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The mystery of the name George — how the name can change the fate and character

The meaning of the name George: the influence of the name on the fate, character, career and family

Long ago, the ancient Greeks called all farmers «Georgios», from this the name George went, and it means that «farmer». The name came to the Slavs in the 10th century since the time of the Baptism of Russia and was especially revered by the Orthodox.

Later, the names Yuri and Egor were formed from George.

In other cultures

The name George in different languages ​​sounds and is pronounced differently. In English, this is George — George, in Armenian: Gev, Gevor, Gevorg, in Bulgarian: Georgi, in Hungarian: Gyorgy — György.

George in the passport — GEORGII

The mystery of the name George - how the name can change the fate and character

Nominal transformations

  • Full name — George
  • In the Orthodox Faith — George
  • Abbreviated — Gosh, Zhora, Hera, Zorych, Gogh, Herka, Zorka,
  • Affectionately — Goshenka, Goshechka, Zhorik, Zhorushka, Goshulia, Goshunya.

Fate and character

The characteristic features of George can be called self-confidence and determination, generosity and generosity. He is always laconic and reticent in a new unfamiliar atmosphere, and in the company of friends he is cheerful and sociable.

Gosh — the owner of a restrained and imperturbable temperament. Gets along well with others.

Some of the owners of the name George differ in isolation and even arrogance, communicating little with people because of their contrived superiority.

Basically, Hera are generous and generous. May possess such a high feeling as forgiveness. In life it is pedantic, cleanliness and sometimes squeamish.

As a friend, she usually selects useful and necessary people, although she will never admit it.

George does not attract the power and control of people. He absolutely does not care what they think about him, he does not want to be a leader.

He never participates in conflicts, but he will not allow himself to be offended and will not allow himself to be humiliated.

Gosh can not tolerate deceit and falsehood. It can easily distinguish truth from lies and subtly feels hypocrisy.

Condescension, forgiveness and self-irony can be attributed to George’s positive traits.

The mystery of the name George - how the name can change the fate and character

Gosha’s mental equilibrium is unstable. His vulnerability is a mental state.

Physically, a man is strong and healthy. He used to monitor their health.

Likes sports, always does morning exercises.

Relationships and family

Gosh will undoubtedly be happy in marriage. He likes to do household chores.

He devotes a lot of time to parenting and deals with them.

Relations with the spouse develop almost ideal, with mutual respect and understanding. Equality reigns in their relationship.

A wife should remember that even a small, harmless and innocent lie can negatively affect relationships. He will never be able to forgive treason, and he will never change his chosen one himself.

George is hospitable and loves receiving guests in his home.

He often goes with his family for picnics, hiking and long journeys.

Marriage with Lyudmila, Vera, Svetlana, Larisa, Nina, Galina and Natalia will be happy. Relationships with Antonina, Margarita, Elizaveta, Marina, Darya, Yulia, Lilia will be unsuccessful.

Georgy has a well developed imagination and imagination and he is fluent in Russian, so he will make a good writer or journalist. It will be successful where pressure, perseverance and quick response are important.

May be carried away by military affairs, seafarers or research.

Hera’s workplaces often change, with little success there.

Astrological characteristics

  • Planet — Jupiter.
  • A rock — Sapphire.
  • Name color — Blue.
  • Zodiac sign — Sagittarius.
  • Totem animal — Eagle.
  • Tree — Poplar.
  • Plant — Lily of the valley.

Patron saints

One of the most valued saints of the Orthodox faith is George the Victorious. It was a heroic man, a defender of the fatherland. He was raised by a rich Christian family and was engaged in military affairs.

During the persecution of Christians, he rose up in their defense, accusing the king of cruelty and injustice. He was tortured and stripped of his head. Since that time, he is considered the patron saint of the Christ-loving army.

His heroic deeds are depicted on Orthodox icons, and the Order of his name is the most honorable in the Russian army.

St. George’s Name Day Orthodox Church is celebrated many times a year: January 1, 21 and 30; 4,10 and 17 February; March 6, 23 and 24; April 5, 17, 18 and 20; May 2, 6, 10, 26 and 29; On June 8, 19 and 27; 3, 13 and 31 August; 6 September; October 15; November 10 and 16; December 9 and 31

Famous owners of the name George

Soviet military leader, Marshal of the USSR Zhukov, Russian composer and pianist Sviridov, author of detectives Weiner, actor Yumatov, Soviet football player and football coach Yartsev, film director and screenwriter Danelia.

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