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The meaning of the name Sergei: the fate of the carrier name, strengths and weaknesses of character

Sergey, Seryozhenka: what does the name mean, what fate and character will it bring to its owner

This name is considered quite popular. It is harmonious, gives a beautiful middle name to future children.

But not all parents, who call their sons Sergey, know that they are rewarded with their contradictory character.

The meaning of the name Sergei: the fate of the carrier name, strengths and weaknesses of character

How did this name appear and what does it mean?

The source of the name is Latin. Translated Sergey means «respected», «revered.»

It is not difficult to guess that in ancient Rome only children born in noble families were so called.

Once on the Russian lands and starting to be mentioned in the calendar, the name began to sound like Sergius.

It sounds different in different countries.: Sergei (Belarusian), Sergiy (sounds like Sergiy, Ukrainian), Sergio (Spanish), Sergio (Italian), Sargis or Sarkis (Armenian), Srdjan (Serbian), Serzh (French), Sergius (Polish).

We can call Sergei also this way.: Seryozha, Seryozhenka, Serge, Seryoga, Gray, Sergunchik.

Children of this man will receive such patronymic: Sergeevich (popularly Sergeyitch), Sergeevna.

What character has typical Sergey?

  • The strengths of their character carriers consider the name: kindness, cheerfulness, responsiveness. If you have a friend Serega, he is certainly a creative, subtle nature, badly reacting to rudeness and cruelty. This guy (man) easily converges with people, if they, of course, do not begin to show their negative qualities. Growing up, Gray becomes courageous, persistent, courageous.
  • The parties over which it would not hurt to work, are: weakness of character (especially in adolescence), irritability, low assiduity. Seryozha can perform notable actions, but the daily, painstaking path to the goal is not about him. The guy is very painful endures failure.

What fate is he prepared for?

  • Early childhood. Little Seryozha cannot be pampered, he can grow up insecure and very weak. It is also very important that mom, dad, grandmothers and grandfathers raise the boy in the same way — if there is “discord” in the upbringing, he will grow up as a false opportunist. On the whole, Serozha grows up as a joyful boy, albeit with drastic mood swings (she rushes about the house and plays with knights, crushing pillows, and then suddenly stops in the corner and is capricious).
  • Period of study. He studies well, teachers happen. This is a boy who does not need to be reminded a hundred times about his homework or some kind of assignment. Often he asks his parents to write him down in a creative circle — for example, theatrical.
  • Youth. Charming guy, not devoid of sympathy, with a calm character. In life, many things offend him, although he rarely talks about it.
  • Adult years. A reasonable man is very much appreciated at work. In addition, he enjoys great success with the opposite sex. Often it flows into numerous marriages, relationships.

Happy Signs and Mascots

The meaning of the name Sergei: the fate of the carrier name, strengths and weaknesses of character

  • The perfect sign of the zodiac: Libra. That is, astrologers advise to call by this name boys who were born in the fall, from September 24 to October 23. It is not difficult to guess that autumn will be the most favorable time of year for a boy (man).
  • Patron of the planet: Venus.
  • Element: earth.
  • The color of the name: shimmering grayish, pearl, navy, lilac and red.
  • The stone that will bring good luck: pearls. This pebble is considered a doctor for depression and diseases of the organs of vision, protection from the evil eye. A man can wear it in a ring or bracelet (fashion models a la Shambhala would be best suited).
  • Gold is considered a lucky metal.
  • Patron animal: wild hare (hare) and nightingale.
  • Lucky plant: heather, birch, wheat.

When is the day of the angel (name day) celebrated?

  1. January: 6, 15, 27 numbers.
  2. February: the 17th.
  3. March: 5, 8, 11, 22.
  4. April: 2, 5, 14, 25.
  5. May: 8, 10, 26.
  6. June: 1st number.
  7. July: 1, 11, 18, 20.
  8. August: 2, 13, 25.
  9. September: 10, 22, 24 numbers.
  10. October: 1, 7, 8, 11, 20, 30, 31. This is the most «birthday» month for Serezha.
  11. November: 2, 13, 14, 16, 27, 29 numbers.
  12. December: 2, 10, 11, 15, 18, 20, 31 numbers.

How does the carrier of this name appear in different aspects of life?

  • Love. Most Sergeevs do not know what unrequited love is — girls who like him, as a rule, reciprocate the guy. And the guy truly believes that this is the way it should be. He can easily surpass both the unmarried and the “ringed” young lady — when love enters the arena, he will not recognize any obstacles, even moral or legal.
  • Sex. This is for Serezha a real cult. A boyfriend can do it at the art level — after spending a night with him, a woman cannot forget it for a very long time.
  • Family. A man can change many wives. At first it will be bright beauties, but in the end, “walking up”, he will understand that he needs not a picture, but a hostess. Having found this, he no longer divorces, living with her until old age. My husband becomes not bad: he is not picky about food, he helps his wife, especially in the kitchen. He likes to lay tables for guests.
  • Career. An emotional guy with a bright imagination can become an actor, a journalist, a writer. Reasonable thinking and good intuition sometimes become the key to an excellent military career. Also this person can be a good boss.
  • Finance. Serezha can earn well, but because of his craving for a beautiful life, his pockets will always be empty. This is not a drive, but a waster. He likes to dress fashionably, to drive in an expensive car. Also around him are often «friends» who adore living at his expense. If you learn to say “no” to them and stop wasting your hard earned money on nonsense, life will improve.
  • Health. Drunkenness is considered the biggest weakness of many Sergeyev — because of him, both men’s health and family relationships “break down” because of him.

With which girl can you build relationships (name compatibility)?

  • Olga The couple will be very passionate. A love affair with such a girl will be enjoyable, and family life is boring — the boat will break on the stones of everyday life.
  • Yuliya. With this girl is not scary and get married — happy couple years are guaranteed.
  • Nastya. Marriage will be stormy (a couple can go a couple of times and get together again), but if they love each other, they can start a family.
  • Tanya. Union is possible, but only if both are ready for personal change, compromise.
  • Katya. Even if the young are completely different, they will get along together. The key to this is sincere friendship, into which their union will turn when a wave of passion descends.
  • Masha. This is exactly the understanding and economic girl, to which Sergey goes all his life.
  • Kristina. If love is born in a family, it will be a great couple.
  • Vika. She likes to command, he is not always ready to obey. If the couple will live together, then this life will turn out to be very boring.

With whom he will not get along for a long time: with Anna (do not agree on the characters), Lena (this is an excellent business partner for Sergey, but not loved), Natasha (both will hurt each other all the time without compromising), Sveta (no common interests).

Famous namesakes, achieved fame and recognition

The meaning of the name Sergei: the fate of the carrier name, strengths and weaknesses of character

  • Sergey Aksakov (1791-1859) — Russian writer. That is what we should thank for the fairy tale «Scarlet Flower.»
  • Sergey Yesenin (1855-1925) — Russian poet.
  • Sergey Rakhmaninov (1873-1943) — Russian composer, pianist.
  • Sergey Botkin (1832-1889) — Russian doctor. It was in his honor that an infectious disease was named — viral hepatitis A.
  • Sergey Bubka (1963). Ukrainian athlete, Olympic champion in pole vaulting, the author of the record.
  • Sergey Korolev (1907-1966) — Soviet rocket scientist, founder of cosmonautics.

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