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The meaning of the name Vasilina: love, career, family

Interpretation of the name Vasilina: name characteristics, abbreviated form of pronunciation

Name of Greek origin. In ancient Greece, there was a female name Basilina, which means «royal».

You can call: Vasilinka, Vasilinushka, Vasya, Vasina, Lina

The name was spread in the Slavic countries, in various variations it is found in Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Greece, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia.

Character name

In childhood Vasilinka frisky, sociable girl. Developed child — can begin to talk earlier, artistic, mobile.

Some shyness in character, requires praise and approval. Friends among peers almost does not start, communicates with adults more.

This is subsequently reflected in her prudence, defending her own opinion.

Vulnerable in terms of criticism, it can not be pressed and scolded.

Cheerful, charges positive, likes to play in the yard, to be in the fresh air. From an early age is sensitive to nature, plants.

The meaning of the name Vasilina: love, career, family

School years Vasilina give seriousness and anxiety. Very worried about the success in school, among schoolmates almost does not make friends.

In communication, benevolent, conflict-free. At home and at school in need of a calm and even peaceful atmosphere.

Shortly before graduation, Vasilina diligently tries to study individual subjects. The girl is very responsible and focused.

Anxiety and irritability may occur.

An adult woman named Vasilina — the man on the first roles. Avoids monotony, energy is in full swing, hot-tempered.

It has creative potential. She completes the work begun, her opinion is listened to.

Willpower is present.

He does not surround himself with friends, trusts few. The company is cheerful, sociable, emotional.

With loved ones — this is a sensitive and frank person.

Possesses intuition, ability to analyze, logical reasoning. May give good advice, sympathetic.

Fate, profession, career

A person with such a rare and nontrivial name, fate is awarded the appropriate. Does not like empty pastime, constantly looking for the meaning of life.

Vasya’s soul needs harmony, inner balance. Often spends all his life in their search.

Loves nature, contemplation. She is observant, we can not exclude classes in music, singing, drawing. Vasilina should certainly fill the spiritual space, often yoga, meditation.

Having gained theoretical experience and aspiration, can do tutoring in this area.

Many areas are subject to: its «horse» — the exact sciences, creativity and communication with nature, it is possible there.

To achieve success will help the daily work and self-discipline. After studying at the institute, he builds his career methodically and painstakingly. Can reach considerable heights in business.

It has a unique intuition. Intellectual.

It is advisable to make a choice of a profession before the age of twenty-one; it can be decisive.

Professions, which it is preferable to master Vasilina: doctor, teacher, sculptor, artist, actress, fashion designer, reporter. There are prospects for scientific work.

The meaning of the name Vasilina: love, career, family

Various characteristics, name astrology, talismans: the most favorable matches

  • Patron of the planet — Neptune
  • Zodiac sign — Pisces, Sagittarius
  • Natural Poems — Water
  • Rock Mascot — Aquamarine, Topaz
  • Color — all shades of green, blue
  • Totem animal — dolphin, whale, pigeon, gull
  • Spiritual plant — citrus, carnation, willow, violet, jasmine, saffron

Day Angel

In the church calendar the name is missing, so the day of the angel is not celebrated. It is celebrated on the day of the name of the saint, assigned to Vasilina at baptism in an Orthodox or Catholic church.

Health keeps good for life. In the eternal search for mental equilibrium, often disappointed. Vasilina is subject to bad influence.

Alcohol should be avoided, there is the likelihood of abuse. May need the help of psychologists and psychotherapists.

Love stories, marital compatibility

Vasilina is an attractive woman, can be windy. There are always boyfriends around her, rarely alone.

Prefers to be on equal terms in relationships, but often dominates.

Lovely, often leads several marriages, in search of the perfect partner. She strives to fully examine her partner before marriage, does not want to be ignorant.

She needs an honest, direct and open companion, such as herself.

The meaning of the name Vasilina: love, career, family

In a successful marriage manifests itself as a loving, affectionate and loyal wife. She is a great hostess, hospitable.

She is proud of the created comfort and well-being at home, she is not indifferent to comfort. Loves to pamper home culinary delights.

Vasilina becomes a good mother. Selflessly loves his children, is engaged in their education and upbringing.

He tries to make this process an entertaining, devoted friend for his children.

Best compatibility with partners by name: Nikita, Artemy, Alexey and Nikolay.

Famous women named Vasilina

  • Vasilina Sakhnova, actress
  • Vasilina Makovtseva, actress
  • Vasilina Orlova, poetess, writer
  • Vasilina Porten, fashion designer, designer
  • Vasilina Mikhailovskaya, producer
  • Vasilina (Basilina), mother of the Roman emperor Julian II the Apostate

Horoscope name

Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius. «Winter» Basilinka is full of energy, creative person. Very generous, loves to make pleasant surprises. There is a possibility of burnout, fatigue, improper nutrition.

To avoid this helps a healthy lifestyle.

Fish, Aries, Taurus. Born in spring Vasilinushka has a good taste, she has a great home, household. This lady is intelligent, has tact.

Like the opposite sex, with the ability to dress. She has a lot of fans.

Gemini, Cancer, Leo. Vasilina, born in the summer, can remain single all her life.

This is not her, too demanding, isolated nature. Outwardly calm inside — fire. Scrupulous, honest.

This keeps many of the surroundings at a distance. In people looking for spiritual beauty.

Virgo, Libra, Scorpio. Categorical, fearless “Autumn” Vasya, is able to achieve a lot in life.

She is always ahead, inspired by the ideas of the team, will come to the rescue. Independence in material terms is achieved at the age of thirty years.

Easily loses his temper with hurt.

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