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The names of the archangels and angels, their meaning in Christian culture

The names of the archangels and angels, their meaning in Christian culture

A girlfriend had a son, and even as a baby he was so cute that she decided to give him a name in honor of an angel. But when she began to consult with the clergyman (after all, there were many to choose from, there are many angelic names), he was simply taken aback.

It turned out that the phrase “angelic beauty” is no more than a colloquial expression; real angels cannot be beautiful, nor scary, since they are the essence of an incorporeal spirit.

The names of the archangels and angels, their meaning in Christian culture

Who are the angels?

These are spirits created by the Lord to do His will and help people. Translated, this word means «God’s messenger.»

People do not see them. Although the angels often appear on human icons in human form, they can easily be transformed into a force of nature or an animal.

There are a lot of angels (after all, every person on earth has his own guardian), so I can’t name everyone (yes, the church probably won’t be able to, and there is also an opinion that they are nameless).

The Bible says that when a man is an angel, he often takes the form of a young man or man. Sometimes it just fits, but often the appearance of an angel is accompanied by thunder, noise, bright light.

Angelic symbols on icons

Since the angel is a bodiless and eternal being, it is necessary to understand that they are painted on icons only to show us the very idea of ​​these Lord Warriors. And if you see an angel in the image of a young man, it means that the artist who painted the picture, tried to convey to us the perfection of the angel.

Sometimes these symbolic images are complemented by other symbols:

  • Halo. Grace emanating from an angel close to God.
  • Wings. Sign that angels are fast and at the right time may be in the right place, even descending from the sky. Many people think that the wings are necessary for the angel to fly — but the Lord has endowed them with the gift of moving through the air and without wings.
  • Toroki (golden «ribbons» or straps in hair). Obedience to the will of the Lord and a special hearing of His instructions. Or a symbol of power, like a diadem of ancient rulers.
  • Staff. Messengers are often portrayed with such a sign.
  • Eye (eye in the middle of the forehead). Sign of omniscience, vsevideniya.
  • Mirror (there may be an abbreviation of the name of Jesus or a cross). This symbol means prevision, which is owned by angels.

Classification of angelic ranks

Highest degree:

The names of the archangels and angels, their meaning in Christian culture

  • Seraphim. “Flaming”, on the icons they have six wings. These angels are closest to the Lord. They stand near His throne.

The names of the archangels and angels, their meaning in Christian culture

  • Cherubs. No, these are not cheeky babies with wings. These are four-winged angels who spread the wisdom and knowledge received from God among the other angels. By the way, Lucifer was also a cherub, a rebellious angel. He rebelled against the Lord and picked up a third of the angels who obeyed him. But all together they were overthrown.

The names of the archangels and angels, their meaning in Christian culture

  • Thrones. They serve the Creator as a throne. It is also believed that they can interfere in the decisions of the rulers and judges if they risk to be mistaken. Thrones sometimes draw near the throne of the Heavenly Father. There is also a rule to depict them in the form of a wheel with wings.

Average degree:

  • Domination. These angels are created to pacify the human soul. They can help tame their passions and emotions, elevate the spiritual over the carnal.
  • Forces. Wonderworkers. The Lord can send them to icons or people who subsequently receive the gift.
  • Authorities. Spirits defenders. They can pacify evil, control it, and also protect human souls from it.

Lower degree:

  • Beginnings. These are guardian angels, but for the whole state, people or city.
  • Archangels. The leaders of the angels.
  • Angels. These are our personal defenders, and if it is simpler, our conscience. They are farthest from God and closer to people.

There is a special church day celebrating all the angel ranks: November 8 (21). The archangels are also remembered on this day.

How do you pray to angels? Prayer will be heard in this video:

Archangels and their purpose

The names of the archangels and angels, their meaning in Christian culture

They convey the will of God to the angels. Also, the archangels are constantly influencing human life, because everyone carries something special: healing, intercession, and travel guides.

These are teachers who teach from the inside and suggest how to act correctly. Angels are their helpers.

Names of Higher Christian Angels

  1. Michael. The Archangel (the eldest of the Archangels, the “warlord”), the winner of rebellious Lucifer. They pray to him when they are afraid of something. On the icons, this is a man with a pike (a banner with a cross flutters on the tip) and a date branch in his hand, a symbol of peace and tranquility. Sometimes icon painters give in his hands a flaming sword.
  2. Gabriel. The Lord’s messenger, it was he who once came to the Virgin Mary with the news that she would give birth to Jesus Christ. Signs that can be used to recognize this archangel in images: a lantern (enlightenment), a mirror (faith, enlightenment), a paradise line (the sign of Paradise, which this archangel guards). To the Holy Virgin, he appeared with a lily in his hand — a sign of innocence and purity. They pray for him to conceive a child. His patron is considered to be people who on duty often communicate with other people — teachers, journalists, artists. This is the only angel who is glorified not only on November 8, but on March 26 (April 8), and July 13 (26).
  3. Raphael. Healer. It can be recognized by a vessel with drugs and a wand (ancient physicians treated wounds with this instrument). Sometimes on the icons with this archangel there appears another person, a young boy or youth. This is Tobias, an Old Testament boy whom his father sent to another city — Raphael was his guide. Both doctors, tourists and travelers consider him to be his patron.
  4. Uriel. Lord’s flame. His signs are: fire in his left hand (with his help, he ignites human hearts, filling them with love for the Creator) and a lowered sword in his right. He is also a prophet — it was God who sent him to Noah to warn about the flood. Scientists pray to him, as he is an enlightener of minds. Finally, it is the patron of talented people. His name is sometimes read as Ariil, Ariel.
  5. Salafiel. His calling is prayer. This young man keeps his arms crossed in front of him, constantly turning to the Creator.
  6. Yehudiil. His symbols: a whip with three ends (the punishment of sinners) and a golden crown (a reward for the righteous). He is the patron saint of monks and priests. Sometimes it can invisibly appear to those in power to prompt them the right decision.
  7. Barahiel. This archangel brings heavenly blessings. His sign is white roses. He can hold them in his hand, or they are decorated with his clothes. Roses — a sign of paradise for the righteous.
  8. Jeremiel. As a rule, seven are on the icons of the archangels (the same number indicates the Holy Scripture). But the modern church also honors Jeremiah, «the Lord of heights.» On the icons it can be recognized by the scales in his hand.

Are there angels in Islam, Judaism?

Yes! True, their names may differ from the Christian.

The names of the archangels and angels, their meaning in Christian culture

  • Islam. There are cherubs in this religion (they sing songs of praise to Allah), as well as 4 angels: Michael (leader of other angels, carrier of lightning and thunder), Jabrail (prophet, communicates with selected people), Azrail (takes the soul from the body of the dying, and does according to the deeds of man — severely or mercifully), Israfiel (the sound of his horn will inform everyone about the coming of the Last Judgment).

But the Quran mentions several more angels: Ridvana (guards Paradise), Malik (the ruler of Hell), Qariman and Katibin (they record everything a man has done; they sit on his shoulders), Nakir and Munkar (detachment judges of a man).

  • Judaism. Kabbalah says that there are dozens of angels, and everyone is responsible for something different. Archangels — commanders of 12 «their» angels. Their names are Remiel, Sariel, Metatron, Gabriel, Peniel, Raphael, Uriel, Michael, Azrael. The coincidence of names with the Christian angels happened because the Judaists worship the Christian Old Testament as part of their religion.
  • Zoroastrianism. In this religion there are archangels — Amesha Spenta. They are part of the deity, but they also have personalities. These are: Amirtat (carries immortality), Haurvtat (responsible for health), Chshatra Vaira (the power a person dreams of), Spenta Armaiti (devotion to higher forces), Asha Vakhishta (the best aspect of righteousness), Vohu Mana (bright thoughts ).

Are there female names of angels?

It is believed that all the angels (including the archangels) are men. Michael, Gabriel … But the church looks at the angels differently: after all, these entities are asexual, that is, they cannot be men or women.

Their names end with “il” due to the fact that it is one of the translations of the word “God.”

Although of course, if you are interested in this issue, to name your future daughter after an angel, you can give her a name Seraphim. It will be translated as “fiery”, but it will be associated with six-winged angels.

Well, and there is still a wonderful female name Vlada. Translated from Ukrainian, it means «power», so it is also in some way connected with the angelic ranks.

But besides the bright heavenly angels, there are also fallen entities who have denied God. They spawn demons and demons. How many of them?

And what kind of power can they have over people? Learn from this video:

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