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The meaning of the name Savely — the fate and character of Sava

The significance of the male name Savely — compatibility with other names, fate and character

The name Savely has two versions of the origin, differing, respectively, in their meaning. According to the first, it comes from the Hebrew male name Saul, who bore one of the biblical characters. In this case, Savely is interpreted as «requested from God.»

According to the second version, this name comes from the Latin word «Sabellus», which translates as «unpretentious, simple.»

At an early age, Sava grows a secretive and modest child who does not like to attract attention. Most of all the people around him are struck by his slowness — he does not tolerate haste, and if you make him hurry, everything will fall out of his hands.

Grows persistent and patient, differs hard work. Adults and children may be interested in him, show attention to him, but this only makes him feel at ease.

The child is distinguished by a special kindness, which can be seen in his communication with animals. He loves the truth and is ready to bravely defend it.

The meaning of the name Savely - the fate and character of Sava

In a more adult age from the positive traits of his character can be noted self-confidence, perseverance and the ability to go to the goal. He is also distinguished by a sense of humor, with which he is judicious and independent.

Various variations of the name Savely

The male name Savely has various variations and derivative forms. Abbreviated forms of the name: Sava, Ava, Savshuka, Savka, Savelka, Savelyashka, Savva.

The following synonyms also exist for this name: Savel, Savva, Savel.

The name Savely for the international passport is SAVELII, according to the rules of machine transliteration adopted in Russia in 2006.

What is Sava’s character

Since she was a teenager, Sava is preparing for great things — she reads and watches heroic books and films, can exhaust herself with long trainings. However, with age, more and more cunning is added to his natural courage.

Savely quickly and easily becomes a respected member of any team. Able to resolve any situation one way or another.

In general, Sava is extremely peace-loving, but if they begin to press him, he feels pressure or threat — all offenders should beware.

The meaning of the name Savely - the fate and character of Sava

Often gets pets, as he loves them very much. Rarely lives without at least a cat or dog.

Family members love and appreciate him, but are afraid if he drinks too much, because in this case he stops being kind and calm.

Also in his character there is some inertia and passivity. Men who bear this name, as a rule, are honest and restrained, and also possess the highest sense of responsibility. Babble is not their fad at all.

Play to the public, attracting attention, they do not like.

However, despite some isolation, Savely in a difficult moment is always ready to come to the rescue of friends. Sava has been analyzing and reviewing any problem from all sides.

The experience keeps in itself, with no one sharing them.

Destiny Waiting for Savelia

When Savely grows up in a young man, the features of a real man will suddenly appear in him. He will prefer concrete actions to words, promises and dusting his eyes. This will manifest itself in the care of a girl.

While others pick up the perfect phrases and come up with compliments, Sava will come to her darling without words and help her with something.

Words are not his style at all. He will express feelings by accomplishing for the girl the fulfillment or fulfilling her long-cherished dream.

If humiliation or harm to another person is in his field of vision, he can stand up for a stranger without fear and doubt.

The meaning of the name Savely - the fate and character of Sava

Only the closest people truly know and understand the soul of Savely, for the rest of the environment he will remain a mystery, even if he has friendly relations with someone.

Even if Savely lives in poverty, which is hard to imagine, given his hard work, which is unlikely to remain unnoticed by the authorities, he will create comfort for himself and his family in any conditions with his efforts.

Most likely, he will have one wife. And he will probably love only once. Since a different scenario does not allow its closed and detached character.

Change the girls like gloves, he certainly will not ever.

Various characteristics of Savelia

To the surprise of others, Savely can be extremely dangerous. It’s really hard to piss him off, but if someone succeeds in doing this, it’s best to run as fast as possible. If the abuser crossed all possible boundaries and broke his stone patience — Sava can closely engage in his destruction.

It becomes especially scary if you remember that this man brings all things to the end.

  • The patron planet is the Moon;
  • Zodiac sign — cancer;
  • Plant mascot — water lily;
  • Stone mascot — selenite;
  • Tree-talisman — birch;
  • Totem animal — hermit crab;
  • The color of the name is light blue.

Namely Savely celebrated once a year — June 30, in honor of the holy martyr Savely, who suffered at the hands of the pagans in Constantinople.

Savely in marriage, love, career

Which profession Sava chooses depends largely on parental education, interests and preferences that were originally laid on him. However, it does not matter in which field this man decides to realize himself — everywhere he will be equally hardworking and selfless.

While in the workplace, he absolutely forgets about the whole world around him — innate responsibility does not allow for a different approach. Savely can realize himself anywhere — in the profession of a guide, accountant, engineer, teacher, or in business.

Rarely changes his place of work — it’s hard to imagine what should happen for him to do that.

Savely’s wife will be happy if, in case of a controversial situation, she begins to operate with logical arguments, Sava will not close behind her pride and will not take care of her ego, but will listen to them and can change her position. And such submission will cause only respect.

The only thing with which Savely may be in a relationship with his wife or lover may be problems — this is with confidence. He is clearly not enough for this man.

Another feature of Sava is loyalty and devotion. The wife of this man can absolutely not worry about the possibility of adultery, or at least flirting on the side.

Name Compatibility in Relationships

Perfect compatibility awaits Savely in a pair with girls such as: Galina, Victoria, Lyudmila, Yana, Ekaterina, Dina and Larisa. Together with one of these women, his feelings will maximally unfold and will be able to grow into a strong and durable family.

Compatibility will be good in relations with such names: Elena, Natalia, Svetlana, Renata, Irina. In this case, it requires a mutual desire to converge.

Bad compatibility expects Savely with such girls as: Antonina, Oksana, Kristina, Anastasia, Olga. Their paths usually do not intersect at all and they are unlikely to interest each other, but anything is possible.

Famous men named Savely

Among the carriers of this name there are many famous personalities. Among them is comedian actor — Savely Kramarov, Russian poet Savely Greenberg, revolutionary Savely Zlatopolsky.

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