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The meaning of the name Yang: what fate awaits, character in childhood, adolescence and adulthood

Yana: what does this name mean, the typical character of its owner

To single out a child in the modern world, it’s not at all necessary to give him a long and intricate name (this has already become a real mainstream). You can choose a short and clear.

But what energy carries such a name in itself?

The meaning of the name Yang: what fate awaits, character in childhood, adolescence and adulthood

What does this name mean and what kind of people created it?

Surprising fact: this short name makes linguists spend hours arguing until they are hoarse. The fact is that the theories of his origin are mass, and each has loyal admirers.

Let’s look at each of them!

  1. Hebrew version. The “grandfather” of the name was a male John, Ian, meaning “the mercy of God.” In our country, it was transformed into the name of Ivan.
  2. Latin (Ancient Roman) version. The Romans revered the two-faced god Janos, meaning the beginning and the end — a kind of incarnation of the Christian «alpha and omega». The word “janua” in translation means “beginning”, “door”.
  3. Turkic version. “Yane jan” is translated as “soul.” The full name sounds like Jansylu (can mean both “favorite” and “beauty”).

Well, and finally, often the name Yana is formed from longer female names (Ulyana — “happiness” in Latin, or Boyana — “rich” in Bulgarian).

Friends can contact Yana so: Januska, Yanochka, Yasya, Yasechka. And when angry at the girl, exclaim: Janka!

In other cultures, the name is transformed into: Janika (Scandinavian countries), Janita (Latvia, Lithuania), Joanna, Johanna (English-speaking countries). And Poland is also popular name Ioannina, which passed to us.

Double male name: Jan.

What character is typical typical Yanochka?

Strong qualities: this is a smart and sensitive girl, a great companion. She has a strong intuition, mental stability. She is able to calmly solve even very difficult life tasks, to achieve any goals.

In most cases, self-confident. Changing the situation does not knock it out of a rut.

Weak: stubbornness, whims (infrequent, but still). Sometimes it is indecisive, and at such times it becomes helpless.

She is also a selfish, real owner.

What fate did the girl have such a name?

  • The first years of life. Baby Yanochka is obedient, but painfully touchy. However, vindictive it can not be called. The girl likes to tinker with the dolls, inventing new dresses for them. She rarely has an understanding with her mother, but with her dad she can become best friends.
  • Childhood (school). The girl doesn’t have favorite subjects, she is studying moderately. She doesn’t like doing homework, and would get two if it were not for a great memory — Yanochka perfectly remembers everything she hears in class. Teachers are rarely obeyed. If this girl suddenly became a diligent student, know that she was attracted by an excellent student, and Janinka is afraid that because of bad grades she will not get reciprocity.
  • High school, student period. The girl becomes more accurate, diligent. If he wants something, he achieves it. Falling in love with a guy, she is ready to give him everything — but seeing that he does not love her (let’s say she just enjoys it), she does not forgive him for this, erasing the rascal out of her heart forever. Some friends consider her selfish — indeed, she often thinks about her own benefits, very self-confident.
  • Adulthood. This is an ambitious woman (often considering that she is not appreciated enough at work), a real workaholic. If a person is interested in her, she is easily rubbed into his trust. She is very well-groomed, does not regret money for fashionable clothes and beauty salons. With men, it is often theatrical and emotional, and they like it.

Lucky Signs, Mascots, Zodiac

The meaning of the name Yang: what fate awaits, character in childhood, adolescence and adulthood

  • Patron Planet: Pluto.
  • Ideal star sign: Scorpio. That is, this name is ideal for a girl born from October 23 to November 21.
  • Color name: crimson.
  • What kind of stone should your earrings, ring or pendant be decorated with in order to become a happy talisman? Rubies (they, by the way, just have a rich wine, that is, a crimson hue).
  • Totem in the animal world: this is a very rare spider, called the phalanx.
  • Plants-mascots: peony and chestnut.

Name day (angel’s day): July 10th. Patron of heaven: John the Myrrh-Bearer.

Different aspects of Jana’s life

  • Love. Well understanding men, she easily falls in love with them. In a relationship, she loves daily compliments, reaching for adoration. Very jealous, can throw a scandal over trifling suspicion. Having caught the spouse with the mistress, can and not get a divorce, but the nerves will “fill” well enough. In general, the boyfriend or husband of Yana will eventually become a henpecked, and moreover happy.
  • Family. Married girl is happy. She manages to deal not only with her husband and children, but also with promotion, or with her hobbies.
  • Children. Most often, she has one, more rarely two children. Jana loves them, pampers. When a son or daughter grows up, a woman turns into a nasty mother-in-law or mother-in-law, completely forgetting how many scandals she had in her time with her own mother-in-law. She can even be jealous of her adult child to her son-in-law or daughter-in-law.
  • Gen. The independent and capricious character of the girl will not allow her to be an exemplary daughter-in-law, so it is better for her from the first day to live not with her mother-in-law, but in her own house. She is a good hostess, but not due to the fact that she washes and draites herself, but due to good organizational skills: her husband cooks regularly, her daughter does the dishes …
  • Job. An ideal place for the bearer of this name is medicine, art, school, advertising business, cinema or theater, as well as the service sector.
  • Health. Since childhood, it is weak. Cold, Yana long lying in bed. It is especially hard to tolerate heat, heat. Weak points of her body can be called the bronchi, as well as the nervous system.

Male Name Compatibility

Relationships doomed to failure: Bogdan, Vadim, Denis, Ruslan, Ignat (Ignatius).

Namesakes who achieved fame and glory

The meaning of the name Yang: what fate awaits, character in childhood, adolescence and adulthood

  1. Yanina Jeimo (1909-1989) is a popular Soviet actress who played in Cinderella (the one in black and white, which was painted in our day), and Two Fighters.
  2. Yana Poplavskaya (1967) — Soviet actress, she played as a child in the children’s film “About Little Red Riding Hood”, more adult — in “The Prisoner of the Castle of If”
  3. Yana Shvets (1989) — Ukrainian singer, performing solo, but became famous thanks to the projects “Ukrainian Factory of Stars-3”, “VIA Gra”. Creative pseudonym — Eva Bushmina.
  4. Yana Klochkova (1982) — Ukrainian swimmer, four-time Olympic champion. The press dubbed her «Ukrainian goldfish.»
  5. Jana Khokhlova (1985) — figure skater from Russia.
  6. Yana or Yanka Dyagileva (1966-1991) is a rock singer known for her participation in the Civil Defense group.
  7. Yana Dubinyanskaya (1975) — science fiction writer, author of the books “Ship of Women”, “Letters to the Colonel”. Born in Ukraine. Her works are published in Ukrainian and Russian.
  8. Yana Yuzvak (1979) — poet and prose writer, Russia.
  9. Jana Frey or Fry (1969) — a writer from Germany, author of books for children and teenagers.
  10. Maria Yana Korbelova (1937) is an American politician, better known as Madeleine Albright.

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