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The name of Elizabeth — destiny, character and love, the meaning of the name

Name Day Elizabeth — the date of the name, fate, nature and health

The female name Elizabeth is very ancient, he is more than two thousand years old, before it was pronounced differently: Elisheva, which translated from Hebrew, where it occurred, means «an oath to God», «worshiping God.»

In each country it is pronounced differently: in the Arab countries — Elizabat, in Belarus — Alzhbat, in Bulgaria — Elizabeth, in Hungary — Erzhebet, in Greece — Zabeta, in Ireland — Elish, in Spain — Isabella, in Italy — Babette, Elishabai in China, Ellijabes in Korea, Elsa in Germany, Betta in Poland, Elisabet in Romania, Liisa in Finland, Isabel in France, Alzhbeta in the Czech Republic, Eridzabes in Japan.

The diminutive form of the name: Eliza, Eliza, Betty, Liza, Lizonka, Lizunchik, Elizavetchik, Elizavetochka, Veta.

According to the Orthodox calendar, Elizabeth celebrates her name day 13 times a year.

The name of Elizabeth - destiny, character and love, the meaning of the name

Depending on the time of year of birth of Elizabeth, her character is different:

Winter — Restrained, with an excellent sense of humor, a serious, creative approach to solving problems, her friends appreciate for these qualities of character.

Spring — Restless, kind, always come to the rescue, suspicious, it is easy to offend her for a long time with carelessly thrown words, because of which she has almost no friends.

Summer — Sociable, the soul of any company, loves to travel, sincerely empathizes with others, there are always many friends around it.

Autumn — Practical, reliable, never let others down, lives according to her ideals, her imperiousness prevents her from arranging her personal life.

Little Elizabeth is a kind and sociable girl who loves animals. Easily finds contact with the guys and loves them loves to play outdoor games.

She can be called a little robber, in companies she tends to be a leader and almost always comes up with new games and pranks for the guys. Thanks to Elizabeth’s cheerfulness and charming smile, everything gets away with her.

For all her life, her faithful friends can remain a faithful friend who will always help them out in difficult times. Does not like a strict daily routine, often violates it, preferring independence.

At school, she studies so-so, if her parents motivate Elizabeth to study, her success will grow. Usually, Elizabeth is not interested in school subjects, and her restlessness prevents her from concentrating on her lessons.

Thanks to the innate logic, Elizabeth easily gives all the exact sciences. As a teenager, Elizabeth prefers to stand out among her peers with bright and unusual clothes, creative hairdo, she loves noisy parties, which she tries not to miss.

In companies, Elizabeth often shows a desire to dominate and selfishness, she needs to tame these qualities of character, otherwise they will be obstacles in her adult life.

As an adult, Elizabeth becomes selfish, emotional, but carefully hides these qualities from others, as well as her own thoughts. Not always fulfill the promise, if it is unprofitable for her, but promises to be behind her. Until the end of the goal does not always go, does not like to overcome serious obstacles.

As an adult, Elizabeth’s imagination is poorly developed, she often copies other people’s ideas and gives them off as her own, slightly modifying. The intelligence of Elizabeth is well developed, easily analyzes what he saw.

In all it tends to be in the numbers of the first, it does not know how to lose, to concede. The blame may fall on the other, so as not to face punishment and conviction.

Elizabeth since childhood has a weak immune system, which often suffers from colds. In transitional age, her metabolism is disturbed and Elizabeth will struggle with obesity until the end of her life.

Because of her restlessness, she often receives various injuries and can be swayed in transport.

Despite the leadership of Elizabeth, she does not seek to take the chair. She does not like to stay at work, if there is an opportunity, she will choose work with a free or short schedule in order to devote more time to her family. In search of work in the first place drew attention to the amount of wages, then on the schedule and functions.

Thanks to the ability to communicate, analytical thinking, observation, an excellent psychologist, teacher, presenter, radio journalist will leave Elizabeth. Elizabeth on an intuitive level can deal with any technique, for which she is very much appreciated at work.

It will be a talented system administrator, programmer, master of electronic equipment repair.

Around Elizabeth, who loves to attract attention, a lot of male fans. She prefers to meet with intelligent, polite, intelligent men who know how to care, with whom you can discuss serious issues.

The arrogant, pushy boyfriend Elizabeth rejects even at the initial stage of courtship. There are no taboo topics for sex in Elizabeth, she can speak openly about sex, discuss intimate details with her boyfriend.

Elizabeth easily starts a relationship, and ends it just as easily.

The name of Elizabeth - destiny, character and love, the meaning of the name

Elizabeth’s family will always come first, for her sake she can quit her job. Husband chooses carefully, guided by their preferences and intuition.

She is odnolyubka, her husband will love all his life, never change him. His forgiveness forgive only if she has something to lose from the valuable during a divorce.

It will not be difficult for her to build an atmosphere of coziness and mutual understanding in her home, where after work and school her relatives will gladly rush. In her family there will be no passions, conflicts, vivid expressions of feelings; there will be only a peaceful atmosphere and a stable financial situation.

If she feels disrespect and disregard on the part of her husband, it is easy to decide on a divorce.

Male Name Compatibility

The name of Elizabeth - destiny, character and love, the meaning of the name

  • Planet — Proserpina.
  • The color of the name is Lilac.
  • Season — Summer.
  • Happy day of the week — Wednesday.
  • Lucky number is 6.
  • Metal — Iron.
  • Star sign — Virgo.
  • Element — Fire.
  • Totem animal — Waxwing.
  • Plant — Oleander.
  • Tree — Lilac.
  • Mineral mascot — Amethyst.

Famous people named Elizabeth

  • Elizaveta Petrovna — Russian Empress.
  • Elizabeth II — Queen of Great Britain.
  • Elizaveta Bykova — Soviet chess player.
  • Elizaveta Dmitrieva is a Russian poetess.
  • Elizaveta Lavrovskaya is a Russian singer.
  • Elizaveta Sadovskaya — Soviet actress.

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