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The meaning of the name Yaroslav — the fate I am character Yasi

The female name of Yaroslav — meaning, description, various aspects

The origin of the female name of Yaroslav — Old Slavonic — linguists agree on this. According to one version, it comes from the merger of the words «fervent» and «glory.» The word “ardent” in translation from Old Slavonic means “strong” or “powerful”, but more often it is translated as “bright”.

Thus, we get the value of the name — «with bright fame.» This version was especially popular after the adoption of Christianity in Russia.

The meaning of the name Yaroslav - the fate I am character Yasi

Another version of the origin is rooted in the pagan faith. According to her, the name comes from the pagan god — Yarilo.

If you rely on this version, the meaning of the name will be as follows: «Glorifying Yarilo.»

The energy of this name is extremely strong, and therefore its owner will be an assertive, bright and cheerful woman. Her pace of life will always be different activity, she simply will not be able to sit in one place for a long time.

The owner of this name appreciates life, perceives it fully and brightly, emotionally. However, there may be a situation in which emotions can become a prism through which Yaroslav looks at the world, perceiving it subjectively and making the same conclusions.

Different forms and variants of the name

Other languages ​​and cultures have no synonyms for this name. However, in the Russian language there are many derived and abbreviated forms.

Brief forms of the name of Yaroslav are: Yarochka, Slavochka, Slavtsya, Yarka, Yarilka, Yasochka, Yasonka.

Diminutive pet forms: Ash, Yarochka, Yaroslavka, Yasonka, Yasochka, Yarinochka, Yasochka.


One of the features of Yasenka is that she rarely listens to advice from people around her. Most often, in decision-making, she is guided by her own experience, learning from her failures.

It is generally distinguished by freedom of spirit and independence.

A girl with this name loves to travel, involve herself in various adventures, even create intrigues around herself. The fact is that she needs a variety of life. If everything becomes the same type — it will create a situation that will force surrounding people to increase interest in it.

However, it pushes people away from her.

The meaning of the name Yaroslav - the fate I am character Yasi

The bearers of this name have an incredible amount of energy. It is necessary to ensure that it was sent in a favorable direction.

Yasyu is also distinguished by her curiosity, which manifests itself from an early age.

He does not tolerate loneliness and always tries to surround himself with new people. Even if relations with any new acquaintance do not line up too smoothly, they will analyze the situation and certainly achieve their own.

With her characteristic internal stubbornness, she is able to admit her mistakes, which are often noticed and appreciated by the people around her. In a difficult situation, always seeking to help his friends, leaving no one in trouble.

Fate of Yaroslav

From childhood, this girl will be active and cheerful, positive-minded. However, with all the inner goodness, will not give offense to himself or the people around her. It can be safely called the champion of justice and truth.

Peers often turn to her for help and advice, as she is endowed with leadership qualities.

The upbringing of this girl does not give her parents much difficulty, since she herself is obedient. Also, teachers and parents may notice her adult responsibility — if she promised something — she will certainly do it.

In school years, will receive good marks because of the combination of her mental abilities and perseverance. Yaroslav can often be found in circles and sections where she can throw out energy.

An adult Yaroslava will be busy with something all the time. It will seem to others that the stock of her energy is inexhaustible.

Fun and energy in it will be successfully combined with responsibility and earnestness.

She will never work where she doesn’t like — she chooses a profession she likes. Thanks to her makings, she will have a big choice, since she can be realized almost anywhere.

Different name characteristics

Some of the people around them notice that often Yaroslav does not know how to listen at all. Inability to listen to wise advice often leads her to commit a stupid mistake.

The fact is that she considers herself smarter than other people, and therefore their opinion is less authoritative for her than her own. Such thinking can lead to pride.

  • The patron planet is the Sun;
  • The plant is nettle;
  • Tree — oak;
  • Stone — amber;
  • The animal is a pheasant;
  • The sign of the zodiac is a lion;
  • The color of the name is scarlet.

The girls bearing this name do not mark the name day, since it is not in the lists of Catholic and Orthodox Christians.

Marriage, career, health

Marriage and family are of very great value for Yaroslav, so she approaches these issues as responsibly as possible — she does not hurry with the choice of her spouse and gets married only because of great love.

Of the women who bear this name, excellent housewives can be made who can receive guests, set the table and make a delicious dinner. Yaroslav also knows how to maintain an atmosphere of coziness and comfort in the house, instantly eliminates family conflicts, helps children and her husband in any matters.

In his work, Yaroslav also expects happiness and prosperity. Considering her inherent activity and vigor, she will feel good in such professions as: manager, translator, guide, journalist, insurance agent, stewardess, choreographer and hairdresser.

The meaning of the name Yaroslav - the fate I am character Yasi

Throughout life, this woman will be in good health. However, she should protect herself from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and problems with the upper respiratory tract.

Male Name Compatibility

Good compatibility, strength of feelings, a long and lasting marriage awaits Yaroslav in relations with such men as: Alexander, Sergey, Danil, Vadim, Egor, Georgy, Yuri, Igor, Arseny, Matvey, Denis, Grigori, Nikolai, Konstantin, Roman, Ruslan and Eugene.

Not the most successful union will be in tandem with Alexei, Dmitry, Ilya, Vladimir, Peter, Timur, Pavel, Artem, Ivan, Gleb, Anton and Leo.

Famous women

Among the bearers of this name you can find a lot of famous women. Among them, Jaroslava Shvedova — Russian and Kazakh tennis players, Yaroslava Stetsko — Ukrainian politician, Yaroslava Mozerova — Czech politician.

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