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The meaning of the name Violet — the fate and character of Vita

The meaning of the name Violet — the character and fate of a girl with that name

Beautiful and euphonic, as well as not the most common in Russia, Violetta, comes from the Latin word «viola», which translates into Russian as «violet.» It is most common in countries such as France, Spain and Italy.

From the positive features of Violetta can be noted her sensuality, ability to achieve goals and firmly go to them, passion and groovy character. Surrounding people often note the activity of this girl, but at the same time she can be perceived as cold due to lack of sincerity.

Soberly and objectively looks at such uncertain things as love and friendship. Has a strong sense of duty. Surrounding people are not always able to discern her sensuality, as she is often hidden behind Viola’s businesslike and pragmatic mind.

Also, highly developed logic often takes precedence over emotions.

Less attractive in the meaning of this name is the fact that in certain circumstances, the desire to obtain benefits in combination with inner emotionality can lead Violetta to commit very controversial actions.

Various name options and forms

In Italian, there is a male version of this name — Violetto, a brief and more frequently used form of which is Violo. Abbreviated forms of the name Violet are the following: Letta, Vita, Vitu, Vela, Veta, Tusya, Volya, Vitulya, Violka.

Other countries and cultures have the following synonyms for this name: Viola, Fioula, Viol, Violet, Violant, Violanda, Violain.

The nature of Vita in childhood and adulthood

Already in early childhood, the parents and the closest circle of Vita are fearless and strong-willed in their age-specific nature. This girl will never try to run away from her problems — she will start solving them as soon as they appear.

Also, she will not leave the last word for her abuser and will immediately strike back. If she herself, willy-nilly, hurt someone’s feelings — Vita will never apologize because of her stubbornness, even if she herself realizes that she is wrong.

At school, Violetta is easy enough — she comprehends the school curriculum thanks to natural ingenuity and good memory, as well as stubbornness. However, teachers occasionally leave comments related to discipline in her diary.

Restless nature prevents her from being an exemplary schoolgirl.

Over the years, Vita’s character has remained almost unchanged. The girl grows brave and courageous, shows determination, turns mountains in order to achieve their own goals.

For this, she is appreciated by a friendly environment — everyone knows that you can always rely on her.

In adult Vita female charm and natural charm are well developed. She always dresses with taste and looks spectacular.

She is sociable, cheerful and kind, due to which she instantly gains sympathy. Her affairs at work will depend on whether she does her own business.

If she likes the sphere, she will be an excellent worker.

Violetta’s Fate

Vita is destined to always be the center of attention. She will spend a lot of time at noisy parties and other entertainment events, where she will walk purposefully to show everyone the ability to look spectacular and stylish.

Throughout Voletta will take a business approach. There will be no exceptions in the friendship, to which it will be treated as the conclusion of a certain contract, calculating possible losses and benefits.

However, the same pragmatism will help her to achieve goals.

The meaning of the name Violet - the fate and character of Vita

Vita will only get the job she really likes. It is difficult to imagine what circumstances should be in order to force Violetta to do something differently.

She will never need money — all her life it will seem to others that they themselves flock to her hands.

The question of privacy will be difficult for Violetta. By her nature, she will grow into an amorous girl, besides she will be surrounded by many fans.

However, she would agree to marry only a special man. Her marriage will become the union of two unusual and bright personalities, which can lead to rivalry for the role of a leader in a relationship.

Violetta is prone to divorce and for her life can have multiple marriages, as well as children from different men. She will be reluctant to give her children time, although on the whole she will be a good mother.

Esoteric characteristics

Flattery is the real secret of the name Violet. She, like no other, is fond of flattery, which is the shortest path to the heart of this girl.

Vanity causes it to lose control of even the most implausible compliments.

Various characteristics of Vita:

  • Planets — the Moon;
  • Animal mascot — trout;
  • The color of the name is mauve;
  • Tree mascot — willow;
  • Plant mascot — violet;
  • Zodiac sign — fish;
  • Stone-talisman — amethyst.

Name day or the day of the angel Violetta does not note, since it is not on the list of Catholic or Orthodox Christians.

Career and money

The character of Violetta is more masculine than feminine. Sensual in love and flirtatious at parties Vita at work suddenly turns into a sober-minded machine for solving problems.

It is very good if she occupies a leadership position, since subordination is not her model of behavior.

The meaning of the name Violet - the fate and character of Vita

Often, Vita chooses the profession where she is given the opportunity to take care of other people — a nurse, nanny or stewardess. Also, thanks to her sport, music and dance, she will make an excellent artist.

In the tourism, entertainment or show business, she also has a chance to rise very high.

She is periodically showered with gifts, bonuses, give her a raise and makes increases in salary, so she does not need money. However, she does not make savings and risks to squander everything by her mature age.

Marriage and love, health

Vita is getting married early due to the fact that from a young age she has a huge selection of various fans. However, even being in a barge, she is not always able to resist her hormones and is inclined to respond to courtship from other men, which gives her husband a lot of reasons for jealousy.

The attention of men is highly valued by her, so she cannot do without him. Often this causes a divorce.

Vita is rarely married less than two times. Mother-in-law and Violet do not love each other and try not to interact too often.

This circumstance is also unlikely to be liked by her chosen one and coupled with constant intrigues on the side can lead to quarrels and divorce.

The meaning of the name Violet - the fate and character of Vita

The owners of the name Violetta unusually strong and healthy. It may also happen that a girl never misses her studies or work because of the high temperature.

However, with age, Vita’s loose lifestyle can undermine this biological fortress, leading a woman to heart and kidney disease.

Compatible with other names

The happiest marriage is waiting for Violetta in a pair with Alexey, who can make compliments and will appreciate the partner more than himself, which is necessary for vain Vita. A similar situation will develop with Arthur, Boris, Vladislav, Vasily and Valery, the marriage with which will be equally happy and strong.

A less successful pair for this girl will be men with such names as: Bogdan, Andrei, Anatoly, Egor, Oleg, Nikolai, Igor.

Famous bearers of the name

Among the bearers of this name there are many famous women who became famous in various fields. Among them are Violetta Chamorro — the former president of Nicaragua, Violetta Bovt — the Soviet ballerina, and also Violetta Ivanova — the Bulgarian astronomer.

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