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The meaning of the wise name Demid — fate, career and character

The meaning of the ancient Greek name Demid — career, character and fate

In ancient Greece, the boys, so that they grow up smart, called the name Diomedes, which translates «thought of God», «reflect», later this name was transformed into Demid.

The diminutive form of the name: Demidushka, Demidchik, Demka, Dema, Demmi, Demchik.

In the Orthodox faith, the name Demid is known by the name Diomede, which appeared in Russia after baptism, is celebrated four times a year:

  • July 16 — the day of the martyr Diomede of Caesarea.
  • August 29 — the day of the martyr Diomed Tarsyanin.
  • September 10 and 15 is the day of the martyr Diomede.

The meaning of the wise name Demid - fate, career and character

From the time of year of birth depends on the character Demida:

  • Winter — Active, sociable. Surrounded by friends, making plans for the future. Has the talent to negotiate with everyone.
  • Spring — Confident, heroic. Loves praise from the people around him, prestige in his life occupies the main place.
  • Summer — Diplomatic, judicious. All actions and steps in his life analyzes, calculates and weighs. Mistakes in life does not make.
  • Autumn — Persistent, resourceful. Able to adapt to everything, lucky in almost everything, whatever he undertakes.

Demid grows up calm and intelligent boy, without causing much trouble to parents. In a new and unfamiliar company he closes in on himself, he is not the first to meet. If this company has a friend of hiss, that with the help of a friend Demid will slowly begin to communicate with the guys.

From a young age he carefully thinks over and analyzes his actions, treats himself rather strictly.

Demid’s fantasy is stormy, he does not need to invent a new game, a fairy tale, or a creative fake. In a long time familiar company it plays with pleasure in outdoor games, the leader almost never happens.

In the school, Demidus best gives the exact sciences, with increased zeal, he can become an excellent class. It is necessary to regularly engage with the child, to encourage his success, so that there is an incentive to study well.

He treats everything with justice, it is important for him that his own conscience be clear, he can easily be separated by fighters, he must agree to take upon himself the duties of the head of a class or group. Demid may be a faithful friend, will come to the rescue in difficult moments.

If Demidu insidious way to cross the road, then responding sophisticated revenge will not take long.

In a circle of close friends and relatives, Demid rejects his excessive seriousness and severity, becoming cheerful and sociable, and can harmlessly prank. Demid carefully selects his friends in his company, as long as they are loyal and incapable of betrayal.

Innovations in technology takes with difficulty, until they study them thoroughly and will not get used to them.

The meaning of the wise name Demid - fate, career and character

In childhood, sick no more than other children, for adolescence forgets about disease. This is facilitated by regular exercise.

In adulthood, there may be nervous breakdowns, it is important to observe sleep patterns.

He prefers to work in a team, he does not break into leadership, although he can become one. Because of his innate seriousness, perseverance, and determination, Demid is often offered a place as a leader, under the pressure of a team and higher authorities he has to accept this position.

Success will be achieved in the exact sciences, legal and accounting field. The financial side does not interest him, a highly paid job may cede to another if it does not interest him.

Serious tasks are solved by one, without asking any of my colleagues for advice.

He behaves with girls with restraint, severely, without showing his true feelings towards them. Because of what he has, despite the visual appeal, fans are not so many.

Will meet with a calm and beautiful girl, will not allow to guide themselves.

Choosing a wife, Demid first of all looks at her loyalty, pliability, calmness. She will not tolerate deceit and betrayal on her part; he will hold a leadership position in the family, but will always consult his wife on domestic issues and take her opinion into account. They usually get married around 30 years old and almost always successfully.

Father will be serious, demanding, but will give his children a lot of knowledge about the world, science, help them choose their life path.

The meaning of the wise name Demid - fate, career and character

Compatible with female names

  • Name color — Purple.
  • Happy day of the week — Wednesday.
  • Lucky number — 4.
  • Star sign — Virgo.
  • Element — Air.
  • Planet — Mercury.
  • Totem animal — Ant.
  • Plant — Mother and stepmother.
  • Tree — Willow.
  • Mineral talisman — Jade.
  • Metal — Tin.

Famous people named Demid

  • Demid Passek — Russian major general.
  • Demid Vorontsov — the actual ruler of the Russian state under Ivan IV.
  • Demid Momot — Soviet wrestler.
  • Demid Vladimirovich — Prince of Pinsk.

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