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The meaning of the name Ravil — character traits and fate

Ravil — the meaning of the name, character traits and the fate of a person

The name Ravil has Jewish roots. According to one of the common versions, it means «close to God.»

This name is very popular among Muslims, it is customary to name boys in Tatarstan, Bashkiria. If you refer to the Muslim origin of the name, it means «wanderer», «traveler», «like the spring sun.»

The name has a female form and sounds like — Ravila. Angel Day Ravil does not celebrate, since it is not included in the number of Orthodox calendar calendar.

General interpretation and horoscope

  • The planet patron of the name is the Sun;
  • The color that attracts good luck and happiness is red, purple;
  • Zodiac sign — Leo;
  • A plant, a flower favorably influencing health — a peony;
  • Stone amulet — carbuncle;
  • Totem animal — Leo.

Childhood and youth of Ravil — abilities and talents of a boy

Ravilchik is a well-bred and serious kid. This boy already from an early age begins to behave like a real man. In many ways, he takes his cue from his father.

Ravil is restrained, patient, honest, friendly and courteous.

Parents are easy to negotiate with the guy, because he is not through years intelligent and sensible. The boy was used to being honest, upholding justice and standing up for the weak.

The conflict tries to be resolved by entering into a dialogue with an opponent, but if these polite conversations only drag out time, it is easy to “beat on” the offender.

The meaning of the name Ravil - character traits and fate

Ravil grows strong boy. He goes in for sports and watches his physical form. A young man from early childhood was accustomed to temper the will, character and body.

He wants to appear stronger, more successful among peers and successfully achieves this.

In the eyes of others, Ravilchik is a calm and balanced young man who never lies and always defends justice. He looks not very emotional and temperamental, but is quite capable of strong feelings and experiences.

At school, Ravil shows himself a diligent student. Teachers love and respect him for always having something to say on the subject.

He is quite erudite, reads a lot and has a broad outlook. The boy equally shows good results in the development of both the humanities and the exact sciences.

Among classmates easily able to take a leadership position. Peers are ready to listen and agree with his opinion, since they consider the arguments of Ravil to be quite reasonable, logical and correct.

Often he is trusted to represent the interests of the class or school in contests, competitions, competitions.

Such social activities can help Ravil to decide on a future profession and develop the necessary skills. This purposeful child already in high school has an idea in which area he would like to be realized.

Ravil is very disciplined, punctual, neat young man. He is laconic in his actions, does not accept vanity, house and confusion. He is always accustomed to bear responsibility for his actions, not relying on the help of parents or friends.

This is manifested in his masculine strength and independence.

Ravil early enough becomes an independent and self-sufficient young man. He was not accustomed to burdening his parents for a long time, preferring, after entering a higher educational institution, to immediately move to a hostel.

In his student years, Ravil becomes more demanding of himself. Understanding what qualities he lacks for the desired position, he works a lot on himself.

This person is self-critical, often locked in his own thoughts, trying to hide his true goals and intentions from others.

In a circle of friends, Ravil looks quite prosperous and cheerful. He is sociable, can easily interest and captivate not only buddies, but also charming female fans with an intriguing topic of conversation.

As for Ravil’s personal relationship with women, here he is more modest and shy. Ravil is sometimes awkward, shy, which is completely incompatible with his courageous appearance.

Such behavior attracts young ladies even more.

The choice of profession, love and health — options for the fate of an adult Ravil

By the age of thirty, Ravil is an accomplished and self-confident person. The financial security of a man allows him to live in a big way and easily achieve women he liked.

Career will always come first for Ravil. Prospects for successful implementation can expect this person in many areas.

If he connects his fate with the army, it may well rise to a high rank. His leadership qualities, principles and independence in his views are also useful in jurisprudence, journalism, politics, and public activities.

The meaning of the name Ravil - character traits and fate

Ravil has a competent speech, is able to speak in public, feeling the audience, asking the right dynamics and energy to the audience. In many ways, he was helped by his activity during the school years.

He was not afraid to take on additional tasks, getting a unique experience.

Family for Ravil matters. This is his support, support, inspiration. Such a strong and active man in the house needs peace and understanding.

He is attracted to domestic and docile women. As a spouse, he will not choose a wayward and capricious beauty who will be interested only in his income.

Ravil will pay attention and want to marry a girl with a charming smile, a kind look, which will combine modesty with a certain audacity. She should be his muse, stir in bed and give birth to healthy heirs.

If these conditions are met, Ravil is ready to preserve love and loyalty to his wife for many years. But such a woman will not be easy with this oriental man. After all, he is quite jealous and can be very quick-tempered.

Only having the wisdom and patience of the spouse can smooth out all conflicts and friction.

Ravil always thinks about the wealth in the family. This economic and business-like man is not afraid of hard work, but he has enough intelligence and talents to easily provide himself with stable financial flows.

Taking care of prosperity in the family, Ravil thinks of children first of all. He wants to give them all the best, not paying attention to what often indulges offspring.

What Ravil lacks is a bit of tenderness toward loved ones. Adult Ravil can not be called affectionate and sentimental person.

Health Ravil not always happy. He does not often suffer from colds, but may well earn a chronic illness.

The fact is that this person often works for wear, if it doesn’t wait, forgetting to eat or sleep in time. Such people often have to face “burnout” at work, after which apathy and mental crisis ensues.

The meaning of the name Ravil - character traits and fate

Famous people named Ravil

  • Ravil Gainutdin — a public and political figure, chairman of the Muslim Board;
  • Ravil Isyanov is a film actor in Hollywood, has Russian roots, a Tatar by nationality;
  • Ravil Muratov — politician, Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan;
  • Ravil Geniatulin — politician, statesman, governor of Transbaikalia;
  • Ravil Mihranov — world champion in cross-country veterans, a marathon runner-athlete, the winner of many Russian marathons;
  • Ravil Sabirov — scientist, science and culture worker of the Republic of Tatarstan;
  • Ravil Bukharaev — poet, translator of English and Hungarian, journalist;
  • Ravil Sabitov — midfielder of the football team in the Soviet period, football coach.

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