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The origin and meaning of the name Tatiana, her temper and relationships with men

Tatyana: what the name means, what fate and character foreshadows

In the past, this kind and bright name was used to name girls mostly in Russia. Over time, the name began to be used in Western countries, where it was considered Russian, but the name did not become particularly popular. In modern reality, Tatiana is not often found, although Russian classics did not overlook the name.

For example, Tatyana Larina is the famous heroine of the novel A.S. Pushkin.

The origin and meaning of the name Tatiana, her temper and relationships with men

Regarding the origin of the name Tatiana, there are two versions that complement each other:

  • the meaning of the word according to ancient Greek sources indicates the organizer or founder;
  • according to the ancient Roman canons, the word is considered to be a modified male name, meaning «peacemaker.»

The carriers of the bright name are large, but courageous personalities. Imperious character is combined with hardness and gentleness, emotional color and determination.

The principle of strong women gives a hint of pride, an open disposition with strong intuition is extinguished by the variability of views, the rejection of someone else’s opinion.

It is easy to communicate with Tanya with her enveloping charm. A practical lady can stand up for herself, but because of obstinacy and conflict, she will profit a lot of enemies.

What characteristics corresponds to the name

The most successful day of the week for Tanya is considered to be Sunday, and the happiest at times is the spring of the successful year of the Snake.

  • in the zodiacal circle, the name corresponds to Pisces;
  • the planet is considered the patroness of Pluto;
  • according to Feng Shui, water is the dominant element;
  • stone mascot called ruby, color — purple;
  • from plant talismans — elm tree and clover grass;
  • talismans among animals — lynx and gopher.

What is the nature of the carrier name

Tatyana’s egocentric nature cannot be called sentimental. Her sharp-minded business accent does not always use, but she prefers «a bird in hand» to an illusory «crane in the sky.»

The predominance of individual character traits depends on the time of year in which Tatyana was born.

  • Born in spring, Tanya has a cheerful disposition with a wonderful sense of humor, a rich imagination, and a lack of authority. Girls are not inclined to exact sciences, successful actresses grow from them (Tatyana Samoilova), sincere singers (Tanya Bulanova).
  • Generosity and good nature of summer Tatyana knows no boundaries. Emotional natures are characterized by the choice in favor of creative professions of the scene (Tatiana Doronina, Tatiana Dogileva). However, the essential disadvantage of Tatochka is its subordination to someone else’s influence.
  • Tatianochki, born in the fall, reasonable personalities, their serious practicality borders on prudence. The principle, kindness and wisdom of the autumn Tan are highly valued in the family, to which they are insanely devoted. This feature was realized on the stage by famous actress Tatyana Peltzer.
  • Winter Tatyans are dominated by male character traits, ladies are strong in spirit, courageous. A high sense of responsibility allows you to choose the right decisions, despite the complexity of the situation. Soviet director Tatyana Lioznova managed to create the cult series “Seventeen Moments of Spring”.

In January and February Tatianok’s character is more docile than that of smart women who were born in December. Girls participate in public life from an early age, but argue too much to prove their case.

Propensity to hobbies

Choosing a hobby for Tatiana is a matter of mood, which is very unpredictable. If today Tanya spent the whole day with a book on the sofa, then tomorrow she might be off on a journey. The propensity to learn new things has endowed the bearers of the name with a wide range of hobbies, in which you can use your unstoppable energy.

Boredom monotonous life Tanyusha contrasts an active lifestyle.

The origin and meaning of the name Tatiana, her temper and relationships with men

Professional inclination

Choosing a profession, Tatiana thoroughly masters it to become the best actress, singer, journalist, engineer or diplomat. Thanks to business acumen, this is a successful business woman who will work around the clock to gain long-awaited material well-being.

Excellent analytical skills cause an instant assessment of the situation to find a non-standard solution by ambitious Tatiana. Therefore, they are always secured and prosperous.

Features of the psyche and health

In childhood, Tanya is very restless, constantly crying and can not sleep without mother’s milk. Some babies have a later physical development, but health is getting stronger when it comes to adulthood. What may be health problems for Tanyushek:

  • born in March are prone to bronchitis, April — to weight gain;
  • adult ladies are subject to all sorts of physical injuries;
  • in childhood, the tonsils and pneumonia may be disturbed;
  • after childbirth, women suffer from hormonal disorders;
  • November Tatyana should be wary of mental disorders.

The optimistic nature of Tanya eliminates protracted depression, but nervous breakdowns are not excluded. Therefore, the stomach should be protected and properly fed according to the regime.

The honored Russian physician Tatiana Batysheva is grateful for the help of the parents of many children with cerebral palsy.

Tanya loves to listen to her attentively, admire her. Unchained lady can lose her friends if they are not introverted by temperament.

After all, Tanechka is a sanguine and considers himself the center of the universe, but he can find an approach to anyone.

What fate is preparing on the personal front

Relationships with men

  • Tanyushek can be called flirt, and at any age. They flirt recklessly, but the chosen one must be courageous, not henpecked. The girl strives for the perfect sex, taking away her dominant role, but can become aggressive with a rebellious partner.
  • Owner Tatyana wants to be equal to a man, she does not tolerate a weak person next to her. But even a strong partner will be hard next to Tatiana because of her desire to subjugate, to rule. However, the negative trait is compensated by warmth, love and care for the submissive elect.

Family bonds

In the family, the domineering Tatyana tries to become a leader, but she usually fails to achieve this. She is a strict mother and wife, she can even raise a household voice. In fact, Tanya loves her family, takes care of children and household, is faithful to her husband, and can be a true friend for children.

Name carriers, striving for stability and material well-being, rarely initiate a divorce, preserving the family in any way.

Name Compatibility Conditions

Entering into marriage, Tatiana should pay attention to the name of her future husband. After all, she is the owner, but not all men are able to obey her.

  • With whom we can expect a successful marriage — with a reliable Anatoly, a comedian Ivan, with Valery, Grigory, Stepan, and also Boris. With Dmitry the strength of marriage will add harmony in sex, and with indecisive Sergey — joint work.
  • With whom the alliance should not be concluded — with Gennady, with Vyacheslav because of the extinction of fiery feelings, with Stanislav, Cyril, and also Philip.

Marriage union with Oleg will be strong, if he dominates the family. However, frequent quarrels can turn into a divorce.

The union with Alexander will be strong if the spouses complementing each other will sometimes part for a while.

The origin and meaning of the name Tatiana, her temper and relationships with men

When the name day is celebrated

Their name Tatyana celebrate January 25. On this day, Tatiana of Rome was beheaded, who had died for loyalty to the ideals of Christianity. The virtuous virgin, who refused carnal comfort and material wealth, was a deacon of the Roman Church.

During the persecution of Christians, she was captured and tortured, demanding the rejection of the holy faith. The recalcitrant deacon cut off her head, and over time she became the patroness of not only Tatyana, but also students.

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