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The meaning of the name Seraphim: the nature of the carrier, fate, patron saint

Seraphim: meaning of this church name, fate and character

There are worldly names, and there are those whose sound immediately reminds of communion with Christianity. They are loved by believers. Giving such a name to the child, mom hopes that heavenly patronage will extend over her child all her life.

But is it really?

The meaning of the name Seraphim: the nature of the carrier, fate, patron saint

The value of this name

This is the biblical Hebrew name. It went from the word «Saraf», meaning «flaming», «flying dragon» (an image symbolizing trials on the way to victory), «snake-lightning.»

In the bible this name is carried by a six-winged angel standing near the throne itself.

If on the day of this angel the birth of a girl falls out, the priest can advise parents to call her Seraphim.

This name gives the patronymic name: Serafimovich (Serafimych), Serafimovna.

Friendly address to the carrier of this name: Sima, Fima, Simka, Fimka, Simochka, Fimochka, Simushka, Fimushka.

In other countries, it is transformed into: Serafin (Spain, France, Czech Republic), Serafino (Italy).

Character that only the Seraphim possesses

Pluses: this is a generous, pure soul person. He is very independent in his opinions, has a creative touch, and the ability to learn, to think logically.

He is active, can quickly respond to change.

Most of the Seraphim of the soul do not like to travel, so either they become avid tourists, or move to live from city to city (or village).

Disadvantages: it is a non-permanent, impetuous man. Due to eternal incontinence (including words), the life of Fima cannot be called calm.

If he learns prudence, he will heal much better.

This man does not like control, so he can often argue with his wife or superiors. If his freedom is at stake, he will leave work or divorce.

The fate of the carrier of this name in our country

  • Childhood (early years of life). This is a very diligent, independent toddler. He is very friendly with seniors. Cheerful, loves outdoor games.
  • School period. Many classmates believe that he is shamelessly lucky, but in fact, Sime gets excellent marks due to hard work. He is also very curious, which can not help but like teachers. The main task of parents is to cultivate will power in the boy.
  • Youth, the formation of character. As a boy and a young man, he loves to read, and it may not seem interesting to him to be friends with his classmates, since he has nothing to talk about with them. He can find friends in a club of interests (it may even be a sports club).
  • Mature years. This is a strong-willed, talented man who knows his own worth. He loves peace of mind, although in good company he is not averse to having fun. Friends find him very sociable, and certainly not boring.

Patrons and Mascots

The meaning of the name Seraphim: the nature of the carrier, fate, patron saint

  • Planet Name: Saturn.
  • A zodiac sign that fits better than others: Capricorn (from December 22 to January 20).
  • Name color: yellow.
  • The stone that will be the perfect talisman: amber.
  • Totem animal: it is a bird, kingfisher.
  • Plant name: indoor — ficus, as well as a courtyard flower — phlox.

Angel day and heavenly patron

  1. January 15, the Orthodox, January 2, the Catholics. On this day, St. Seraphim of Sarovskiy (1754-1833) is remembered. From his youth he chose the monastic way. He had a prophetic gift, he prayed healed physical and mental illnesses. Very honored Virgin Mary, and she repeatedly appeared in his cell.
  2. December 17 (December 4). Day of the Holy Martyr Seraphim, a bishop killed by the Turks at the very beginning of the 17th century.

In different situations of life Seraphim will do so …

  • Love and relationship. Fima has been looking for her beloved for a long time. Maybe several times to visit the registrar. For him, it is important that his chosen one was a real coastline of the home. It often turns out that his wife looks like his mother like a carbon copy.
  • Family life. He is economic. Sincerely cares about his wife and children, turning a blind eye to many of their shortcomings (you see, this is a very rare quality). During a conflict, he knows how not to aggravate, but on the contrary, to soften the situation. He is a good, loving father, although he may be strict as necessary.
  • Friends. Sima has a lot of close friends, because he is a reliable and loyal friend. And besides, people are attracted by his erudition and reading.
  • Work and career. In labor, this person is talented and ready for a deliberate risk. He is inquisitive (even a step away from retirement) and hardworking, so he makes a good career. Colleagues and subordinates respect him. The carrier of this name should choose a job based on communicating with people — a teacher, doctor, lawyer. However, his creative vein may well manifest itself in a more creative specialty — an architect, actor, musician.
  • Disease and health. In childhood, he quite often visits the pediatrician (however, like most of his classmates). Its vulnerable organs are the gastrointestinal tract. He can not starve for a long time, so you should always keep on hand light snacks. And of course, the diet of the guy (men) should be healthy.

Compatibility with female names: good and bad

Successful relationship, happy marriage: Ada, Anfisa, Elizabeth, Nastya, Svetlana, Xenia. And besides, this man will be happy with a woman whose church or worldly name is Euphrosyne.

Important: Seraphim is advised to marry late, without haste, having thought over everything well and having learned her future life partner (and also allowing her to “consider” all her love of freedom).

Short relationship, ruined marriage: Zhanna, Zina, Natalia, Marina, Fedora, Tamara.

Known and respected namesakes

The meaning of the name Seraphim: the nature of the carrier, fate, patron saint

  1. Seraphim Anikeev (1904-1962) — artist of the operetta from the USSR.
  2. Seraphim Parnyakov (1913-1987) — a scientist from the USSR, the creator of many instruments for satellites, military rockets.
  3. Seraphim Orekhov (1904-1950) is another Soviet engineer who works for the good of the army.
  4. Seraphim Kudryashev (1907-1943) — and this is already a botanist scientist. Born in Kazan, worked in Tajikistan. He made many discoveries, thanks to which his name carries several plants.
  5. Serafim Vlasov (1910-2000) — Russian engineer, author of textbooks on mechanics.
  6. Hieromonk Seraphim (1934-1982) — the church name of a monk of the Russian Orthodox Church. Interestingly, he lived and worked in California, USA. The Holy Father wrote a lot about Orthodoxy and Russia at that time.
  7. Seraphim Pinto Junior, or Pipi (1915-2001) — football player from Brazil, unfortunately, not very famous in our country
  8. Seraphim Todorov (1969) — a boxer from Bulgaria, champion of Europe, world, Olympic medalist.

In modern Russian culture, this name is often found in cinema:

  1. “My Boyfriend is an Angel” (2011), a feature film for youth. Seraphim is the name of the main character, played by Arthur Smolyaninov.
  2. “Unusual Journey of the Seraphim” (2015) — an animated film on religious themes. This cartoon won the Golden Eagle Award.

If you are a Christian (Christian) and are interested in the personality of Rev. Serafim Sarovsky, you can learn a lot of useful and very bright information about him from this film, which details his life and miracles (both in his lifetime and after death).

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