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The origin and meaning of the name Victoria, the character and fate of a girl

Victoria: the meaning and origin of the name, character features, fate, horoscope

According to the phonosemantic analysis, the name Victoria is associated with something majestic, strong and mysterious, which fully corresponds to the bearer of the name. The girl has an incredible magnetic charm, shrouded in a halo of mystery, so she always makes a spectacular impression on others.

She is beautiful, always looks perfect, seeks to please people.

Charming and charismatic, Vika is a subtle expert on human psychology, so she can lead the crowd, find like-minded people, enlist their support. For the successful implementation of a career she lacks determination and self-confidence.

A woman is talented and multifaceted, but she needs time to fully reveal herself and demonstrate her best qualities. Vika is a vivid example of how an ugly duckling can eventually turn into a beautiful swan.

Linguists studying the secret of the name of Victoria insist that it is of Latin origin and occurs from the word «Victoria», which means «victory». In Roman mythology, that was the name of one of the most revered goddesses.

The image of Victoria (which was originally called Vic Pot) could be found on ancient coins as a symbol of the victory of Emperor Caesar. In Greek mythology, the goddess Nick corresponded to her.

According to this interpretation, the meaning of the name Victoria is “the winner, the victorious goddess”.

The most common forms of the name are Vika, Vikusya, Vikusha, Vitusha, Vikuska, Vituska, Viktosh, Viktorka, Vikki, Vik, Vikta, Viktsya, Vitulya, Tosha, Tusya, Vira. Brief references Vita and Torah are separate names.

Derivative version: Quiz. Male double name: Victor.

Synonyms include: Vittoria, Vihtoria, Victoria, Viktoir, Vitoria.

Famous people and celebrities with the name Victoria:

  • singers Tsyganov, Daineko, Beckham, Balf, Makarskaya;
  • TV presenters Yushkevich, Khachilova, Bonya, Lopyreva;
  • writers Baginskaya, Tokareva, Shandor, Ocampo, Platova;
  • actresses and movie stars Isakov, Henley, Fedorov, Gerasimov, Alasheev;
  • athletes Azarenka, Volchkova, Motrichko, Hernandez, Nikishina.

The origin and meaning of the name Victoria, the character and fate of a girl

  • planet — Mars, Uranus;
  • element — Air;
  • metal — copper;
  • the corresponding zodiac sign is Aquarius.

The magic symbols and talismans include:



Good day of the week

Unfavorable day of the week

Happy season

Significant years of life

The origin and meaning of the name Victoria, the character and fate of a girl

In numerology, the number name is the number 5, which denotes human experience. A girl with such a number of fate is a bright personality, a charismatic and energetic person who likes to be in the center of attention.

She loves communication, noisy companies, is constantly on the move. All his life he is in search of something new and unknown, becomes irritable and nervous because of boredom and regularity.

He likes to travel, often changes job or place of residence.

Usually, change is beneficial. "fives" and present new chances for self-realization.

A girl with such a number of fate enjoys prestige among colleagues and friends. She is a reliable and faithful friend, but she values ​​her freedom and independence above all, so it is impossible to subordinate her to her will.

Not in a hurry to get married, so as not to burden yourself with unnecessary obligations. Selects a profession associated with frequent travel and business trips.

Follows fashion trends, has a refined taste, knows how to dress beautifully. By nature is an innovator, not afraid to walk in unbeaten ways; creative and extravagant.

Of character flaws, one can distinguish waywardness, impulsiveness, capriciousness, impatience, the desire to criticize everything and everyone. Such a girl often does not appreciate what she has.

For the sake of achieving these goals, it is able to pass off other people’s ideas for their own.

Since the full form of the name Victoria consists of 8 letters, this indicates a constant dissatisfaction with the status quo. A woman is unlikely to become a housewife and an exemplary wife: the adventurous spirit of adventure and the thirst for new discoveries will constantly lure her.

Literal transcript:

  • B — sociability, optimism, love of life. Passionate and temperamental person, but by nature — Monogamous.
  • And — kindness, peacefulness, sincerity, romance. Such a girl pays a lot of attention to her appearance. Strengthening qualities due to double repetition of the letter in the name.
  • K — endurance, insight, strong-willed character, stubbornness.
  • T — a girl with a fine mental organization, vulnerable and sensitive. Thanks to the well-developed intuition, it quickly adapts to the new environment.
  • About — creative ability, hard work, sincerity, cheerfulness. Reliable and loyal friend.
  • R — extraordinary thinking, responsibility, diligence, rejection of lies and hypocrisy. The pursuit of leadership in relationships.
  • I am self esteem, self esteem, vanity, and ambition.

The origin and meaning of the name Victoria, the character and fate of a girl

The name Victoria was widely spread during the reign of Tsar Peter I, in the XVII-XVIII centuries. Used primarily by monarchs and upper classes.

Stories are known to many great princesses and princesses who bore this name: Baden, British, Hesse-Darmstadt, Prussia, de Valois, French, etc. Today the sonorous female name still does not lose its relevance and occupies the 6th place in the rating most sought after in the Russian Federation.

Until the beginning of this century, the name of Victoria was officially absent in the calendar, although saints with this name were mentioned in Christian annals. There was so little information about them that it was not possible to make edits to the Orthodox calendar, so the clergy offered their parents to name the little ones at their baptism in the name of Nick, similar in meaning and sound.

In 2011, the Moscow Patriarchate canonized the holy martyr Victoria Kordubskaya (Kordovskaya), therefore the name was included in the church register and became unchanged during the ceremony. Also, all the owners of the name had personal angel days and the main patron saint to whom you can turn for help.

Saint Victoria of Korduba became famous for the fact that together with Brother Aciscle, she defended the Christian faith and prevented the spread of paganism in the Spanish province. During the reign of Emperor Diocletian, in the IV. n e., brother and sister were captured by idolaters. They refused to sacrifice to the Roman gods, for which they were executed.

At the place of their death miracles and healings took place, so later the relics of the saints were transferred to the monastery.

The origin and meaning of the name Victoria, the character and fate of a girl

Dates of the name of the church calendar:



Patron saint

Martyr Victoria Ephesus

Martyr Victoria Solunskaya

Martyr Victoria of Nicomedia

Martyr Victoria Kordubskaya (Kordovskaya)

Martyr Victoria Kuluzskaya

The energy of the name gives its owner self-doubt, so parents need to praise their daughter more often and focus on her merits. Harsh punishments should be completely ruled out, since they will aggravate the situation: the girl will become secretive, secluded and unsociable.

At the same time, it is not necessary to fully indulge her whims: the wayward Vika can show incredible stubbornness and, ignoring the wise advice of loved ones, embark on dubious adventures. It is advisable to establish a trusting relationship with the child and operate with convincing arguments in order to explain the correctness of this or that action.

Little Vika is an obedient, calm and slightly slow girl. Externally similar to the father. Silent, insecure, suffers from frequent mood swings.

It is easy to find a common language with peers, it often happens to be a ringleader, he prefers to be friends with boys.

The little girl is characterized by changes in activity: she is sometimes cheerful and sociable, then suddenly withdraws into herself. She learns to read and write late, often asking her parents to tell her fairy tales.

At school, she does not shine with special success, but not at all due to the lack of talent: the girl is afraid to express herself because of self-doubt and indecision, therefore she prefers to take the position of an outside observer and not be active in the classroom. Sometimes can become an outcast in the classroom.

In transitional age, Vika begins to change internally and externally. She tries to assert herself, to find herself, to understand her purpose.

These attempts do not always bring the desired results, but through trial and error the girl persistently seeks her place in the sun. To draw attention to her person and increase self-esteem, the owner of the name visits beauty salons or independently thinks through the image.

It can shock the public by wearing a defiantly short skirt, dyeing its hair acidic, becoming punk or goth.

Internally, Vika remains the same shy and insecure girl, but tries to deal with her shortcomings. Stepping over herself, she commits extravagant acts, sometimes embarks on dubious adventures.

Lives on the principle of «all or nothing.» Over the years, youthful maximalism gradually passes, and the owner of the name turns into a harmonious person who knows exactly what he wants from life.

Adult Victoria is a charismatic and charming woman who knows how to make a positive impression on others. She understands people, immediately feels how her interlocutor treats her. He knows how to listen and hear, always helps with advice, but prefers to keep at a certain distance, because he does not tolerate familiarity.

Quite secretive and mysterious, opens the soul only to loved ones. For their sake, a woman is ready for any sacrifices and restrictions.

Victoria has no shortage of buddies, but she has few real friends, because it is not easy to win her trust.

The owner of the name does not dream of unrealizable, but sets real goals. If she is confident in the possibility of their implementation, she will do everything possible and impossible to put plans into action. If a woman doubts that she is right, she will not go right through.

She scrupulously treats every little thing, thinks ahead every step, relying on her own strength, and not on fate and a happy chance.

Victoria is so eager to present herself in a favorable light, to be worthy of praise and admiration, which sometimes gives the impression of an arrogant and narcissistic person. In fact, the girl is kind and sincere, but with unfamiliar people she prefers to be royal.

She is somewhat selfish, tends to indulge her own whims.

The owner of the name has one feature: she loves to enter into confrontation with men. "Under the distribution" get friends, colleagues, relatives. Vika, like an Amazon, defends the rights of women, wants the weaker sex to participate more in public life and have more rights.

Over the years, the ardor passes, and the owner of the name is aware of the fact that she has bent the stick. She begins to appreciate those who stayed close to her, or discovers with horror that she is left alone.

The information presented in the table will help to better understand the nature of capricious Victoria:



Vika is slow, somewhat inhibited in making decisions. He doubts and thinks for a long time before undertaking anything.

Hot-tempered, but quick-working. Subject to frequent mood swings.

Vika has a male mentality and analytical thinking, so she easily finds cause-and-effect relationships and builds logical chains. Pays attention to the little things and makes one of them

Not bad developed, but the owner of the name prefers to ignore her, listening only to the voice of reason.

The girl tries to adhere to moral and moral principles, never act meanly and immoral

Kindness, charm, accuracy, resourcefulness, sociability, purposefulness, justice

Obstinacy, stealth, cunning, deceit, vindictiveness, sluggishness, indecision

Vika’s only aspiration, which can be called a hobby, is to live for your own pleasure and take care of yourself. She loves beautiful brand clothes, delicious food, stylish gadgets and accessories, expensive jewelry.

Often visits beauty salons, loves shopping, traveling.

Characteristics are affected by the time of birth of the owner of the name:

  • Winter. Proud, arrogant and stubborn, hard to get along with people. Ambitious, does not hide his vanity. She strives to establish power over her beloved, therefore she is often unhappy in her personal life.
  • Spring. Two-faced person who constantly tries on different masks. Insidious, mysterious and unpredictable. For the sake of the goal will go over the heads.
  • Summer. Kind, sincere, romantic nature. Extremely amorous, so many novels happen in her life. It has a light character, it is nice to communicate with her.
  • Autumn. Organized, punctual, consistent girl. Each step is planning ahead, to work suited responsibly. Good mistress and an exemplary wife.

Nature has not rewarded Victoria with good health. Since childhood, there is a predisposition to bronchitis, colds, pneumonia. Serious complications are possible, so timely treatment is necessary.

It is recommended to give the girl to the sports section to strengthen the overall tone of the body.

Vika’s weak spot is the locomotor system.

During school years, you should observe the daily regimen, because due to lack of sleep, Vika can fall asleep in class. She also finds it difficult to get up in the morning, so a full sleep is necessary for the girl.

In old age, the development of such diseases as diabetes, polyarthritis, rheumatism, cholecystitis is possible.

Victoria is a passionate and sensual girl, but she skillfully hides her stormy temperament behind a mask of softness and helplessness. He is fluent in the art of seduction, knows his worth, so he is always surrounded by a mass of fans.

The girl likes to watch how, next to her, the elect turns into a brave and courageous knight who wants to protect and protect her frail princess. In fact, the owner of the name does not need protection and may well stand up for herself, but she has enough wisdom to skillfully hide her independence from men.

The owner of the name does not think of life without love, romance, exciting experiences, so she constantly falls in love with one or another gentleman. In this case, the choice of the future husband is taken seriously: constantly tormented by doubts about the relativity of the correctness of his step.

Vika may seem fastidious, but in reality, this behavior is caused by indecision and self-doubt. The girl doesn’t like it when the gentleman is forcing events and trying to get into her soul.

In this case, she immediately breaks the relationship.

Sex for Victoria is not only fun, but also a way to assert oneself and increase self-esteem. It is unacceptable for her to go to bed with a person to whom she does not experience anything.

In sex, she loves to dominate, expects admiration and compliments from her beloved, does not accept rudeness and violence.

Frigid girls are sometimes found among the owners of the name, but they so naturally depict passion that their partners do not even realize that they are dealing with experienced simulators.

Great chances for a successful marriage of Victoria with the owners of the following names:

  • Alexey. Lovers are happy to share with each other life experiences, equip life, striving to create a strong and friendly family. In a pair of idyll reigns.
  • Sergei. Partners quickly find a common language and do not compete for leadership. Everyone performs their duties and works for the good of the family.
  • Eugene. Vika sees him as a reliable husband and protector, and in her he is a tender and faithful wife. High sexual compatibility further strengthens the union.
  • Paul. Relationship lovers are built on trust. Lack of passion is compensated by confidence in the future and measured family life.
  • Artem. This is a harmonious tandem of two energetic and cheerful people. The couple has a happy future, because between them there is passion, love and respect.
  • Denis. Partners fit each other in temperament and outlook on life. They feel good together in everyday life and in the intimate sphere, therefore marriage is doomed to success.
  • Victor. Lovers complement each other, as the two halves of one whole. They move in the same direction, have common goals and priorities.

A happy future is unlikely with carriers of the following names:

  • Alexander. Both partners are independent and freedom-loving, so they do not want to burden themselves with unnecessary obligations. The struggle for leadership will inevitably lead to a break.
  • Dmitriy. The similarity of characters is the main cause of conflict: he and she are stubborn, wayward, proud, so no one will make concessions first.
  • Nikita A passionate short-term affair is possible, but marriage is unlikely, since each of the partners values ​​their freedom.
  • Michael. Partners share a passion for travel, thirst for new experiences. They are interested in spending time together, but no one is willing to grow up and settle down.
  • Egor. Complete discrepancy in life goals, characters, sexual sphere. Pride and stubbornness of lovers leave no chance to find a reasonable compromise and save the relationship.
  • Kirill. Love at first sight turns into a turbulent romance, but does not stand the test of time. A couple breaks up when passion passes.
  • Daniel. Each partner draws something new for himself from the relationship, sees in the other those traits that he would like to have. But financial problems and life are the main causes of the gap.

Even after marriage, Victoria is plagued by doubts about the correctness of the choice. Being a maximalist by nature, she wants to see alongside her ideal husband in all respects: an intelligent, well-to-do, caring and loving. Any minor misconduct partner may cause a divorce.

The woman will never forgive her husband’s spouse, especially since she is faithful to her marriage.

At the beginning of family life, the owner of the name may be too demanding, as if checking the chosen one for strength. The reason for this behavior lies in low self-esteem and self-doubt.

Only a sensitive, attentive and decent spouse, who will not pay attention to the small whims of his beloved, can melt the heart of a wayward beauty. Then Victoria will remove the mask of a bitch and become a docile and soft wife.

A woman loves to command, but a strong and reliable chosen one is inferior to the palm. She is an excellent hostess, a faithful spouse and a caring mother who doesn’t love the soul of children, but always instills respect for her father as the head of the family.

For the sake of the family can refuse a career.

Diligence, responsibility, decency — those qualities that will help Victoria to be realized in her career. It is important for her to choose a profession that she likes, because an unloved job will quickly get bored and become boring and uninteresting.

The owner of the name feels great in society, so the scope of activities should involve communication with people. The absence of strict rules and schedules is desirable, a free schedule is preferable.

In financial matters, the woman is pretty lucky, her money "love".

Victoria is respected in the team, is an executive officer. In her heart, she dreams of taking a leadership position, but self-doubt does not allow her to move up the career ladder.

The desire for leadership and the desire to give orders to others sometimes leads to the fact that a woman “flirts” with a business woman, assumes more authority than her position suggests, which causes anger and irritation from her superiors.

Best professions for Victoria:

  • law enforcement officer;
  • teacher;
  • fashion designer;
  • painter;
  • Social worker;
  • nurse;
  • doctor;
  • Researcher;
  • educator;
  • cook;
  • model;
  • singer;
  • dancer;
  • writer.

High compatibility in the business sphere is observed with Mikhail, Daniil, Egor, Matvey, Roman, Sergey, Arseny, Konstantin, Denis, Grigory, Artemy, Yevgeny, Yuri, Makar. Lack of understanding is possible with Artem, Ivan, Andrey, Kirill, Nikita, Ilya, Alexey, Vladimir, Vladislav, Yaroslav, Anton, Leonid, Vasily.

Thanks to her entrepreneurial spirit, business acumen and responsibility, the owner of the name can easily join the ranks of successful businesswomen. Female charm, sociability, knowledge of human psychology will be useful in conducting business negotiations.

The only thing that can harm business activity is laziness and inability to defend their point of view. Victoria should enlist the help of an experienced businessman who will become her adviser, but to do things independently, without a partner.

To identify the strengths and weaknesses, to make an accurate psychological portrait of the name will allow astrological characteristics.

An ambitious and impulsive girl who is always in the thick of things. He has his own judgment for everything, he likes to impose his point of view on others.

In love, fickle. Fully surrenders, but quickly cools.

Practical, self-confident, prudent and somewhat slow, Victoria-Taurus appreciates consistency and stability. Calculates each step in advance, does not like change.

The girl gets married early, dreams of living with one man all her life.

Not a single entertainment event can do without an energetic and cheerful Victoria Twins. She is good-natured, responsive, always come to the aid of friends.

Does not tolerate criticism. Enjoys increased attention in men.

Dreamy, romantic and charming, Victoria-Cancer has great potential, but can not be realized in a career because of timidity and self-doubt.

But the girl is docile, economic, non-conflict, therefore usually happy in her personal life.

Ambitious, vain, self-assured, Victoria-Lev dreams of fame and recognition, loves to be the center of attention. She is smart and prudent, for the sake of achieving her goal she can compromise with her conscience.

The elect will have to accept the leadership of his wife.

Victoria-Deva has a realistic view of the world around her, so she sets achievable goals. He does not get involved in dubious adventures, relies on his strength in everything.

A woman is successful in her career, but unhappy in her personal life, because she does not give free rein to emotions and feelings.

Peace-loving and calm, Victoria-Libra has an excellent sense of humor and the gift of persuasion, and therefore is able to win over people.

Thanks to diplomatic abilities, it resolves any conflicts. Dreams of a big and bright love.

The life of the impressionable, sensual and impulsive Victoria-Scorpio is a series of ups and downs. The pride of the girl does not allow her to ask for help even in case of serious trouble.

From a love relationship such a woman is waiting for stormy passions.

Victoria-Sagittarius — an impressive and domineering woman who seeks leadership in all walks of life. He wants to appear weak and defenseless, but she does not succeed.

He has almost no friends, he has difficulty in communicating with men who are afraid to fall under the influence of a wayward lady.

Unperturbed and restrained, Victoria-Capricorn captivates those around with calm and reliability. She is intelligent, prudent, knows how to keep other people’s secrets, does not bother morals.

Because of the fear of disappointment and betrayal, a woman is afraid of opening up to men.

Energetic and witty Victoria-Aquarius welcome in any company. Despite sociability and openness, a woman is not in a hurry to share her thoughts and feelings with others.

It is in demand among men, but not in a hurry to get married.

Sensitive, sensitive and romantic, Victoria Pisces looks at the world through rose-colored glasses, often idealizing those around her. He is responsive, sincere, capable of sympathy and empathy.

The choice of women will be a guy with the same fine mental organization.

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