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The meaning of the name Svetlana — the nature and fate of a person

How does the name Svetlana affect the character and fate of a person

Pure, bright, luminous … The name Svetlana has several variants of origin, but the meaning is such a gentle and warm one. Parents, choosing this name for their child, seem to endow their daughter with light, pure thoughts.

Meaning of the name

One of the versions of the origin of the name speaks of old Slavic roots. “Light” is interpreted literally, and “lan” is land, plowed land, and a gracious habitat. Thus, the name means «Light of the Earth», «bright in appearance», «pure inside».

Another version talks about the conformity to the Greek Photina, which is given to small ones at baptism and which is translated into Russian as “light.

The meaning of the name Svetlana - the nature and fate of a person

Derivatives of a large number of options: Svetik, Svetlanka, Lana, Veta, Vetka, Svetunya, Svetulya, Svetusik, Svetochka, etc.

  • Blue color.
  • Planet Neptune.
  • Zodiac sign: Aquarius.
  • Talisman: rock crystal.
  • Plant: lily, birch.
  • Totem animal: white hare.

Day Angel

Name day notes only two times:

  1. Rev. Fotina Palestine — February 26 (13).
  2. Svetlana Samaritan — April 2 (March 20).

There are folk signs on this day -2 April. If there are blue clouds in the sky, then in the near future there will be warm rainy weather.

Person’s character

The first impression that Svetlana makes on people is a sociable, cheerful girl. But with further communication, it turns out that this is a versatile person with a rather contradictory, even contrasting character.

Full of kindness to people, Sveta, however, has a steel rod inside. This is a real commander — demanding of himself and others. Decisiveness and perseverance allow you to persevere in your goals.

But excessive obstinacy sometimes forces Svetlan to hurt others, often without even noticing it.

Congenital diplomacy and ability to get along with people help the Light to solve many important issues. At the same time, it is always easier for her to communicate with men than with women.

Having a somewhat inflated self-esteem, Sveta is incredulous and does not like to listen to the opinions of others.

Intimacy with family and relatives is what really matters for a girl. The spiritual principle usually prevails over career aspirations.

Subject to the influence of companies, friends, ready to follow someone, but not for long, after their own leadership qualities are included.

The meaning of the name Svetlana - the nature and fate of a person

Character imposes an imprint on the fate, the threads of which are stretched through life. Open equally to bad and good, Sveta can make mistakes, sometimes badly.

Therefore, parents usually take responsibility for the daughter and do not leave her until marriage.

Challenger for the hand and heart Svetusik can choose for a long time. The girl likes men, but never imposes herself, there is in her a feature, a highlight.

Sveta has no special requirements for men, but characteristic mistrust towards others. Subsequently, the family is a wonderful caring wife and mother, able to create comfort anywhere and surround everyone with warmth.

The desire for position in society and self-education leads Svetlana ultimately to a reasonable choice of profession. The spheres suitable for her are tourism, art, culture, where Sveta succeeds in self-realization in full.

He is a good leader, he can reach considerable heights in business or in the state field. Hardworking and careful, able to adapt to the circumstances.

Some carelessness in business and the inability to predict failures sometimes provoke the occurrence of unpleasant situations in the course of life. True, there is always a person nearby who is able to help out, to lend a helping hand.

Compatible with other names

Bright, sociable girl can create a harmonious relationship with many men. The most suitable companions of life are named: Oleg, Vladislav, Edward, Vadim, George, Alexey, Boris.

Be careful you have to be with Stanislav, Dmitry, Andrey, Alexander, Gleb, Mikhail.

The meaning of the name Svetlana - the nature and fate of a person

Famous Svetlana

Director — Druzhinina, folk artist — Kryuchkova, pilot-cosmonaut — Savitskaya, announcer and actress — Zhiltsova, Belarusian writer — Aleksiyevich, master of sports-skater — Zhurova, pilot — Fedorenko, master of sports in swimming — Vargamova and many other famous artists, athletes , figures.

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