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The meaning of the name Sofia — traits and variants of fate

Sofia — the meaning of the name, fate and character

Sofia is an ancient Greek name, means — wise or reasonable. Brief forms of the name: Sonya, Sofa, Sofya.

According to the church calendar, the day of the angel Sofia marks twice. September 30 — in honor of the Great Martyr Sophia, who died of suffering and grief over the daughters Vera, Nadezhda and Lyubov, executed for believing in Christ. June 4 — in honor of Hagia Sophia, which was engaged in healing and healing.

Died for enlightenment and conversion.

The meaning of the name Sofia - traits and variants of fate

General interpretation

  • Libra;
  • The planet patronizing Sophia is Saturn;
  • The tree that restores strength and positive energy — linden;
  • Totem insect — mantis;
  • Health promoting plant — lovage;
  • The color that attracts good luck and well-being — navy or dark blue;
  • Stone charm — lapis lazuli.

Features of nature and lifestyle of Sofia

From an early age Sofia is distinguished by its degree, simplicity, delicacy. She does not need to be capricious and cry out loud to get her way.

The benevolent behavior of the little Sophia encourages adults to do everything possible for her happiness.

With peers on the street, she is very modest and shy, but she is active and alert in the walls of the house. She is independent, rarely shed tears and does not get upset over trifles. It is not in her rules to ask for help, as she believes that she can quite easily cope with all the difficulties.

This position will continue and will take place in adulthood.

Externally, the sofa grows charming, often curly child. She is loved and pampered by her parents, grandmothers and grandfathers.

She feels the mood of her relatives and knows what to press in order to influence the profitability of the situation.

Already from a young age, the girl is very observant, inquisitive, resourceful. She will not do what she does not want.

The sofa is amenable to persuasion and persuasion, but it will always remain with its opinion. Her analytical mind, her ability to reason and think gives her a number of advantages in school.

She learns well, managing to attend creative circles, make music.

The meaning of the name Sofia - traits and variants of fate

She is highly respected by her classmates, as she always hurries to help. She is often chosen by the head of the class, and she is happy about these responsibilities.

In this, Sofa fulfills her need to help peers, give wise advice, improve academic performance, listen to frank confession.

Sophia is clever and used to trusting not intuition, but solely her abilities and talents. Sometimes it is phlegmatic, but mostly it is an active and optimistic nature. Since childhood, Sonya is tied to her mother, imitating her habits, actions and behavior.

Sometimes her complete obedience and obedience to the mother may border on common sense. Therefore, it is important for parents to be a good example for a girl, providing freedom in choosing their own destiny.

In high school, Sophia’s girl stands out for her bright appearance, hidden by sensuality and mystery. But her outward shyness sometimes hides the recklessness and unexpectedness of actions. This keen nature has a hot heart that can love a lot.

To drown in her disturbing emotions, she seeks to distract herself from the affairs and care of others, being a loyal friend, ally, and comrade.

In her transitional age, Sophie is too serious; she is able to subject her actions to self-analysis and harsh criticism. But she was not used to sharing her attitude with others. Her studies are easy to learn, so she has time to take care of the younger students.

From this she gets joy and sees her meaning in life in helping others.

Her creative beginning gives her the right to choose a profession related to show business, music, cinema, theater. Her craving for knowledge of the world will enthrall Sofa by traveling, traveling all over the world.

Such people often choose the path of a journalist, reporter, researcher or scientist.

Studenka Sophia enchants the male half of the population with its cheerfulness and gaiety. She likes to be in the center of attention of young people, but only outside the walls of the school.

By training fits very seriously and thoroughly. She knows how to achieve success in the profession and desperately strives for it.

Relations with fans during this period are not serious. She accepts the courtship of fans, but does not seek serious connections.

Her plans are busy career and personal growth. By this time she becomes more independent, does not need the advice of the mother, knows how to arrange and arrange her life.

If everyday problems appear, Sofa easily copes with them, not paying attention to temporary difficulties and discomfort.

Drinking with experience and wisdom, she continues to help others, participating in their lives with good advice, right persuasion or deed. Fast, active, sociable, Sovia can easily resolve any situation.

This allows her to surround herself with many friends and associates.

Professional success and personal life

Mature Sophia is accustomed to seek everything she wants. She is gifted with many talents and abilities, but not sprayed over trifles, striving for a specific goal. In any field of activity that will enthrall her, she achieves a high position and decent wages.

Knowing the price of money will not spend it on trifles. The sofa has a close affection for parents, will always support them and help financially.

Sofia’s profession will necessarily have to do with talented and gifted individuals, which she herself is. The girl does not strive for power, but surrounding people see in her a leader and a guide who can lead to success and well-being.

Everything that will be associated with philanthropy, social activities, charity, will bring her fame and universal recognition.

Love for Sofia is something very intimate. Feeling trembling feelings, she will never openly show them. Everything related to personal relationships, a young woman used to keep secret.

But passionate Sofa can surprise and even shock loved ones by destroying a prosperous family life for the sake of a new lover.

The meaning of the name Sofia - traits and variants of fate

Children for Sofia is a special joy and pride. She tries to take a full part in their upbringing, growing up, never abandon them to the mercy of fate.

Sofia is waiting for perfect compatibility with Denis, Roman, Pavel, Alexey, Vsevolod, Ilya. Union can be difficult with Andrei, Dmitry, Herman, Miron.

How to keep Sofia healthy

The little sofa born in the spring and summer months can be a weak and restless child. It is prone to colds and viral diseases.

Parents from childhood should strengthen the immune system of the child and monitor its enhanced nutrition.

In adulthood, you should be more often at the gynecologist. Chance to suffer from female chronic diseases. After childbirth is subject to rapid weight gain and metabolic disorders.

Old age will be accompanied by arthritis, dysfunction of the thyroid gland.

Talented personalities with the name Sofia

  • Sofia Vishnevskaya is an artist and screenwriter of Soviet times. Laureate of the Stalin Prize;
  • Sophia Shpunt is a talented Soviet chemist. Winner of the Stalin Prize for outstanding achievements in the field of chemistry and natural science;
  • Sophia Ginsburg is a courageous Russian revolutionary;
  • Sofia Polotskaya — Queen of Denmark;
  • Sofia Ochigava — world and European boxing champion in weight up to 60 kg;
  • Sofia Zaklikovskaya — Russian artist — painter, member of the Union of Artists of St. Petersburg;
  • Sofia Paleolog — the second wife of Prince John of the third. Influential person who changed the fate of Moscow State;
  • Sophia Rostopchina is a children’s writer living in France, but of Russian origin.

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