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The meaning of the spiritual name Fatima — destiny, character and family

The meaning of the independent name Fatima — love, destiny and character

Fatima from the ancient Arabic language means “excommunicated from the mother”, from the Iranian language — “light-faced”.

Affectionate form of the name: Fama, Fatimchik, Fata, Fati, Fatima, Fatima.

In the list of Orthodox saints, the name Fatima is absent due to belonging to the Muslim faith. Women with the name Fatima, who decided to change the Muslim faith to the Orthodox or Catholic, are baptized under a consonant name.

The meaning of the spiritual name Fatima - destiny, character and family

  • Depends on the time of year of birth of Fatima:
  • Winter — Demanding, can protect itself in any situation.
  • Spring — Irresponsible, loves fame.
  • Summer — Punctual, neat, with well-developed intuition
  • Autumn — Responsive, reliable, able to achieve goals.

Fatima is growing up very clever and inquisitive girl, from early childhood stretches to the sciences, she is interested in everything around, asks her parents a day to a hundred: “Why?” Fatima is very energetic and purposeful, punctual, but because of impatience does not always reach the end goals, throwing him halfway through.

Fatima has an excellent ability to learn foreign languages, often they know at least one language. Thanks to this ability, they are easily adaptable in another country.

She will not be difficult to ensure a comfortable lifestyle. Although she likes to gossip with her friends, she tries not to get involved in conflict situations.

She can do things without first thinking about them, but she has the unique ability to get out of unpleasant situations every time without consequences. Fatima does not like being given unnecessary advice. She has many friends for whom she is a leader, but opens only to her closest and time-tested friends.

Since childhood, he deeply feels someone’s misfortune and pain, tries to help people in trouble, even if they are unfamiliar to her. He does not like to complain about his fate, he withstands all the blows of fate with dignity and copes well with them.

At school, she is distinguished by assiduity and accuracy, she usually studies well, especially exact sciences are given to her. Loves an active sport, especially dancing, where Fatima succeeds.

With age, rationality prevails in her character. He thinks of all actions in advance, and is able to make decisions quickly in emergency situations.

Can severely take revenge on the offender only in case of causing a strong offense, Fatima is better not to cross the road.

Fatima rarely suffers from childhood, but she has nervous breakdowns and tantrums. It is important to observe the regime of the day and get enough sleep.

The meaning of the spiritual name Fatima - destiny, character and family

Work is not the meaning of Fatima’s life, the financial side of her little concern. She is looking for a job where she will be comfortable, can work in any sphere, gets along well with the team, is hardworking, performs cases on time.

Fatima is almost always in good standing with management.

He will be able to fall in love with the opposite sex with the help of humility, beauty, tenderness and pliability. As if in chess, he calculates his actions in advance in order to get a particular man into his network.

If at risk, then consciously, having considered possible consequences.

Marries late, because for a long time and carefully chooses a husband who can endure all her antics and tantrums. She will not be able to get along with a strong and domineering man, so a calm and non-conflicting partner in life will suit her. In the majority, Fatima gets married according to the calculation and usually her family life develops successfully.

The household is being watched carelessly; one should not expect a three-course dinner from her and always tidy housing. For children, Fatima will be a wise and attentive mother.

The meaning of the spiritual name Fatima - destiny, character and family

Male Name Compatibility

  • Planet — Venus.
  • Name color — Green
  • Season — Autumn.
  • Happy day of the week — Friday.
  • Lucky number — 5.
  • Metal — Copper.
  • Zodiac sign — Taurus
  • Element — Air.
  • Totem animal — Cat.
  • Plant — Melissa.
  • Tree — Periwinkle.
  • Mineral talisman — Emerald.

Famous people named Fatima

  • Fatima Tabaamrant — Tunisian artist.
  • Fatima Butaeva — Russian physicist.
  • Fatima Ilskaya — Soviet actress.
  • Fatima Gorbenko — Ukrainian actress.

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