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The meaning of the name Samir — the fate and character traits

Samira — the meaning of the name, variants of fate and character

The name Samira has Muslim, Arab and ancient Indian roots. According to the existing versions, it means hospitable, generous, fruitful, sociable, rising to the sun, sociable, supportive conversation.

Other forms of the name: Mira, Semra, Sama, Sumire. They can also be separate names.

Samira does not celebrate the day of the angel, since she is not listed in the Orthodox and Catholic saints calendar. This name is very revered and popular in Muslim countries.

General interpretation and name horoscope

  • The planet patronizing Samira is Mars;
  • Totem animal — tiger;
  • The meaning of the name fits the sign of the zodiac — Scorpio;
  • The color that attracts luck and happiness is red;
  • Health-promoting plant — poppy;
  • The tree that gives strength and energy is ash;
  • Charm stone — calcite.

Samira in childhood and youth: talents and basic character traits

Baby Samira is distinguished by its cheerfulness, sociability and openness. She starts to speak early, loves to be the center of attention, loves compliments and praise in her address.

A girl with such an oriental name is very elegant, plastic and artistic. From an early age she enjoys dancing, gymnastics, figure skating or acrobatics.

She is motivated by the desire to be the best and to charm all to whom she is not indifferent.

The meaning of the name Samir - the fate and character traits

This smart girl is endowed with talents that should be noticed and developed in time. Otherwise, the World will be in a long search for its destination in adulthood.

She has a good ear, a clear voice, a quick but competent speech. She knows how to show herself and interest.

From her negative traits, some babbling has manifested since childhood. It will be a mistake to entrust your secret to this little lady.

The secret will immediately become known to the public, and your reproaches will not at all embarrass it and will not cause shame.

In her studies, she is often superficial, since she focuses on various creative circles and sections. But this keen nature is able to learn well due to its visual memory, the ability to quickly absorb and process the necessary information.

Mira is always aware of all the events, everything has her own opinion and point of view. This cheerful and sociable child will not sit alone, preferring to be in the company of peers or older people.

Samira’s temperament is more of a sanguine person who lives every day — like a new life. She amazes with her optimism, energy and desire to remind others about herself all the time.

Samirochka has a humanitarian mentality, she likes to read, to fantasize a lot, she has a good creative thinking. This girl avoids the everyday routine of gray everyday life, she is ready to do anything, just to get away from doing the daily monotonous work.

Mira has an excellent memory, but only that which aroused her interest. Since childhood, she loves fashionable clothes, beautiful faces of people, exquisite interior.

She is drawn to a prosperous and rich life, as she is practical and a bit mercantile.

She often sees many flaws in people and tries to correct them, while she does not notice her flaws and sometimes reacts inadequately to criticism. This owner of a non-standard worldview is curious and curious, but often her hobbies and interests are fickle.

The fate of an adult Samira: professional realization, family and health

Samira finishes school well and enters a higher educational institution. By this age she is already determined with a future profession.

This artistic girl will succeed in those areas that do not require excessive scrupulousness, accuracy and constant adherence to the rulebook.

Worlds work must be mobile, requiring constant contact with people, communication and dynamics. Developing oratory skills and possessing certain knowledge, it will quite harmoniously look in the image of a teacher, business coach, lawyer, journalist, translator, cultural and art worker.

Mature Samira is a successful lady who lives a rich and interesting life. This person does not seek to take a leadership position, but in an amazing way she always succeeds in being an informal leader in a team.

Samira’s personal life and health

She can be envied in the ability to fascinate fans. Surrounded by men of the World feels like a queen.

Receiving new life experience, she enjoys these moments. Perhaps that is why a girl is long in search of the one who will make her truly happy.

The meaning of the name Samir - the fate and character traits

The bright and attractive World is in a hurry to live, she is windy, amorous, and often unstable. Only a very powerful and charismatic person can pacify such a nature.

To create a family, Samir is inclined to choose a wealthy and powerful groom who can dominate her.

Only in this way harmony and stability will remain in her marriage for a long time. But loving comfort and prosperity Mirochka is not without romance and spirituality.

It is important for her to love and feel affection for who or what surrounds her.

She is emotional and sensual, if something does not go well in her life can fall into depression and for a long time be suspended from the outside world. Its eccentricity, flimsy and unpredictability over the years will not run dry, but will take on some more peaceful forms.

But basically, this bright woman always stays positive, giving her mood to her family and colleagues. She has a loving and friendly family. Samira loves children and she has a lot of them.

Her wealth and attention will be enough for the education of three or more offspring. And Mira’s organism allows you to give birth to strong and healthy babies.

Family and Children

Samirachka gives the wife the role of a breadwinner and breadwinner, taking full care of the household. Family life changes this indefatigable person, but she is still optimistic and loves life.

As a spouse, Mira is faithful and attentive. She will be affectionate and tender to her husband, but necessarily demanding reciprocity.

This proud woman will not allow her man to be indifferent and infantile. Intimacy for her is an important and indispensable ritual.

Of course, over the years, her ardor and temperament fades away, but it is still important for her to feel loved and desired.

Samira is very loyal in raising children. She often pampers offspring, trying not to deny them anything.

But the spouse may well intervene in this process, seeing the inadequate behavior of the heirs.

Samira’s health in childhood and adolescence cannot be called strong and stable. She is often ill, struggling with complications. But in more mature years, her immunity will become stronger.

The energy of the name says that this girl is very prolific, and she needs to protect her genital functions.

Due to the heightened sensitivity and easy excitability of Mira, the mental state of the girl is not always stable. She needs to learn to control her emotional intelligence in order to be able to control her actions and influence the behavior of others.

Famous women named Samira

  • Samira Randy — film actress from India;
  • Samira Ahmed — British filmmaker, reporter and journalist;
  • Samira Rees Armstrong is a popular Hollywood film actress;
  • Samira bin Said — singer, participant of Eurovision from Morocco, started singing at the age of 9, at the age of 16 she became a professional participant of the Moroccan music show industry;
  • Samira Makhmalbaf — film director, film producer, screenwriter, was born in Iran, winner of several awards at the Cannes Film Festival;
  • Samira Aziz — the head of the international mathematical union, the activist, the journalist, was born in Saudi Arabia.

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