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The meaning of the name Roman — how character traits influence the fate of a name

The novel — the meaning of the name, character traits and fate

The name Roman is associated with the history of Rome and is derived from the Latin word romance, which means Roman or Roman. The close female name Romana is very popular in Italy.

General interpretation

Another form of the name: Romulya, Roma, Romaha. In the Orthodox calendar, two dates mark the day of the angel Roman: February 11 — in honor of the martyr Roman from Syria, who was nailed to a tree for his faith in Christ; December 1 — St. Roman Deacon’s Day.

  • The planet, which is the patron saint — Saturn;
  • Zodiac sign — Aquarius;
  • The tree, contributing to the restoration of strength and energy — poplar;
  • Color that attracts good luck and well-being — amber, lime;
  • The plant of life is violet;
  • Stone — charm — amethyst;
  • Totem insect — butterfly sailboat.

Child and youth years, the formation of character

Roman’s childhood is spent in love and care of mother and grandmother. Women pretty spoil this charming and intelligent baby. He grows up active, restless and quite self-willed.

His stubbornness cannot be suppressed by force and authority. Only the gift of persuasion will be able to influence his actions and actions.

This little man, at the age of three, is able to command adults, showing his difficult character. He is always full of ideas and desires, sociable, responsive, easy-going, likes to go hiking with his parents, to visit new places.

If the relatives manage to maintain his curiosity and travel propensity, this may influence the choice of a future profession.

Chamomile is an inquisitive and sometimes very talkative boy. He has an inquisitive and sharp mind.

Often asks many questions, not satisfied with the answer, may insist on a detailed presentation of the material. She does not like to read books on her own, preferring to be done by her grandmother or mother.

Often switches from one fairy tale to another, without hearing the content.

The meaning of the name Roman - how character traits influence the fate of a name

Schoolchild Roma is often sick and misses lessons, doing his own academic work under the care of parents. His loneliness and constant supervision of his mother greatly influences peer relations. They begin to see him as a pet or a mama’s son.

This is partly true. He is rather secretive, incredulous, vulnerable and cautious with others.

But high school greatly change it. Roma no longer suffers bullying, to establish himself among the boys, begins to fall into a different scrape: fight, hooliganism, tearing away lessons.

The transition period is quite a difficult time for both Roman and his parents, who are often summoned to school.

Roman is not interested in studying at school and often has bad grades. This does not mean that he is stupid and inept. The reason for his indifference to education at this time — self-affirmation before his peers.

He spends all his strength on proving his superiority among schoolchildren, in this competition he can also get to high school students.

His characteristic behavior is characterized by excessive talkativeness, restlessness, impulsivity, inconstancy and unwillingness to work and take responsibility for his life. He sees one of the methods of self-defense as a lie, he may resort to insults of those around him.

He does not see authoritative personalities in his elders and relies entirely on his own opinion.

In his student years, the life principles of the novel vary greatly in a positive direction. He has nothing to prove to others, because he is confident, polite, courteous, friendly, witty.

He has a wide range of interests, the passion for travel wakes up again, creative potential opens up.

Maturity of views, positivity, activity and vigor of the novel attract the attention of women to it. He is capable of beautiful and long courtship, but not to finally fall in love with a girl.

He just needs time to figure out her pedigree, assess her qualities as a future wife and mistress of the house.

Realization in the profession, family and health — which will be more important for Roman

The maturity of the novel appears after thirty years. This is a tough enough, strong-willed, decisive person who is not inclined to obey the decisions of others. He has a solid position in life and is not influenced by the external environment.

His desires will never be the projection of someone’s goals from the outside. He already clearly knows what he wants and how to achieve it.

His resourcefulness and non-stereotypical thinking allow him to become an innovator in his field of activity.

To work with Roma, the approach is serious and businesslike. He is always collected, decisive, strict with himself and those around him. Young hobbies of wrestling, karate, sambo will be very useful in his adult life.

Since it is a masculine profession, associated with risk and danger. He can become a professional intelligence officer, investigator, security officer, or become an officer in the armed forces.

On the other hand, Roman is a creative person who has eloquence and can fully realize himself as a political figure, theater critic, producer, film director. Such a person must necessarily have constant communication in secular circles about culture, science, education.

Thus, it feeds energetically and replenishes its resources of internal capabilities.

Roman’s attitude to money is sometimes frivolous. He is able to drag himself into a scam, a dubious financial deal and lose his savings. But he surprisingly manages to quickly recover lost capital and the previous financial situation.

Devotee and wealthy friends often help him with this.

In this adult man, it is not immediately possible to recognize a passionate and impulsive personality, since outwardly he is very restrained, calm, indifferent to the rush, and not prone to panic and psychosis. Surprisingly, Roma is able to influence the decision of an influential and necessary person by convincing him of his position.

In dealing with women, he is just as confident and inventive. The novel is an inventive and emotional lover. Sex for him is not just a reason for physical discharge.

Intimacy is an emotional connection with that partner, who is very sympathetic to him. He does not seek to burden himself with the bonds of marriage, preferring freedom and independence.

Young people love Chamomile for his kindness, generosity and tenderness. This person is able to drive you crazy and make a girl suffer. His long search for the only one may end up marrying the first oncoming lady.

This may make a good family, but in the marriage union he will not remain true. Traction to diversity and pragmatism will pass only years later, in extreme old age.

At this time, he will be carried away by the care of children and grandchildren.

The meaning of the name Roman - how character traits influence the fate of a name

In order for Roma’s marriage to remain for many years, he needs to choose a patient and modest woman who will not be obsessed with jealousy and revenge. As a father and husband, this holder of a Roman name used to take a leadership position.

He is caring and attentive to all the whims of children. His generosity and dependability able to pamper young offspring.

The health of a boy named Roman does not please him with his strength. He is often sick and misses school.

During this period, he may have a weak reaction, inhibition, drowsiness, apathy. In high school, when he begins to strongly interest martial arts, his body grows stronger.

In mature years, one should be afraid of hypothermia. Old age can declare itself sexual impotence.

Famous people named Roman

  • Roman Viktyuk — director and artistic director of the Roman Viktyuk Theater, People’s Artist of the Russian Federation;

The meaning of the name Roman - how character traits influence the fate of a name

  • Roman Abramovich — Russian businessman, billionaire, ex-governor of the Chukotka Autonomous Region;
  • Roman Kostomarov — Russian figure skater, two-time world champion, three-time European champion.

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