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The meaning of the name Vera is an ideal partner, character, talismans, fate, name day

Vera, Verochka, Verunchik: the meaning of this popular name

In the Soviet Union, this name was very popular. But even now, in the century of bizarre, complex, long names, it is not forgotten. Maybe because it is ecclesiastical and bears in itself the concept of one of the most important human virtues — or maybe because it is ours, dear, familiar since childhood.

What fate does it guarantee its owner?

The meaning of the name Vera is an ideal partner, character, talismans, fate, name day

What does this name mean?

It is both Greek and Russian. How did that happen?

It’s simple: Christians borrowed the names of many saints of Roman origin. Among them is the name of St. Sophia, as well as her daughters — Faith, Hope, Love.

And if Sofia is a typically Greek name, the sound of which has not changed, then the names of the daughters in each Christian country have been translated into local languages.

Less commonly, the name Faith can be a short version of a longer female name (Veronica — “bringing victory”, Venus — “passion”, “charm”).

Friends and relatives can call Faith also: Verochka, Verunchik, Verunya, Veruska, Veruska, Rushka. And when a woman finally gets it, they say: Verka.

Character of the typical Faith

Strong parties of character are considered to be: bold and open disposition, independence, independence, inflexibility on the way to the goal, equanimity, practicality. Veraka feels subtle, often creative. If she is sure that her goal is good, she will go to her, despite the obstacles.

She does not like to talk about their own plans. Her mature, realistic outlook on life evokes the respect of her parents and friends.

Weak parties: belief in yourself can bring a girl to fanaticism or arbitrariness. If a girl from childhood doesn’t inculcate moral traits, she can become an adventurous, tough person, on the way to the desired, walking almost on their heads.

If, on the contrary, to grow up a girl in Christian or simply highly moral traditions, she will become a strong and selfless person to whom you can leveled.

The fate of the bearer of this name

  1. Childhood. The girl does not like big company peers. She is very reasonable, likes to read or watch TV alone. Parents are pleased with her not capricious temper. She often collects something (icons, candy wrappers from candies, calendars). Sometimes it is very touchy.
  2. School. The girl learns well (maybe even considered an excellent student). She has few friends, but those who are are the most faithful and are friends with her from grades 1 to 11 (and beyond). She is kind and sympathetic, but the older she gets, the less she trusts people. Verunchik believes that a person can be seen not by words, but by deeds. The baby hates coercion, and if she does not want to do something, it is very difficult to persuade her.
  3. Youth. Despite the fact that the girls are doing things that seem to be going well (entering a good university, parents help), some kind of longing torments her soul. A girl becomes suspicious and secretive, often annoyed by complexes or self-doubt.
  4. Mature years. It does not become the center of the working group, but if someone urgently needs to return from heaven to earth, they go for advice to Vera. She is not scandalous, but she treats people very clearly. Married in no hurry. He knows well what he wants from life. If she sets a goal, she achieves it, even if it takes a dozen years.

All happy mascots

The meaning of the name Vera is an ideal partner, character, talismans, fate, name day

  • The most successful zodiac sign for the Faith is Libra. That is, according to astrologers, this name most of all goes to girls born from September 24 to October 23.
  • Patron Planet: Saturn.
  • This girl and woman should wear jewelry with beryl.
  • Name color: gray.
  • Totem animals considered hardworking ant.
  • Lucky plants: heather and maple.

The most popular Day Angel (name day): September 30th. On this day, the Orthodox commemorate the Great Martyrs Faith, Hope and Love, as well as their mother Sophia.

However, this is not the only church name of the Faith.

Other patron saints of the name:

  • Martyr Vera Morozova (Orthodox commemorate her on February 26).
  • Martyr Vera Samsonova (June 14).
  • Martyr Faith of Rome (September 30; this is the very sister of Hope and Love, which is written above).
  • Martyr Faith (October 14).
  • Rev. Vera Grafova (December 15).
  • Martyr Vera Trux (December 31).

This is the kind of faith that comes into …

  • … love. Peers girl often finds it too windy, choosing a favorite of the older men. She is very faithful. The girl is serious about choosing a spouse, appreciating both his advantages and disadvantages, so that her marriage is doomed from the very beginning to a long and happy life together.
  • … family. Many children do not have, most often gives birth to only one. Even from the cradle, he begins to wonder what dowry his daughter will receive, and also tries to have all the children that his peers have. As for her husband’s relatives, she gets along with them, because this is correct (and also convenient). Vera loves to lead her spouse, so calling her in marriage should be remembered.
  • … Household. Delicious dinners, a cozy home delight even the pickiest mother-in-law.
  • … career. This woman can succeed both in the role of a lawyer and a politician, and in the acting career. She does not like unloved work, but works diligently to earn money. However, if a woman has a creative touch and she chooses a career as an actress, a writer, a director, then she turns into a real workaholic and simply lives her own business.
  • …Health. The weak organs of the Faith include the heart, the gastrointestinal tract. Also, the bearer of this name should be sensitive to monitor their nervous system.

Relationship: Male Name Compatibility

Happy Vera can be with: Alexander, Vladimir, Eugene, Egor, Michael. These men will be able to fully appreciate the character and all the advantages of such a serious, resolute and solid woman.

But with these guys family life may not be: Anatoly, Vladislav, Vyacheslav, Oleg, Philip will not suit the girl on the energy level. However, if Vera is very strong, being able to “live for two,” that is, pull on herself in the mental plane both herself and “that guy,” a couple can take place, moreover, successfully.

Famous bearers of the name

The meaning of the name Vera is an ideal partner, character, talismans, fate, name day

  1. Vera Cold (1893 — 1919) — silent film actress. Born in Poltava, was filmed throughout the Russian Empire. Historians say that in her short life this young girl managed to play in 50 (according to other sources — in 80) roles.
  2. Vera Mukhina (1889-1953) — Soviet sculptor, winner of the most prestigious prize in the USSR — the Stalin. It is her thanks for the monument “Worker and Collective Farm Woman”.
  3. Vera Vasilyeva (1925) is a Soviet and Russian actress, known for her roles in films such as Crazy Day or Figaro’s Marriage, While the Fern Blossoms.
  4. Vera Alentova (1942) — film and theater actress.
  5. Vera Glagoleva (1956-2017) — theater and film actress, director, screenwriter.
  6. Vera Kamsha (1962) is a fantasy writer known for her cycles of The Chronicles of Armenia and Eterna Reflections.
  7. Vera Brezhnev (1982) — the creative name of the Ukrainian singer in the genre of popular music. The girl is known for her creativity in the musical group «VIA Gra», as well as her solo project and filming of comedy films.

At the end, we offer you to evaluate the work of one of the most famous actresses of the early 20th century, whose fame thundered on our land exactly 100 years ago. Vera Cold in a silent love drama:

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