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The meaning of the name Tata for the fate of women and the danger of the name

What does the name Tata mean for a woman and how is her fate

In Russian, the name Tata is an abbreviated form on behalf of Natalia or on behalf of Tatiana. Sometimes women tend to soften the harsh name of Tatiana and choose a softer, as it seems to them, variant of the diminutive name — Tata, Tatka, Tatochka.

But this is a mistaken mitigation, the result is hard.

In the Turkic languages ​​there is the name Tata, this is a male name, it means “father, little girl”. As a result, instead of softening the meaning, a significant increase in the male element in the name is obtained.

In Persian, tat is prowling. In the ancient Slavic thief — a thief, a robber who trades thieves’ craft, a hired killer.

The choice of the name Tata for a woman implies readiness for a difficult but fascinating fate, serious challenges and deep internal conflict. The danger to this name is the opportunity to hide from problems in alcohol or other stimulants of a relaxing effect.

The meaning of the name Tata for the fate of women and the danger of the name

Name options

Tatusya, Tatusenka, Natusik, Tusik, Tusya, Tatka, Tutta

  • Control signs — Libra, Taurus, Capricorn.
  • Planet — Venus, Mercury.
  • Colors — yellow, burgundy, green, blue.
  • Totem tree — aspen, ash, poplar
  • Plant, flower — Decembrist, violet, spray roses.
  • Stone — carnelian, sapphire, tourmaline.

Name Compatibility

Best of all, men who are prone to generosity and ready to give in are compatible with Tat — Mikhail, Oleg, Dmitry, Alexander, Evgeny, Arkady.

Tata sincerely believes in love and loves to conquer men. She does it masterfully. Acting quickly and decisively, she is able to get anyone she wants if she really falls in love.

Unfortunately, the conquered men quickly accustom to captivity and begin to behave not quite decently.

She hasn’t seen betrayal for a long time, believes in silly excuses about overtime and business trips. Faced with the bitter truth, which is directly expressed in her face, she quickly strikes a man out of her life and soon enough repeats the same mistake.

Lightheadedness and attempts to avoid complex relationships, serious work, lead to repeated repetition of mistakes and the most unpleasant episodes of life.

The meaning of the name Tata for the fate of women and the danger of the name

The main features of Tata is creativity, levity, and propensity to commerce. An extravagant dreamer is able to lie beautifully and captivatingly with such incredible enthusiasm and charm that even people who know the state of things exactly are ready to believe her. Exceptionally for her beautiful and cheeky eyes.

The gift convincingly compose Tatochka retains until very old age. Since her life is indeed full of adventure, it’s hard to say which are real and which are fictional.

A significant feature is authority, which is practically useless in the absence of a desire to control everything and everyone. She has the appearance of submission.

If she chooses creativity and work for herself — she quickly, although not without difficulties, will succeed. She will be helped by the colossal self-confidence inherent in the name.

The name will work for her and ensure good luck, support in disappointment.

In the work at the company, she also quickly achieves success, but this is not enough. To achieve a truly high post and with the right of decisive vote in a private corporation, solely at the expense of labor and perseverance, without money and kinship, is almost impossible.

This depresses her, but several times she manages to build an astounding career in different companies.

Tata’s problem is that she is gifted in many directions and at first, any occupation she gets is unusually easy. For a week, it overcomes the level that others go through for six months — a year. But then it stops, she doesn’t have enough time, perseverance, patience, she is hindered by criticism or her own laziness, she switches to something else new to herself and repeats the same path.

It is very difficult for her to overcome the boredom, the monotony of work, the working out of skills.

Tata has an incredible intuition, but not for men. Men she knows how to manage. Self-confidence completely deprives her of his insight, which is peculiar to women.

She does not doubt, does not search for signs of adultery, does not doubt the love of a loved one. Striking blindness in a relationship does not mean gullibility. She just does not doubt and is absolutely confident in herself.

On the other hand, it never questions its importance, which allows to avoid depression and personality crisis.

The meaning of the name Tata for the fate of women and the danger of the name

In childhood, Tata often suffers from attention deficit. Not from the diagnosis, but from the banal inattention of parents who are not able to devote enough time and energy to her.

Fortunately, the girl has enough strength to resist fate. She seeks herself through protest and denial.

Self-confidence does not allow her to deny herself, so she denies this world and quite successfully. Without any protection, she can get into the best educational institutions, teachers forgive her audacity of character for the originality of thinking.

Many consider her a lazy for ease, but she is incredibly hardworking, just hard for her to concentrate.

In her studies, she shows above-average achievements, wins in competitions and contests. The more complex the situation, the easier and easier it is.

Comfortably, she feels solely under stress and in extreme situations. Nevertheless, a career in the army or in power structures does not shine for her — independent thinking and total uncontrollability affect.

She is not psychologically ready to obey orders.

Despite independence and even aggressiveness, Tata is driven and in dire need of help and inspiration from the outside, an influx of fresh ideas. She has too much strength left on defense, she does not remain on herself.

In adulthood, she is a highly paid specialist; she is valued for her energy, intelligence, and ability to make the right decisions quickly. She easily handles the affairs of outsiders, affairs at work, actively and successfully helps friends. But she cannot deal with her personal affairs without outside help, which she accepts extremely reluctantly.

Despite outward openness, she is a very closed, even reticent person.

In old age, he unexpectedly discovers a second youth for himself, enjoying solitude away from grown-up children. He loves traveling, keeps himself in great shape.

Real fame, popularity, to which she aspires, is possible for her only if she is able to free herself from the concerns of others and to take up her life.

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