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The mystery of the name Lika — the influence on the formation of character and how fate will be

The feminine name Lika — the characteristic features of her owner

Not everyone knows that Lika can be used as a full-name. This happened relatively recently.

Although it does not have a precise interpretation, it has already begun to gain popularity.

As an abbreviation, it is used from the names of Malik, Angelica, Svetolik, Lydia, Glyceria.

The mystery of the name Lika - the influence on the formation of character and how fate will be

What could be the name forms

  • Full — Lika
  • Abbreviated — Likki, Lee.
  • Affectionately — Lykochka, Likus, Likushka, Likun, Lykonka, Likuska,
  • In English and other foreign languages ​​that use Latin, it is written as Lika.
  • In the passport — LIKA.
  • In the Orthodox calendar as an independent name Lika is not used

Character and his features

Lika grows up as a calm child, although there are cases of disobedience and pampering. Already since childhood she cannot tolerate conflicts and tries to avoid them diplomatically so that both sides will win. Her perseverance and determination are simply amazing.

The spirit of maximalism lives in it. She always completes the job.

Lika perfectly remembers everything, paying attention to different details and trivia. These qualities will help her to cope with her studies, especially if her parents encourage her to develop and motivate her to study. Lika loves rivalry, this is a good motive for her.

It will reach the highest achievements in that area where it will compete with worthy competitors.

The mystery of the name Lika - the influence on the formation of character and how fate will be

Growing up, Lika becomes a charming person, a positive maximalist and idealist with a sense of humor. She is active and mobile.

And this activity of her looks very harmonious, without fuss. With her usual perseverance and courage, she carries out all her plans.

Lee will be able to inspire others to good deeds. She is a skilled leader in her environment.

Lika has a keen sense of humor. Her developed intuition can only be envied. No one has yet succeeded in circling her finger.

Although Lika herself is peculiar pretense. Sometimes it is easier for her to cheat than everyone will know the truth. Many who do not succumb to her charm, say about her as a two-faced man.

She can, without much remorse, offend a person by doing it behind her back. Especially this feature manifests itself, if it will be engaged in business. Lee loves intrigue.

Her adventurism pulls her to new adventures, changes.

One of the advantages of Faces can be called objectivity in everything. Although she is a sensual nature, Lika is always objective.

In difficult situations, she doesn’t give emotions and looks at everything in a sober mind and with cold calculation. When conflicts arise, it is fair.

Lika is always the very charm. Her charm is simply impossible not to appreciate. Although she may seem faint-hearted, she is emotional and sensitive at heart.

She will always come to the aid of a loved one.

Health problems with Lika almost never. It can be called heroic.

Her vitality is normal. The nervous system is quite stable and stable, which please Lika and her surroundings.

Her perseverance and zeal help her in labor activity. She does not split into several classes, preferring to finish one at first, and then take up the next one.

Her leadership and business acumen will bring her success in promoting. The team and the authorities appreciate it, and often will be the initiators of its increase. And as an employee, and as the head Lika is perfect.

She is diplomatic, balanced. He does everything with enthusiasm. As a delicate nature with a high aesthetic taste can be successful in creativity.

Also, it will make an excellent teacher.

Family and marriage

Lika has always a lot of fans, however, she doesn’t trade them for them, behaves with restraint. Successfully choosing a life partner and associating yourself with him through marriage, will be fully revealed to him. Her family life will be long and happy.

Mutual understanding and trust, an atmosphere of love and comfort reigns in her home. At home, Lika will be surrounded by everyone.

If for children she and her spouse have not yet matured, then by all means she will get a pet for herself, since besides her husband she also needs to take care of someone else.

With the advent of children, she becomes an affectionate and caring mother. Children give her new strength and energy, the existence of which she did not even guess.

He brings up children in love, but is somewhat strict with them and does not indulge.

Astrological characteristics

  • Zodiac sign — Aries and Sagittarius.
  • Stone — Lapis lazuli.
  • The planet Mars.
  • The color of the name is Blue and Violet.
  • Totem animal — electric ramp.
  • Tree — Aspen.
  • Plant — Rose.

The mystery of the name Lika - the influence on the formation of character and how fate will be

Famous Faces

  • Theater and film actress Kremer
  • Singer Yalinskaya (stage name — Angelica Agurbash)
  • Actress Kashirina
  • Singer and DJ Star

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