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The meaning of the sensual name Love — character, destiny and family

The meaning of the romantic name Love is fate, health and character

The name Love came to Russia from the Greek word «love». In Russia it was popular in the 20th century, now this beautiful name of girls is rarely called.

Affectionate form of the name: Lyubasha, Lyubochka. Lyubka, Lyubushka, Lyubava, Lyuba, Lyubchik, Lucy.

According to the Orthodox calendar, Lyuba celebrates the name day on September 30 on the day of the nine-year-old holy martyr Lyubov, who in Rome in 137 was beheaded for the faith of Christ.

Character Lyuba depends on the time of year of birth:

Winter — Easily goes through life. At work, despite the workload, always discuss with colleagues the latest news and gossip.

There are always many fans around her, she is not in a hurry to get married, fearing to lose her personal freedom.

Spring — Tries to avoid the female society, surrounding itself with men with whom she is comfortable in communication. For the sake of a loved one is ready to go at all.

Summer — Artistic nature, knows how and loves to communicate, charming and falling in love with the interlocutor. He is well-versed in people, he is cruelly taking revenge on offenders.

Avoids weak men, marries a strong-willed man.

Autumn — Perfectionist, always tries to be the best. Does not tolerate competition in anything, so she has almost no friends.

In personal life, no luck because of the desire to lead in relationships.

The meaning of the sensual name Love - character, destiny and family

Grows good, flirty girl with a calm character, knows how to please others. Practically it does not cause problems to parents whom it likes to help with household chores, loves praise very much.

Studying for her is difficult because of the lack of interest in school subjects, she is not upset with poor grades. Well can only study in their favorite subjects, in the mind and ingenuity she can not refuse.

Loves fun parties, where almost always in the spotlight. He knows how to dress with taste, monitors his appearance, can support any topic in conversation.

She has many friends, but no relatives among them. It may be conflicting, to the end in a quarrel defending his opinion.

With age, it becomes detached and selfish. He does not betray his relatives and friends; they don’t like to complain about their problems; they don’t see when they feel bad.

Her face is almost impossible to read her thoughts and feelings. It has good artistic data.

In childhood, Lyubasha, like many children, often catches a cold. The body is strengthened by adolescence.

As an adult, she may have problems with the female part of the body. Due to nervous work there may be nervous breakdowns or a metabolic disorder.

The meaning of the sensual name Love - character, destiny and family

Since childhood, she tries to be financially independent of everyone, including her parents, can accumulate pocket money, sometimes earns money. Since childhood, he develops talent so that in adulthood talent can help him to advance through the career ladder.

He knows how to solve difficult situations, does not shirk responsibility, never gives up, knows that he can find any way out.

Will be able to open and successfully develop your own business. In parallel, the work will develop itself in a spiritual direction.

Poor transfers abrupt job changes. Becomes a wonderful teacher, journalist, lecturer, teacher, actress.

Lyubasha’s first love is almost always unsuccessful. After her, she will either withdraw into herself, or she will continue to look for a great and pure love, making excessive demands on the chosen one.

In the period of strong love, rose-colored glasses do not fall down from Lyuba, he sees only good things in his chosen one, does not believe bad rumors about him. Does not allow casual relationships, shy in sex.

She needs a sensitive, delicate and intelligent man.

Lyuba does not like to do household chores, tries to shove them into households. Therefore, she needs an economic man who is happy to take on household chores.

For the sake of this husband, she will do anything, be faithful to him. Unfortunately, she makes a mistake in the relationship, overly taking care of her husband. Not every man will be able to withstand hyper-care.

For her children, Lyuba is an excellent mother, developing them, leading to various sports clubs and clubs.

The meaning of the sensual name Love - character, destiny and family

Horoscope named Love

Aries — Energetic, optimistic. Never gives up in life.

Attracts only weak-minded men, with whom it creates a strong and reliable family.

Taurus –Communicative, jealous, does not like sudden changes in life. In the first place puts financial independence, can save money.

Men with her difficult because of excessive jealousy.

Gemini — Lovely, dodgy, intelligent. He loves to be the center of attention, with ease simultaneously turns several novels at once.

Cancer — Kind, vulnerable, sensual, hardworking. Her husband will be surrounded by care and love if he can tolerate her frequent whims.

Leo — Purposeful and ambitious personality, does not know how to sit in one place for a long time. A person who has betrayed her is deleted from life forever.

Virgo — Successful, calculating, she thinks everything out a few steps ahead. Hides from others his thoughts, if he falls in love with a man, then for a long time.

Scales — Calm, hesitant, doubting. Almost does not make mistakes in life and deeds.

Marry will marry around the perfect man.

Scorpio — Emotional, sexy, easily adapts to any company. With relatives, they often behave cruelly, hurt their feelings with offensive words.

Sagittarius — Unwary, simple, straightforward. Believes that unreal things can be made real by trying hard.

Almost always wants what he wants.

Capricorn — Hardworking, careful. Do not take up the case, which is not able to finish.

Husbands will choose someone for whom he has respect, love for is not unimportant.

Aquarius — Sensitive, unsure of herself, possessing strong intuition. Able to see through people, secretive in communication.

Pisces — Idealist, compassionate, depends on the opinions of others. Do not throw loved ones in trouble.

For your family will roll all the mountains.

Male Name Compatibility

  • Planet — Saturn.
  • The color of the name is Blue.
  • Season — Summer.
  • Happy day of the week — Friday.
  • Lucky number — 5.
  • Metal — Lead.
  • Libra.
  • Element — Water.
  • Totem animal — Mantis.
  • Plant — Lovage.
  • Linden tree.
  • Mineral mascot — Lapis lazuli.

Famous people named Love

  • Lyubov Polishchuk — Russian actress.
  • Lyubov Wasserman — Soviet poet.
  • Lyubov Popova is a Soviet artist.
  • Lyubov Capital — Russian playwright.
  • Lyubov Dobrzhanskaya — Soviet actress.
  • Lyubov Gurevich — Russian writer.

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