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The meaning of the name Snezhana — the fate and character of Snezhi

The meaning of the name Snezhana — compatibility with other names, fate and character

Snezhana is a rare and euphonic name of Slavic origin. It is far from widespread throughout the world — it is found only in Russian, Ukrainian, Croatian, Bulgarian and Serbian.

Options for the meaning of this name are different. The most likely of them is “Snow”, however there are also versions according to which this name means “Snow Maiden”.

Definitely you can only say that this name comes from the word «Snow». There is an assumption that the name Snezhana is related to the name Jeanne, but this is nothing more than a fallacy that can be easily refuted by checking etymology.

The meaning of the name Snezhana - the fate and character of Snezhi

The child Snezhana is emotional and vulnerable. It is better for parents and caregivers to be as careful as possible with criticism, since this girl at an early age can hardly bear and take her very painfully.

Her nervous system only grows stronger with age — in childhood, she is subject to frequent mood swings.

Snowball loves the company of friends and devotes a lot of time to entertainment with peers — in solitude it becomes depressing and uncomfortable. At the same time, the character of this girl is extremely strong-willed, and this quality only intensifies over the years.

Immunity is quite strong — it rarely worries parents with complaints of well-being.

Various forms and variations of the name

The rare and euphonic name Snezhana has various derivatives and abbreviations and forms. In abbreviation, it is often referred to as: Snezha, Snowball, Snowball, Snezhanka.

The synonyms of this name are: Snezha, Snezhanna, Snezhina.

The diminutive name forms: Snezhanushka, Snezhanochka, Snezhechka, Snezhushka.

In the passport it will be recorded as SNEZHANNA, according to the rules of machine transliteration adopted in Russia in 2006.

Secrets of the nature of Snezhana

The girl bearing this glorious name is inherent in incessant inner concern. Often it is caused by complexes and worries about its shortcomings, which can lead to frisky self-doubt.

It is recommended to dwell less on problems and circumstances that cannot be resolved.

Snezhe also has true nobility and dedication — she cares more about other people than about herself. In many ways, this is due to the fact that she does not tolerate loneliness, and at every moment in time tries to be with someone nearby, in someone’s society.

The meaning of the name Snezhana - the fate and character of Snezhi

The same will be traced in the workflow is women. Together with a companion, co-author, or colleague, she can do the job perfectly, while doing the task herself is worse for her.

This is not obvious to everyone, but Snezhana is a girl of fine mental organization, her nature is vulnerable and sensitive. Everything that happens to her takes to heart.

There is some imbalance in her character — at some point emotions can get the better of her, and she will burst at all or be rude to someone.

This girl likes to host guests. Always seeking to help people around and in general doing everything in order to be socially useful.

Despite the risk of a flash of emotions, in general, she still does not share her feelings.

Fate of Snezhana

The girl bearing this melodious name can expect problems in a romantic relationship with a beloved young man. This is due to the fact that despite the fact that she is well versed in men, her chosen one will not always be able to catch the most subtle changes in her mood and emotional background.

Some whims associated with this, he also can not accept. His man Snezha will choose a long time.

Complications in mutual understanding may also arise with the mother-in-law, but the tact and charm of the girl will come to the rescue.

During life, there will often be situations in which duality of nature will manifest itself — it’s on the one hand, it can hesitate in making an important decision for a long time, and on the other, if circumstances require it, it will show maximum determination.

The meaning of the name Snezhana - the fate and character of Snezhi

Snezhana has to cope with her impulsiveness over and over again and suffer failure in this. It can come to the point that a girl will buy a new piece of clothing that is absolutely incompatible with anything that is in her wardrobe, and never put on this thing.

All her life, this girl will enjoy receiving gifts and praises to her address and will be depressed if for some time the flow of compliments stops. Since she has high self-esteem, she demands that others assess her as well.

Different name characteristics

Over the years, Snezhana’s vulnerability and sensitivity goes deep inside, she hides these qualities of character more and more. Over the years, this skill is able to develop so much that she herself can even believe in her imaginary seriousness.

  • The patron planet is the Moon;
  • Zodiac sign — cancer;
  • Animal Mascot — Owl;
  • Plant mascot — water lily;
  • Stone-mascot — alexandrite;
  • The color of the name is white.

Nameless Snezhana not notes, because this name is not in the Orthodox or Catholic calendar.

Snezhana in family, work and love

This girl makes a delightful mother who can take care of her children. Sometimes her care may be too intrusive and not give children a minute of independent existence.

There may be difficulties in the relationship with the spouse, as due to her frequent mood swings, it will always seem to him that he was somehow guilty.

She is very susceptible to the influence of stereotypes about the right family and tries to fit their own home with them, which only harms life. She can also pester her spouse with questions about her appearance and skills as a hostess.

The girl bearing this name is able to master almost any profession, but it is best implemented in the fields of engineering, teaching, and economics. It can also be in the role of an architect or designer.

To work duties refers extremely responsibly, trying to bring everything to perfection. However, in order for this to become possible, she needs to work with someone in a pair, since loneliness is nowhere in her favor.

Outwardly cold and unapproachable, she as no one else needs men’s caress, love and care. If she loses something from this list, she can start to be jealous of her man, worry about various trifles.

In general, in relations, it is revealed from a new, completely unexpected side.

Male Name Compatibility

Perfect compatibility expects Snezhana in a romantic relationship and marriage with men who are named like this: Taras, Fedor, Yaroslav, Kirill, Leo, Fedot, Jan.

Less lasting relationships develop with such men as: Konstantin, Dmitry, Grigory, Vladimir, Leonid, Bogdan.

Famous bearers named

Among the women with this euphonic and rare name, there are famous and prominent personalities. Among them, there is a Serbian singer — Snezhana Beric, an athlete Snezhana Paykich, a Ukrainian actress and TV anchor — Snezhana Egorova.

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