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The meaning of the name Sonya — character and personality, interpretation, relationships and fate

Self Sonya — meaning and interpretation of the name, personality traits and character

Name interpretation

The meaning of the name Sonya - character and personality, interpretation, relationships and fate

Other variants of the name: Sonya, Sonka, Son, Sofa, Sofa, Sophie.

The emergence of the name: Greek, Catholic, Slavic, Orthodox

Translated from ancient Greek as «reasonable», is an abbreviated version of the name Sophia, also means «wisdom» and «wisdom.» There is still a translation option as «sleepy.»

Recently, it has already been used as an independent name and is rapidly gaining popularity in Europe, North America and India.

Character and personality

Being a little girl, Sonya already has an unprecedented autonomy and a strong will. This little girl is particularly naughty, and very rarely hears the advice of parents and seniors — she would prefer to stuff the cones herself and get prizes.

In this case, the parents need only to soften the blows of personal experience in order to make them less painful for Sonya, and try to instill in her such qualities as patience, philanthropy and ability to forgive.

She is very keen on learning new things, and with this the difficulty of holding and concentrating attention can manifest. She has few friends, but these are rare, but she values ​​those that she has, and will be offended at treason and betrayal.

It also happens that Sonya continues to communicate with her childhood friends when she is already an adult.

The girl has an analytical mindset, so studying is given to her as a whole easily, although there are difficulties in relations with school teachers. Given all the previously described characteristics, it is not easy to learn, especially in the adolescent period, so she often rebels and refuses to be «obedient.»

A psychologist can help here, but parents need to consider that it would be better for everyone if Sonya does not know about this campaign.

The meaning of the name Sonya - character and personality, interpretation, relationships and fate

Having matured, Sophia still remains independent, as in childhood, just now it is not so much striking. By itself, it is fascinating, and this is especially evident when it takes up some business.

This person loves to devote himself to the occupation, and always seeks to find one that would be to his liking.

The most striking feature of Sony is its extreme jealousy, which manifests itself in childhood. This applies not only to her husband, but also to her family and friends.

She will fully consider that all attention should be given to her, otherwise it will not suit her.

Sophia lacks such traits as inertia, laziness and a consumer attitude to life. It is characterized by a certain narcissism and narcissism.

If you praise her often, then very soon these traits can turn into unpleasant egoism.

The owner of the name has average health, but it can not be called painful. In childhood she has a good tone, but this picture may change with time.

If to say in general, the health of the girl very much depends on what kind of lifestyle she leads.

Regular physical exertion is necessary to avoid a state of prostration. It is worth noting that Sony may suffer from the nervous system, and therefore it is necessary to pay attention to mental health, because strong emotional situations can negatively affect it.

In this case, it is better to seek help from a professional.

Work and career

Initially, it attracts female professions, such as the seller, educator and teacher. By nature, she is interested in the business that she undertakes, but it is most likely that she will not be able to distinguish her with the desire to make an incredibly dizzying career.

Sonya will succeed in any field, if she likes her, and if she is given freedom. Often her work is related to social and social activities, as she can work with children.

Thanks to her own choices and decisions, she can often open her own business; using her communication skills and diplomacy, she will be able to negotiate with both clients and partners.

Love and relationships

Family for a girl is almost the most important part of her life. Most often, love relationships and family ties with the owner of the name develops well and successfully.

She is never deprived of the attention of men, easily and happily makes new acquaintances, thanks to her femininity and charm she is able to attract many fans and choose the best for herself.

The meaning of the name Sonya - character and personality, interpretation, relationships and fate

An important point is the fact that a rather strict in everyday communication girl at home can behave differently than in public. She becomes a kind, affectionate and patient — a loving wife and a caring mother.

To earn such an attitude you need to put a lot of effort and time, but it’s worth it.

Excellent compatibility: Alfred, Boris, Gleb, Dmitry, Egor, Nikolay, Robert, Makar.

Celebration of Sonya’s birthday: December 31, October 1, December 29, September 30, June 4, June 17, April 1, February 28.

Popular carriers named

  • Sonya Thomas, 1967, champion in speed eating food, South Korea.
  • Sonya Ahmed, 1980, model, Pakistan.
  • Sonya De Lennart, 1920, European fashion designer, Prussia.
  • Sonya Henie, 1912 — 1969, figure skater, Norway.
  • Sonya Rickel, 1930 — 2016, couturier, France.
  • Sofya Sokolova, 1972, Internet producer, music journalist, Russia.
  • Sonya Gandhi, 1946, Indian politician, Italy.
  • Sonya O Sullivan, 1969, athlete, athlete, cross-woman, Ireland.
  • Sonya Walger, 1974, television actress, United Kingdom.
  • Sonya Clark, 1968, singer, DJ, UK.
  • Sonya Prina, 1975, opera singer, Italy.
  • Sonya Graf-Stevenson, 1908 — 1965, American chess player, Germany.
  • Sonia Braga, 1950, actress, Brazil.
  • Sonya Kirchberg, 1964, actress, Austria.
  • Sonia Delone, 1885 — 1979, French abstract artist, Russia.

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