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The meaning of the name Venus — the character and fate of a girl

Venus — the meaning of the name, the nature and fate of the owner

The name Venus is associated with Roman mythology. So called the goddess of fertility, birth, flowering. Therefore, Venus is translated as love, charm and beauty.

In another interpretation, this means — God’s grace or God’s mercy. In Italy, the name Venus means «born in the sea shell».

The meaning of the name Venus - the character and fate of a girl

The owner of the name Venus predict the image of a rare beauty, identifying her with the Greek goddess Aphrodite. This name is popular in Tatarstan and is not Orthodox or Catholic.

Venus does not celebrate the day of the angel, as it is not listed in the calendar of the saints.

General characteristics and horoscope name

  • The planet patronizing the name is Venus;
  • The color that attracts luck and happiness is pink;
  • The name is suitable for the zodiac sign — scorpio;
  • The tree that feeds with strength and positive energy is laurel;
  • A health-supporting flower is a rose;
  • Totem bird — peacock;
  • Charm stone — diamond.

Childhood and youth of Venus — how does the name affect the character of a girl

Venus is a very charming child, she was accustomed to the attention and compliments of adults. Like most little girls, she loves to walk in front of the mirror in new clothes and admire herself.

Proud Venus often resembles a mother in character, perhaps that is why, in a more mature age, she finds less and less common ground with her.

The outward similarity of Venerochka with his father does not diminish her femininity, grace and aristocracy. Venus is plastic, flexible and agile, if you pay attention to her talents in time and direct her to the right direction, she can achieve great victories in professional sports.

In school years, she does not show outstanding results in the development of subjects, gradually taking interest in all the sciences. Venus enjoys reading classical literature, is interested in culture, art and generally conservative in views.

It is not flexible to change and is rather anxious about the upcoming changes, based on past life experience.

In high school, Venus is notable for its extravagance, restraint and some internal tension. Peers sometimes it seems very cold, haughty and impregnable.

But in fact, behind this protective mask often hides a very vulnerable, impressionable and extremely sensual child.

The meaning of the name Venus - the character and fate of a girl

Although Venus is confident in its external attractiveness and often feels superior to its peers, it is easy to injure. Silently accumulating a grudge, at one point a girl can become very aggressive by entering into an argument with a teacher or classmate.

Already at a more mature age, Venus will learn to control her emotions and even influence the behavior of others. By nature she has an imperious character, she openly and boldly expresses her thoughts and learns to defend her position.

In his student years, Venus blooms, captivating the beauty of the crowd of fans. But depending on the period of birth, the representative of this name responds differently to the compliments and views of men.

Venus, born in the winter, shows its independence and obstinacy. She is ready to become happy with a very charismatic man who can dominate her.

Such a girl is fixated on material well-being and her own appearance. She is active, very active, erudite, strives to be everywhere everywhere, saturating her life with bright and glamorous events.

If Venus’s birthday is in spring and summer, then this romantic lady has a special chic and charm, she is easy to see in the crowd for extravagant outfits and glitter in her eyes, she does not seek to find a secure lover for a comfortable existence, preferring to rely entirely on her emotions and surrender to the power of the senses.

The fate of an adult Venus: personal life, profession, health

The charming representative of Venus is an in love nature. She prefers to get married early.

The first marriage often ends in divorce, as the young girl has not yet curbed her ardor, she is drawn to new love adventures and dubious adventures.

The meaning of the name Venus - the character and fate of a girl

Venus will meet true love later, then she will begin to appreciate and cherish her happiness. This settled lady is ready to become a good wife and mother.

She enjoys household chores, she likes to please her husband and indulge the whims of children.

Even if Venus does not pursue the goal of marrying a wealthy person, her marriage is often successful in this regard. A spouse helps a woman to reach a certain position in society and to feel his financial security.

The perfect compatibility of Venus is possible with men named: Rodion, Plato, Valentin, Yefim, Julian. Avoid a serious relationship should Savely, Ruslan, Eugene.

With regard to the education of offspring, she devotes a lot of time to their upbringing, spoiling only at a small age. Her family becomes the main meaning of her life.

Her house always smells like delicious pastries, cozy and warm.

Professional implementation and health

Career for Venus is often not a priority. She can search for her own purpose for a long time, trying to realize herself in various fields of activity.

She has good business skills, is able to speak beautifully and competently, to keep small talk, intriguing with her diplomacy and versatility. She can be trusted with a serious and rather complicated matter.

What she sometimes lacks is the patience to bring the project started to its logical conclusion.

Venus is money-savvy. She knows the price for them and is able to make money herself.

Although Venus loves to dress beautifully and often changes her wardrobe, she knows how to stop on time, and will never be too wasteful.

Venus is able to understand people, has insight and intuition. It is easy for her to identify the mood and motivation of those around her.

She can be a successful HR manager, a journalist, a lawyer, a trade worker, a public and political figure.

Working with people, constant contact, business meetings and endless communication are sometimes a matter of moral exhaustion for Venus. This finely organized nature does not know how to quickly recover from negative energy.

This can be a cause for stress and prolonged depression.

During such periods, Venus needs minutes of solitude and relaxation. Otherwise, she is ready to give up and devote herself to the family.

For external perseverance and steadfastness, an adult child wakes up in adult Venus, full of pessimism and despair.

It is very important that at this time there are close people who are always able to support and dispel bad thoughts of a sensual beauty.

Venus health is unstable throughout life and will often cause concern. Born in the autumn, Venus has a predisposition to bronchial asthma and sinusitis. «Winter» Venus may suffer from colds and infections.

A «spring» has a frequent allergic reaction to the flowering of herbs, dust and citrus fruits.

Famous women named Venus

  • Venus Zaripova — professional rhythmic gymnastics athlete, coach, master of sports of the USSR;
  • Venus Chernyshova — athlete, world champion, who became the first Russian athlete to win the gold medal in biathlon, set a record for the number of collected medals from one championship (three out of three);
  • Venus Nigmatulina — an actress of theater and cinema from Kazakhstan;
  • Venera Khasanova-Mukhametova — in 1997 she won the title of the best actress of the Republic of Bashkortostan;
  • Venus de Milo — the famous statue of the Greek goddess of love Aphradites from the island of Milos, was found on the ruins of an ancient amphitheater.

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