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The meaning of the restless name Trofim — character, career and destiny

The meaning of the restless name Trofim — love, character, career and destiny

The name Trofim originated in ancient Greece from the word «breadwinner» or «foster child». They called the boys, who for some reason could not feed their own mother or brought up by strangers.

In each country, the name is pronounced differently: in China — Tilyufim, in Japan — Torofi, in Belarus — Trafim, in Ukraine — Trochim.

The diminutive form of the name: Trocha, Trofimushka, Trofimka, Fimka, Fimochka, Troshka, Trofka, Trofa, Fima.

According to the church calendar, Trofim celebrates its name day 9 times a year:

  • January 14 — the day of the priest-martyr Priest Trofim Myachin.
  • January 17 — the day of the Holy Martyr Trofim, one of the 70 apostles.
  • March 29 — the day of the Holy Martyr Trofim of Laodicea, presbyter.
  • March 31 — the day of the martyr Trofim of Nicomedia.
  • April 28 — the day of the Holy Martyr Trofim.
  • August 5 — the day of the martyr Trofim of Lycia.
  • September 2 — the day of the martyr Trofim of Sinad.
  • October 26 — the day of the martyr Trofim.
  • November 13 — the day of the martyr Trofim.

The meaning of the restless name Trofim - character, career and destiny

Depending on the time of year of birth, the character Trofim differs:

  • Winter — Conflict, vindictive, friendly, stingy.
  • Spring — Moody, restless, naughty, lazy.
  • Summer — Purposeful, pedantic, neat, homely.
  • Autumn — Selfish, selfish, closed, uncommunicative.

Little Trofimushka grows up to be a little complicated, controversial, but non-conflict child, very loving, when he is praised, especially for all. Often naughty, it is difficult for him to sit in one place.

Easily converges with the guys with whom he loves to play noisy and active games. Calm board games don’t interest him.

He likes to rush around the apartment, negligently knocking down surrounding things, for which he is often punished by his parents. Easily fascinates others with their communication.

So that the child does not lose faith in himself and his work, parents should praise him more often, remembering that Trofim will not spoil the praise, but will make him act even better.

Trofim belongs to the category of children who do not like to learn, but love to indulge. For which his parents are often summoned to school, because of his hooliganism, restlessness, poor academic performance, irresponsibility. Among classmates hooliganism and bully Trofim popular, often under his command can break the lesson.

Trofim never confesses his guilt to teachers and parents. Despite the irresponsible behavior, Trofim is always ready to help, kindly treats others, never deceives, will not fail.

After graduating from school, Trofim becomes more responsible, more serious, some shyness appears. Children’s carelessness disappears, giving way to energy and dedication.

Able to understand people who are unreliable immediately sees, easily forgives the mistakes of others. Respected, his opinion is listened to. Because of its kindness, it is sometimes naive, it can be easy prey to scammers.

In a critical situation, it can flare up, but quickly moves away and begins to think adequately. In order to reduce his own outbursts of aggression, Trofim should be aware of surrounding events with humor.

In childhood, Trofim often suffers from colds, in the transitional age his body becomes stronger. In adulthood, because of stress and impressionability, nerves and heart can be naughty.

It should be remembered that if Trofim is often praised, he will produce more and more good results. They are one of those people whom praise does not spoil, but improves. The bosses and colleagues respect him for hard work and dedication.

Trofim easily finds a common language with strangers, can even speak an unsociable person. Thanks to this quality, he will be able to achieve greater success in the communication-based profession: journalist, broadcaster, diplomat, politics, acting.

Trofim has difficult relations with finances, he does not know how to save them, he spends everything on expensive things and gifts, and then he asks for money in debt, which he usually returns.

The meaning of the restless name Trofim - character, career and destiny

Trofim until middle age is not ready for family relations, therefore he prefers short-term novels. He sincerely falls in love with women, until the last moment he sees no flaws in his chosen one. It can reassure her that he marries her, and he will leave her as soon as love passes or another, more spectacular girl appears on the horizon.

Leaves behind a lot of broken women’s hearts.

Trofim usually marries in middle age. Marries a reliable and economic woman who is able to create a home comfort, fully take on life and who is able to distribute finances. But his Trofim wife will not always be true.

Throughout his life, Trofim has married twice. Trofim brings up his children in strictness, tries to give them an excellent education and can help to choose the right profession.

Trofim needs children to find a worthy place in life and get a good job. For this he is ready to do anything.

Horoscope named Trofim

Aries — Serious, responsible. Does not like to sit around, makes a dizzying career.

In communication, boring and predictable.

Taurus — Talented, narcissist. Has talents, reads a lot.

It prefers that women look after him.

Gemini — Friendly, sociable. Without it, not a single get-together, not a single skirt will pass by itself.

Easy to fall in love and disappointed.

Cancer — Love, infantile. Avoid liability. It is easy to hurt his carelessly abandoned word.

Marries a strong and strong-willed woman.

Leo — Hardworking, careerist. Ready to live at work to advance through the ranks.

Imposes excessive demands on others.

Virgo — Balanced, vulnerable. Does not like entertainment, boring to communicate.

It will be a great family man.

Libra — Optimistic, good-natured. Positive in the whole man, easily convergent with people and non-conflict.

Scorpio — straightforward, fair. It can be tough, it always defends its opinion to the last, it does not forgive insults.

Sagittarius — Restless, gentle. He is a favorite of women, which changes like gloves.

She loves to travel.

Capricorn — Prudent, calculating. He selects friends like himself, does not tolerate liars.

Always come to the rescue and will not fail in difficult times.

Aquarius — Impressive, polite. May be depressed for a long time by bad news.

In communication is sincere, friendly. He needs a determined wife.

Pisces — Dreamy, depressive. He lives his dreams, marries the same woman.

Idealizes people, and then cruelly disappointed in them.

The meaning of the restless name Trofim - character, career and destiny

Compatible with female names

  • The planet Mars.
  • The color of the name is Blue.
  • Season — Spring.
  • Happy day of the week — Sunday.
  • Lucky number is 1.
  • Metal — Gold.
  • Zodiac sign — Scorpio.
  • Element — Fire.
  • Totem animal — Owl.
  • Plant — Violet.
  • Tree — Date Palm.
  • Mineral talisman — Chrysolite.

Famous people named Trofim

  • Trofim Borisov is a Soviet prose writer.
  • Trofim Arkhipov — Udmurt writer.
  • Trofim Bigot is a French artist.
  • Trofim Kolomiets — Soviet commander.
  • Trofim Lomakin — Soviet weightlifter.
  • Trofim Alekseev is a Russian politician.
  • Trofim Ryabinin — Russian epic narrator.
  • Trofim Lysenko — Soviet biologist.
  • Trofim Litvienko — Ukrainian military pilot.
  • Trofim Tsalaban — Russian statesman.
  • Trofim Zenkovsky — Ukrainian writer.

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