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The origin and meaning of the name Mariyana: the character and fate of a girl

The mystery and significance of the name Mariyana: the character and fate of a woman

The etymology and meaning of the name Mariyana are associated with two common Orthodox names — Anna and Maria. Girls named by this name are characterized by increased vitality and gaiety, along with capriciousness. As they mature, many character traits transform and reveal new ones.

In the family circle a woman shows kindness and tenderness, at work she is cold and strict.

Mariana has leadership skills, and she leads quite skillfully. Only in private life this often brings disappointment.

With men, she should be softer and more docile.

The name Mariana appeared at the confluence of the names of Anna and Mary and is of Hebrew origin. This explains the dual translation: «fertile» and «sad.» The folk form — Marianna — has another interpretation: “outrage”.

This is the most common version.

According to another interpretation, the etymology goes back to the Roman generic nickname Marianus, which translates as «belonging to the god Mars». It is also believed that this is a derivative form of the male name Marian, which means «sea».

There is also a Hebrew translation associated with the designation of such characteristics as «bitter» and «tart.»

Forms of the name Mariana are presented in the table:

Short formsDiminutive optionsSynonyms
  • Marian;
  • Mary;
  • Riana;
  • Yana;
  • Mana;
  • Mayan;
  • Nana;
  • Ana;
  • Maryah;
  • Marianita;
  • Mara
  • Maryanka;
  • Yanka;
  • Maryasha;
  • Marochka;
  • Ryan;
  • Marka
  • Marjan;
  • Marian;
  • Mariano;
  • Mariana;
  • Mariamna

The origin and meaning of the name Mariyana: the character and fate of a girl

Mariana is a name both Orthodox and Catholic, it is listed in the calendar as Mariamna (Marianna). It is they who are called girls at baptism. According to the church calendar, they celebrate birthday twice a year: March 2 and October 13.

The patrons are Marianna Lycaonskaya, Marianna Armenian.

The following people are known with the name Mariyana:

  • M. Polteva — Russian popular actress;
  • M. Naumova — athlete in the direction of powerlifting;
  • M. Spivak — actress of the Russian theater and cinema;
  • M. Cope, a nun in the women’s Franciscan Order of the Roman Catholic Church, is canonized;
  • M. Ionesyan — Russian film actress, starring in the film "Guest from the future";
  • M. Tavrog is a film director and honored art critic of the Russian Federation.

The origin and meaning of the name Mariyana: the character and fate of a girl

Talismans and Mariana symbols:

  • patron of the planet — Saturn;
  • zodiac sign — Capricorn;
  • plant (tree) — dahlia, maple;
  • the totem animal is a peacock;
  • stone mascot — green jasper, emerald, lapis lazuli;
  • A good day of the week is Saturday.

The most favorable colors of the name are blue and green.

The origin and meaning of the name Mariyana: the character and fate of a girl

Mariana since childhood likes to be in the limelight. It is important for a child to attend various active circles.

This is the favorite of educators and peers. She is always cheerful, positive and easy to talk to.

Ready to stand in front of the mirror for a long time, trying on new outfits and flirting.

Parents strongly spoil her, which can not affect the character. Mariyana does not perceive refusals and is capable of hysterics in such a situation. With age, the vagaries disappear, if we reconsider the stages of education.

Otherwise, it develops into unbridled waywardness, which prevents an adult woman from living.

In adolescence, Mariana is clearly changing: it becomes attractive in appearance, but remains a child in the shower.

For Mariana it is important what to do. The girl is naturally endowed with musical data and plastic. Sometimes children’s hobbies flow into professional activities.

Mariana can achieve high results in the field of choreography and music.

With age, the girl becomes more calm and balanced, communicates less with peers. She goes deeper into school and gets close to her parents.

He starts to show interest to guys rather late, closer to 20 years.

The secret of the name Marianne lies in the ability to skillfully manipulate people. Thanks to this, she achieves everything she wants.

A woman resorts to such a reception only in rare cases, because she does not like to use people. But similar actions by other people are extremely negative.

Positive traits of Marianna’s character:

  • tact;
  • tolerance;
  • mind and insight;
  • refined taste;
  • sensitivity;
  • emotionality;
  • passion;
  • independence;
  • compassion

Along with this, a woman is arrogant, imperious, touchy, impetuous.

According to numerology, this name is governed by the number 4, which indicates the stability, honesty and reliability of a person. You can always rely on Marjan.

It is not able to rely on cold calculation and logic, it is more susceptible to momentary spiritual impulses. He loves himself, tries to control his emotions and always reaches his goals. However, frequent mood swings can disable it for a long time, down to depression.

During such periods, the girl is capable of making many mistakes, which she later regrets.

A woman with such a name loves beautiful and fashionable clothes, expensive perfume, has long hair. Outwardly, she always looks impeccable, but behind the prettiness lies a solid and strong-willed character.

Mariyana does not tolerate loneliness, therefore she tends to spend more time with her close friends and relatives. She has many friends who appreciate her opinion and advice. Mariana by nature is cheerful and sociable, able to ignite everyone with its vivacity.

Often they become organizers of mass trips to the cinema, theater, concerts and other cultural events. Thanks to these characteristics, it is they who are given the role of leading on New Year and other evenings held at work.

Marjan’s personal life is filled with happiness, there’s no room for sadness and tears. There is no definite period favorable for marriage: at whatever age she may marry, fate falls happy. For her, love is an incentive to move along.

Nearby there is always a loving man who is ready to pamper her and indulge all whims.

Relationship with husband builds on respect and love. But it can subdue him with the slightest weakness of character on his part.

This is by nature an imperious woman, it is important for her that the spouse be higher than her in status and earn more money. The girl chooses the spouse of the wealthy and capable of enduring her many whims.

Men Mariana like, but office novels beware. However, it may have several fans at once.

Even being married, she periodically meets with someone from her admirers in order to provoke her husband.

Domestic duties Mariyane a bit of a burden. If possible, she hires a housekeeper.

But the girl willingly deals with the arrangement and creation of comfort in her nest.

Mariyana responsibly relates to the upbringing of children. She jealously monitors their free time and supervises their studies.

Mariana has the highest compatibility with the following names:

Difficult relationships develop with Severin, Arthur, Dasius.

Marianna is a creative person, which predetermines her professional activity. The most successful professions:

  • journalist;
  • correspondent;
  • musician;
  • actress;
  • dancer;
  • writer

Acute mind and irrational thinking allows it to delve into science and other areas related to the knowledge of something new. She is successful in the career of a manager, as she knows how to manage her subordinates correctly.

A woman does not tolerate routine and monotony, loves universal adoration and admiration from colleagues. Often becomes a leader, without much effort.

People are drawn to her as a wise and strong personality. Therefore, informal leadership sometimes flows into an appointment to a leadership position.

Marianna is confident that work should bring joy and pleasure. Therefore, the choice of classes that she liked.

The business of such a woman usually does not have a successful dynamic. Along with sharp financial ups and downs occur painful. One can envy her zeal in this, but all attempts to earn big money will not be crowned with success.

But she exerts a lot of strength, patience and energy.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

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I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

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