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The meaning of the name Yuri — by what character and fate this person is born

Yuri: the meaning of the name, character, strengths and weaknesses, career and fate

Twenty years ago, children were called by any name they liked, and they didn’t think about anything except the harmonious sound of this name in combination with the last name, as well as the harmoniousness of the patronymic of the future heirs. Today, many have understood that our name bears in itself not only a set of letters, but also a certain sacred meaning, and you just should not choose it.

What will give the child the name Yuri, and what should be expected from the fate of a man who has it in the metric?

The meaning of the name Yuri - by what character and fate this person is born

What does this familiar name mean?

There are three versions of etymology.

  1. Greek This is an abbreviation of the name George («farmer», Greek). In this case, Yegor is also considered the “brother” of this name — the name also created on behalf of George.
  2. Slavic. The word “yurit” (in the modern language — “yuli”, that is, “dodge”, “contrive”) became the “mother” of the name. In this case, the name stands for “cunning”, “clever”, “quirky”. In the people such name sounded as Yurets.
  3. Latin In Latin, there is the word «jura», meaning «loyalty», «oath». So, based on this version, the name can be decoded as “true to its word.”

It is curious that in the Far East, namely, in Korea and Japan, there is a name consonant with this — Yuri. It is female, translated as «Lily».

Friendly appeal: Yura, Yurchik, Yurets, Yuri, Yurik.

middle name: Yuryevich (Yurich), Yuryevna.

In other countries, the name will sound different.: George (England), Georges (France), Jorge (Spain), Jiří (Czech Republic, Slovakia), Jørgen (Denmark), Jerzy (Poland).

What character has a typical Jura?

Virtues: he likes communication. Very curious and all the time open to learning, and these traits help the guy to constantly internally enrich themselves. He is very purposeful, wants to take a firm position in life.

Not vindictive, so that the enemies or does not have at all, or has very little.

disadvantages: this man (especially in his youth) can be a big win. He simply “explodes” if he finds out that someone has stood in his way or tried to use it.

Sometimes it even surprises itself with some of its spontaneous decisions or actions. The guy is a pedant (although this is not always a negative trait of character).

The fate of this man

  • Childhood. This is a quiet, quiet kid, fussing with his comrades who prefer solitary games. He can invent for himself a game «world» and very happily exist in it.
  • The period of formation of character. The guy grows thoughtful, serious. Before doing something, he will think ten times. She likes to relax in solitude — walking with a dog (Jura loves animals), sitting with a fishing rod, collecting a model airplane.
  • Mature years. This is a real «gray cardinal» — in the team he does not like to stand out, but the comrades themselves go to Yurka for advice, since, firstly, he is a master of informed decisions, and secondly, he has an «inner core» and charisma.

Talismans and astrology

  • Horoscope sign that will suit Yurchik better than others: Sagittarius (birth time — from November 23 to December 21).
  • Patron of the planet: Jupiter.
  • Color name: blue.
  • The stone that will protect and add strength: emerald.
  • Totem animal: bull, and always white.
  • Plant name: lily of the valley and poplar.

Day Angel

The meaning of the name Yuri - by what character and fate this person is born

  • April 23 at the Catholics or May 6 at the Orthodox. On this day, believers venerate the Holy Great Martyr Yuri (George) the Victorious, a Roman soldier who defended Christians.
  • November 26 for Catholics or December 9 for Christians. It is commemorated by the Georgians of Chios killed by the Turks, a new martyr who lived in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

In various life conflicts, Jura will do this …

  • Love. Immediately after meeting the girls easy with Yurchik. And later, when his pedantic character begins to appear brighter and colors leave the relationship, many become bored in the company of this guy. However, the guy does not feel a lack of attention of lovely ladies.
  • Family. This is a faithful husband and a great father. The only thing: as a rule, the wife becomes the head of such a family. All important decisions that go beyond family life (buying a car, choosing a school for a child, going to a resort) are taken by the spouse. Jura also likes to do minor household chores.
  • Relationship with the spouse. Yuri believes that if they keep the girl in the registry office, then only the one that he sincerely loved. Therefore, he can even sign with a girl who does not suit his family. He will live with the chosen one happily, and the family will finally accept his son’s choice … But the Yurech is the case when the gray hair falls into the beard and the demon into the rib. Years after forty he can hit “on the left.” And even if mom and dad will beg him not to destroy the family, he (by tradition) will not listen to them.
  • Job. The more the profession assumes responsibility, the more it pleases the carrier of the given name. Interestingly, this quiet guy in society can choose a very public work (politics, music), and achieve heights in it. The strength of this person is eloquence. And besides, the Jura is often interested in secrets hidden in the depths of our planet, so the guy may decide to become an archaeologist, a geologist.

With what woman (name) is he destined to happiness?

Successful Union: Angela, Alevtina, Aza, Vera, Daria, Galina, Zina, Elena, Ira, Lida, Lilya, Larisa, Lyuba, Nastya, Nonna, Nina, Natasha, Olya, Polina, Tonya, Tamara, Rosa, Paradise, Sophia, Sveta.

Namesakes that made everyone respect Yur

The meaning of the name Yuri - by what character and fate this person is born

  1. Yuri Dolgoruky (late 11th — early 12th century) — Prince of Suzdal, Rostov. Received his nickname due to the seizure of other cities (in particular, the capital of Kiev, where he died, poisoned by local boyars).
  2. Yuri Gagarin (1934-1968) is the first cosmonaut from the USSR in the world.
  3. Yuri Nikulin (1921-1997) — actor, mostly comedy plan («Caucasian Prisoner», «Samogonschiki», «Diamond Arm»).
  4. Yuri Yakovlev (1928-1913) — Soviet film actor. The most famous roles are: Lieutenant Rzhevsky (“The Hussar Ballad”), the house manager / tsar (“Ivan Vasilyevich changes profession”), Hippolytus (“The irony of fate …”).
  5. Yuri Olesha (1899-1960) — Soviet writer. He wrote the children’s book «Three Fat Men».
  6. Yuri Shevchuk (1957) — rock musician, songwriter, leader of the group «DDT».
  7. Yuri Khoy or Klinsky (1964-2000) — Soviet rock musician, songwriter. Known for its Gaza Strip.
  8. Yuri Shatunov (1973) — singer from the cult group “Affectionate May” in the USSR. Born in Bashkortostan.
  9. Yuri Loza (1954) — Soviet, Russian composer and singer.
  10. Yuri Antonov (1945) — Soviet and Russian composer, singer. Born in Uzbekistan.
  11. Yuri Nikolaev (1948) — Russian presenter, actor. Born in Moldova.
  12. Yuri Kuznetsov (1976) — an actor who starred in the films «The Island», «The Count Krestovsky», «Antikiller», the TV series «Streets of Broken Lanterns».
  13. Yuri Borisov (1992) — actor of the theater «Satyricon», starred in the films «Freud’s Method», «Young Guard».
  14. Yury Luzhkov (1936) — Russian politician, former mayor of Moscow.

And in the end we offer to evaluate a song dedicated to this male name. Many women singers (Glukoza, “Not Angels”) perform songs dedicated to Yuri.

But this composition is performed by a real man, leading Yuri Nikolaev, and she is truly masculine. The song is called «Island Yuri», and it is for you!

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