with noisy tantrums. Since childhood, Yana seeks to gain recognition, therefore, can boast and lie to impress others.

The girl has a very high self-esteem and developed ambition, which prevents her from having true friends.

The guys are trying to stay away from Yana, because she is arrogant and not always tactful. Often the reason for this behavior is excessive custody and condescension on the part of the father.

Accustomed to the fact that she is the darling of the first main man in her life, an adult woman will demand the same increased attention from her chosen one. Yana is not too worried about the lack of friends, she is trying in every possible way to join richer children from families with an excellent reputation.

A girl can be considered the first woman of fashion in the class, but she will not be diligent in her studies. Her laziness prevents to master subjects, and Yana goes to classes only because there is no other way out.

She dreams to grow up faster and leave hated textbooks alone. The girl seldom studies as “excellent” and calmly thinks that she receives not very high marks.

Growing up Yana rarely reconsiders her priorities in life. She still needs recognition and is doing everything to be the center of attention.

The girl does not recognize her mistakes, does not respond to the comments of friends, older people and teachers. There is no tact in her, so she always expresses her opinion, without thinking about correctness.

Yana sees other people’s mistakes right away, but does not notice her flaws point-blank. For this reason, the girl has no close friends and girlfriends.

In relations with representatives of the stronger sex, the owner of the name is distinguished by perseverance and perseverance.

She becomes the initiator of acquaintance with the guy that she likes, and will wait for a response from his side. If reciprocity does not follow, quickly switch to another object of his attention.

Having fallen in love for real, Yana is ready to go on the most daring feats for the sake of her love.

Yana is always ready to help and will take an active part in solving any question of a loved one. For him, she will become feminine, tender, sensitive and affectionate.

But once she is disappointed, especially in people who are very dear to her, Yana will demonstrate all the negative traits of her character. She will become irritable, aggressive, indifferent to other people’s misfortunes and experiences.

Limitless egoism and egocentrism prevents a girl from being as sweet as she really is.

Adult Jana is typed wisdom and life experience. She still remains selfish, eager for praise and recognition, but knows how to restrain her emotions and not to give out her sincere attitude towards others. A woman always looks after herself; she is neat, stylish and well-groomed.

Even with the strongest employment, the owner of the name will find time to bring her appearance in order.

Yana acts in life on a strict schedule, which sets itself. Purposefulness and perseverance help her achieve significant success in all areas.

A woman knows how to feel the right moment and make useful contacts. In order to achieve her goal, she chooses all available methods.

Being a subtle critic and analyst of human souls, Yana cleverly notices the flaws and manipulates people in her own interests.

She can always express her opinion, but will never allow herself to make a comment. A woman is distinguished by an incredible love of freedom and does not allow anyone to violate her personal boundaries.

For her, there is no friendship without benefit, so she still has no or very few true friends.

Yana is an ardent individualist, an extraordinary person, so her fate is full of vivid and memorable events. Prefers to communicate with the same self-sufficient people as herself, but in order to achieve the desired, she sweeps away everyone in her path.

Secretive and mistrustful, therefore, to earn her trust and respect is extremely difficult.

To make a complete portrait of Yana will allow the information presented in the table:



A woman is principled, sometimes categorical and stubborn. Considers his opinion the only correct, subject to sudden mood swings.

Yana has an analytical mindset, can quickly synthesize the information received, properly analyze what is happening

Subtle intuition allows you to make the right decisions in extreme situations, expose liars and hypocrites

For a girl, the concepts of morality and morals are rather abstract: in relation to herself she demands honesty and justice, but she rarely considers herself with other people’s interests and easily compromises with her conscience

Responsibility, accuracy, purposefulness, independence, independence, observation, pragmatism

Secrecy, selfishness, rancor, arrogance, narcissism.

Yana is a creative and creative lady, therefore her favorite hobbies include handicrafts, painting, clothes modeling. She loves to equip the home, so often engaged in interior design. She cares about her own appearance, loves to experiment with new images.

Usually has an impressive portfolio with numerous photo shoots.

Characteristics are affected by the time of birth of the owner of the name:



Yana, born in the winter, is assertive and decisive in achieving her goals, but her unbridled temper, emotionality and hot temper often hinders the achievement of the desired. The girl enjoys success with men, but will marry a balanced and calm chosen one who can stop her spouse from making rash decisions in time.

Spring Yana is distinguished by ambition, selfishness, ambition, and narcissism. Dreams of fame and recognition, does not tolerate disrespect and inattention to his own person. Because of narcissism, the girl has few true friends.

Men are repelled by her arrogance and high self-esteem. Only a gentle, sensitive and loving gentleman will be able to melt the beauty’s heart

Yana, born in the summer, has an explosive temper that hinders her implementation in her career and personal life. Being a person impulsive, sensitive and vulnerable, painfully perceives any criticism in his address.

Pride does not allow her after a quarrel to go first to a truce. Will be happy next to a balanced and wise choice, who will be her real support and support

Autumn Yana is a serious, sensible and pragmatic girl. In people she values ​​intelligence and morality.

It makes an impression of a sincere and open person, but in reality skillfully hides true thoughts and feelings from others. Differs incredible self-control, does not allow emotions to prevail over the mind. The girl is attracted to decent, responsive men who are able to remain faithful to one chosen one

Nature has given Yana excellent health, so she almost never gets sick. The owner of the name loves to sleep very much, so it is difficult to transfer the process of awakening and the transition to waking.

She needs to learn how to wake up correctly, leaving enough time for herself to take her time. The sensible solution would be to completely abandon the alarm and choose an arbitrary mode.

Inner emotionality, restraint and inability to adequately express their feelings can provoke neuroses. Constant mood swings will lead to melancholy and depression, the consequences of which will be cardiovascular diseases.

Yana needs to adhere to a healthy lifestyle and try to cope with emotions.

Jan tries to appear independent, restrained and independent. In fact, she is in dire need of understanding and recognition.

She seeks love and dreams of the only man who will be with her throughout her life. Deception and betrayal by her lover can be a fatal tragedy for a woman, so she tries to provide all possible risks when choosing a life partner.

The owner of the name is looking for a stately, adult and wealthy man or chooses a young but promising person. In a state of love, the girl completely surrenders to her feeling and lives in the interests of her chosen one.

Yana becomes tender and sensitive, but this seems to her not enough. The girl begins to pretend to be so caring and cute yoke, which to some extent annoys a man with her closeness.

This will be appreciated only by an attentive companion who sees in her a devoted, loving and kind woman.

Jana is passionate and temperamental in sex. She is ready for experiments and will always be able to surprise her partner with sensuality and tenderness. A woman loves sex very much and treats it as a source of sensual pleasure.

But it will never allow emotions to prevail over the mind.

Yana seeks to find true love, therefore she does not perceive transient novels and chooses a companion for life. For this reason, the owner of the name often get married early. The man’s chosen one is a man who fully shares her principles and understands her.

The woman becomes the unspoken leader and takes on the main responsibility for the family. However, she never takes important decisions on her own and prefers to consult with her husband beforehand.

Yana is loving and caring, but her complex nature does not give rest to all family members.

A husband and children should fully obey a wayward wife and mother and try to calm her down in moments of heightened nervousness. This woman wants to impress the representatives of the stronger sex, even being legally married, so the spouse should accept this whim.

Yana loves her children very much, but makes excessive demands on them, which will be useful for their future life.

In the initial stages of family life, a woman does not find understanding with her mother-in-law, and even with her mother.

She believes that she herself knows how her family should look like and does not need any outside advice. But all misunderstandings disappear when the older generation sees Yana’s economic and rational approach to the subtleties of living together with her husband.

Relationships are gradually aligned, and the family becomes large and friendly.

Successful marriage is waiting for her with men named:

There is no understanding with men by name:

Yana is a real business woman who continuously strives for success. Her commitment, diligence and responsibility help to achieve success in any field of activity.

The woman with the maximum calculation will approach the solution of any issues and will not leave the case halfway. This quality of her character is very much appreciated by the authorities, so the girl is always on notice with the influential leadership and has the opportunity to receive the necessary protection.

The ambition and ambition of the owner of the name does not allow her to remain in the list of subordinates, so Yana always quickly climbs the career ladder.

She seeks to earn more money, because she considers material independence as the main condition for a happy life. In creative professions, the bearer of the name is expected to be a huge success, since she has an original vision and a sense of style.

The woman will achieve significant results in politics, journalism, pedagogy and in any leadership positions.. Her knowledge of human psychology and philosophy will be a good foundation for building the right relationships with people.

Successful for Yana will be work in trade, advertising business, law, and the service sector. She is not used to changing her place of work often and is striving for career growth, so she will be comfortable in any promising production.

Good business compatibility with Yuri, Vasily, Kirill, Egor, Konstantin, Arseny, Yaroslav, Fedor, Anton, Lev, Pavel.

Unsuccessful tandem — with Alexey, Nikita, Ilya, Artem, Vladislav.

The owner of this name has amazing abilities in terms of doing business. She knows how to foresee the outcome of any conceived case and sees prospects even in the most unsightly enterprise.

Where other people succumb and refuse to work, Yana finds a high degree of benefit and necessarily succeeds. She never takes an unreasonable risk, carefully calculates all possible outcomes, comes up with original solutions to the tasks.

A woman has a keen mind, sociability and skills to properly communicate with people. It never turns away from the intended purpose, so the business will be successful in any case. Yana does not fail even in a situation of tough competition with the representatives of the stronger sex.

Healthy stubbornness and firmness of character help her in the most difficult situations to emerge victorious.

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