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The meaning of the name Ratmir: fate, luck, career, character of the carrier

Ratmir: what does the name, character and weakness of the owner

For many, this name is associated with the character of the Pushkin poem «Ruslan and Lyudmila». It sounds very courageous, brave, loud.

But is a happy boy named so? And will he really become a bully?

The meaning of the name Ratmir: fate, luck, career, character of the carrier

Meaning and etymology of the name

The only origin of the name is Slavic. It is translated as «warrior of the world» or «fighting (fighting) for peace.»

Interestingly, there is a female version of this name, the Serbian — Ratimirka.

It gives a patronymic name: Ratmirovich (Ratmyrych), Ratmirovna.

For friends and relatives he is: Ratik, Mirchik, Ratka, Mira.

What character it bestows

Positive sides: he is really very brave. And besides, it is — an intelligent, intellectually developed person. He is ready to throw himself on the altar of justice, he is able to work hard for the common cause.

This man is reliable and decent. He is very proud.

He has an extremely developed inner feeling. If a stranger or some business does not like him, it means that a person can really be a scoundrel, and the case is a losing one.

And besides, it is — a born orator. He can change the opinion of another person, persuade him to do what Ratmir wants.

He himself has strong willpower, so he definitely will not fall under the influence of another person.

Weaknesses: he is very picky about his relatives, friends, subordinates. It often feels better, better than other people.

He is extremely independent, and woe to anyone who decides to decide how to live Ratmir (and even teach him something).

This man is capricious and cunning. He can often feel lonely, even among people.

This is how Ratmir’s fate changes as he grows older.

  • Childhood. In the kindergarten, it is a quiet little tot who loves to play with itself. At the same time, he grows spiritually faster than his peers, therefore with many he is simply not interested.
  • School. Most often, this boy is friends with older guys. Classmates are rarely interesting to him — however, because of this, they may dislike him. He can learn successfully, but only if the teacher manages to interest him. It may happen that he becomes the best in a circle of interests, but rather a mediocre student at school.
  • Youth. He is incredulous, so he does not have easy and quick acquaintances. Ratmir is friends more often with people whom he knows almost from the kindergarten, and very much appreciates these comrades. Outwardly, it is closed, inside is quite sensitive, it is easy to offend. This is a very disciplined guy who can easily take his will into a fist. All those who do not know how, he considers weak.
  • Mature years. This is a perfectionist, pedant. The authorities often entrust him with complex tasks that other colleagues failed to cope with, and Ratmir brings them to the bitter end. To subordinates, he is quite strict, and woe to the frivolous or unreliable person if he finds himself in the team of this “general”.

Astrology and esoteric

The meaning of the name Ratmir: fate, luck, career, character of the carrier

  • An ideal sign of the zodiac: Gemini. That is, this name can be presented to an infant born on any given day — but it is best suited to a baby born in the time interval from May 21 to June 20.
  • Color name: a mixture of blue and gray.
  • The planet that provides the carrier name special patronage: Mercury.
  • Stone, in the hands of Ratmir turns into a talisman: rock crystal. It can be reduced to men’s jewelry (for example, cufflinks, pendant), or kept in the house in the form of a figurine.
  • Plants named: tree — Chinara, flower — edelweiss.
  • Totem living being: it is a bird, a condor.

Named: they are not, as it is not a church name.

Here is how Ratik acts in different life situations:

  • Family. He is late «ringed» because he is looking for the only one. Wife he wants to trust, respect her — but requires the same in relation to himself. He does not like it when quarrels arise in his family, so he tries not to bring the situation to a white-hot side. He loves children, but their wife brings them up.
  • Job. Ratmir is an excellent crisis manager. The more difficult the task, the more obstacles there are on the way to the goal, the more interesting it is to him. If the work becomes monotonous, he begins to lose his grip and frankly bored.
  • Disease. The throat and lungs can be called the “Achilles heel” of Ratmir. Since childhood, it is important for parents to instill in a guy a love for the sport (but since he is rather self-willed, it is impossible to record him in a circle by force — let him choose what he likes). The best for him is the pool.

With which woman to build a relationship, and which one only breaks the heart?

For love, this guy needs a bright personality who adores freedom in everything.

However, for marriage, he will choose another woman: homely and calm, a real hostess, obedient, fully agreeing that the husband is the head of the family.

Namesake, glorified name of Ratmir

The meaning of the name Ratmir: fate, luck, career, character of the carrier

  1. Ratmir or Ratsha (13th century) — the chronicler hero, an ally of Prince Alexander Nevsky, heroically laid down his head in the Battle of the Neva.
  2. Ratmir Kholmov (1925-2006) — Soviet grandmaster, Moscow champion in chess.
  3. Ratmir Shishkov (1988-2007) — a graduate of the Russian “Star Factory”, a reference point, a member of the “Banda” group. Born in a gypsy family.
  4. Ratmir Alexandrov (1989) — performer of lyric and army songs with a guitar from Russia.
  5. Ratmir Nagimyanov — extreme, basejumper from Russia. He died in the Alps during a jump in the «winged costume» from the top of the mountain.

And a few words about Pushkin Ratmir, the young Khazar Khan. Everyone knows that the main character of the work was Ruslan. He defeated the villain, saved his beautiful bride … But he also had competitors — Farlaf, Ragdai, Ratmir … In this video you can see where the last of the epic heroes got and whether his story in Ruslan and Lyudmila ended well:

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