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The meaning of the name Ratibor — traits and fate

Ratibor — the meaning of the name, the fate and character traits

The name Ratibor has pagan roots and means brave or fearless. Putting the name Ratibor, the Slavs believed that this boy would become very brave, courageous and valiant.

Ratibor does not celebrate Angel Day as it is not included in the calendar of Orthodox calendar.

General interpretation and horoscope

  • The planet patron of the name is Mars;
  • Zodiac sign corresponding to the name — Aries;
  • The tree supporting force and energy is hazel;
  • The totem animal is a ram;
  • The color that attracts luck and well-being is orange;
  • Stone amulet — krovavik.

Childhood and youth of Ratibor — behavior, talents, habits

Ratibor is one of those toddlers who used to feel special from childhood and should not be persuaded. This active boy prefers outdoor games that require competitive participation.

The meaning of the name Ratibor - traits and fate

At Ratibor painted every minute, and there is no time for nonsense. This enthusiastic nature looks for itself in the field of sports and science, loves to read, always asks many questions and requires the most detailed answer to each of them.

In the school years, Ratik is becoming increasingly independent. He is always ready to take on something complex and interesting.

Straightness, perseverance and perseverance help the boy achieve new victories.

Among peers, Ratibor is a clear leader. He is bold, fearless, adamant in opinion, it is difficult to convince in some way or to win over to his side.

A heightened sense of justice draws Ratibor into various situations where you need to apply your strength and pressure on others.

In high school, Ratik shows himself to be a successful student. This boy is rather narcissistic, proud and vain.

He likes to be the best, listening to compliments about his abilities from teachers and admiring fans.

An excellent certificate for Ratibor is a way to make sure that everything in this life is up to him, if he wants something, he will definitely achieve it. At school, he is fascinated by history, geography, literature.

In exact sciences, he is also well versed, he is helped by his attentiveness, perseverance and impeccable accuracy of the assignment.

This young man is generally accustomed to being precise and disciplined in everything. Perhaps that is why the young people named Ratibor are great commanders, great strategists and wise leaders.

The meaning of the name Ratibor - character traits and fate

One of the main advantages of Ratibor: he is not afraid to be himself. Therefore, he lives a man free from fear, doubt, prejudice. He believes in good fortune, his abilities, talent and luck.

Ratik loves a full life, full of bright colors and impressions.

In his student years, the self-esteem of Ratibor increases even more. He has already decided on the future profession, is consistent in his plans and persevering in the implementation of the desired.

Excessive principles, ambitiousness, lust for power and an obsession with a career sometimes lead him to situations of exhaustion and exhaustion. It is important that at such moments next to this strong man there were true friends, loving relatives who could support and direct his energy in good time.

As for the relatives of Ratibor, he is always generous and attentive to them. From early childhood, the chief authority of Ratik is his father.

He teaches him to be a real man who is not afraid of difficulties and always desperately struggles with unforeseen life circumstances.

Professional realization, love and health — the fate of an adult Ratibor

By the age of thirty, Ratibor is an accomplished and self-sufficient person. His measured and comfortable life fully corresponds to his desires, he is free in principles, judgments and trusts only his own opinion and taste.

His ambitions make Ratibor always the best. He knows how to speak beautifully, but his words will never disagree with actions. The well-being and consistency of this man is entirely the merit and result of Ratik’s hard work.

He is thrifty for money and knows the value of his steady position in society.

Ratik can be as convincing as possible and strongly influence the opinion of the majority. This character trait helps him to often occupy a leading position in society.

With such a person are considered and listened to his opinion. It can influence an outdated system and break stereotypes.

The meaning of the name Ratibor - character traits and fate

Ratibor can be successfully implemented in different areas. His exaggerated demands on himself and others help him to be always very collected, disciplined and decisive.

He is not prone to bad habits and pernicious habits, has a good physical shape, neat and fit appearance.

Such people usually have a successful career in military structures, sports, and politics. Ratik used to rely only on his own strength, to be always pragmatic, serious and competent.

He was not accustomed to leave himself the right to make a mistake, he acts quickly and decisively.

Ratibor is not a typical careerist. He likes to dominate, subjugating everyone around him, but he does it very unobtrusively and delicately.

A man used to work hard himself and constantly engage in self-education.

In addition to work, he is interested in travel, acquaintance with a new culture, people. Having achieved financial solvency, Ratik is ready to engage in charity, to finance social organizations.

But all this patronage activity will be based more likely on his desire to achieve higher status and power.

Love and health

The personal life of Ratibor will not be cloudless. This vain and proud man loves beautiful women with an unusual appearance. Therefore, it often chooses a young lady, not equal in intelligence and social level.

The young age of the temptress for him does not matter if she inspires and excites him.

Ratik is a very temperamental and passionate lover. He feels deep pleasure from intimacy with his beloved, for whom he is ready to do a lot.

It is important for him to know that his wife appreciates and respects him.

Ratibor is a good family man. He seeks to adequately provide for his family. Ratik himself was used to living in comfort and prosperity, so he wants the best for his loved ones.

To earn money and achieve financial independence he succeeds quite quickly. And all because he is not used to feeling sorry for himself, adapts easily to changes, is efficient and optimistic.

Ratibor loves change and often himself contributes to the sudden change of his family’s lifestyle. For this, he is ready to change his place of residence, city, country, change jobs or find a new business area.

Those close to them do not always support the love of Ratik’s spontaneity, but he gives them no choice, preferring to part with those who do not support his ideas. Such behavior contributes to the fact that Ratibor marries a second time.

But this choice may again be based on feelings, emotions, and not on common sense and intuition.

Favorable compatibility of the name Ratibor can be with women named Mila, Evdokia. Unsuccessful union may be with Agnia, Borislav.

Ratibor’s health is strong. But often he neglects the symptom of an impending disease, which leads to complications.

With the approach of old age, diseases associated with the work of the liver, spleen, and endocrine system are possible.

Famous people named Ratibor

  • Ratibor I — titled Duke of Pomerania, representative of the Gryphic dynasty;
  • Ratibor Boguslavovich — the son of the Pomeranian prince;
  • Ratibor Samborid — Prince of the South Eastern Pomerania of the Samborid dynasty;
  • Ratibor — Pereyaslavsky Posadnik, was an influential adviser to Vladimir Monomakh;
  • Ratibor Kluksovich — thousand from Novgorod.

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