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The meaning of the rare male name Karim — character, fate and family

The meaning of the eastern name Karim — fate, career and character

The name Karim first appeared in Arabic, which translates as “generous,” “honored,” “honest.” Sometimes in the Arab countries the name Karim is united with the name Abdul, translated as “slave”, the full translation of the double name “slave of the Esteemed” is obtained.

Affectionate form of the name: Karimochka, Karimchik, Rimchyk, Karimushka.

There is a female name Karim, which means «generous.»

Due to the Islamic name, it is absent in the Orthodox and Catholic faiths.

  • Depends on the time of the year of birth of Karim:
  • Winter — Honest, kind.
  • Spring — Dreamer, purposeful.
  • Summer — Independent, generous.
  • Autumn — Diligent, sensitive.

The meaning of the rare male name Karim - character, fate and family

Kareem is growing up a hyperactive and inquisitive child. Education is easy, but the natural restlessness does not allow him to fully grasp the subjects.

To curb the colossal energy, the child must pass to the sports section, where he will show good results. Sport will not only reduce its energy, but will also harden the body, teach patience and perseverance.

The older Karim, the more diligent and patient he is. Before the case, always consider a plan of action.

He knows how to listen to his intuition, which often helps him out in difficult situations. Not afraid to be different from other people either externally or in character.

There are a lot of non-formals among Karimov.

Often gets into conflict situations because of the aggressive manner to defend their point of view. Karim is always surrounded by his friends, from whom he demands more than they can give him. He has no real friends because of his lack of trust in them.

He likes to dream, dream, philosophize on any topic, believes in the other world.

He prefers to hide from external problems in the world invented by him. She likes reading books on philosophical topics, travels a lot and meets new people.

Not always in the discussion of topics comes to a general agreement with the interlocutor. Because of innate stubbornness does not depart from the intended path.

Not an object of adoration of girls because of the cold attitude towards them. In fact, Karim does not want to spend time on every girl, looking for the one and only.

For him, coincidence in interests is more important, and not passion, which after some time disappears.

He marries only the girl with whom she feels spiritual attraction, comfort, the opportunity to become herself. He will be ready to look for this girl almost all his life.

His wife will be an ideal, non-conflict husband, will not roll up the scandal because of unprepared food, unmade apartment. It may take on some of the household duties, unloading his wife.

Able to find a common language with children, usually he has at least two children.

The meaning of the rare male name Karim - character, fate and family

He is not a careerist; if he does not like work, he will not advance through the ranks. He tries to choose the work that would bring not only spiritual and physical pleasure, but also good money.

Usually this job Karim finds.

He tries to win in any business, among them there are many successful champions, laureates, they are often awarded with diplomas, diplomas and medals from childhood. The bosses are listed on a very good account because of their dedication and efficiency, lack of craving for intrigue.

Karim’s health is naturally strong, but the nervous system is unstable, you need to avoid stressful situations. From childhood, you need to teach to the regime of the day, since the Karims do not fall asleep well.

It is important two hours before bedtime not to allow watching television, so as not to excite the brain.

The meaning of the rare male name Karim - character, fate and family

Compatible with female names

  • Zodiac sign — Cancer.
  • Element — Earth.
  • Planet — the moon.
  • Mineral talisman — Selenite.
  • Metal — Gold.
  • Totem animal — Owl.
  • Plant — Lily.
  • The color of the name is Silver.
  • Season — Winter.
  • Happy day of the week — Monday.
  • Lucky number — 2.

Famous men named Karim

  • Karim Rashid is an industrial designer.
  • Karim Shaniyazov — Uzbek historian.
  • Karim Khakimov is a Soviet diplomat.
  • Karim Benzema — French footballer.

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