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The meaning of the name Raphael — the fate and character of Raphael

The meaning of the male name Raphael — character and fate

Unlike most popular modern Russian names of Greek origin, the name Raphael is Hebrew, originating in Christian scriptures. This name is one of the angels mentioned in the bible.

Translated into Russian language means «God healed» — it is not surprising that Raphael is considered the patron saint of healers and doctors.

The meaning of the name Raphael - the fate and character of Raphael

From an early age, little Raphael is distinguished by such character traits as sociability and the desire to always be in the center of attention. This child is stubborn, active, mobile and emotional.

He aspires to become a leader, because of which he can get involved in conflict situations, since peers do not always support him in this.

Also, this child from an early age is distinguished by its pragmatism. No one will turn his tongue to call it disinterested, since most of his actions are done with a cold and precise calculation.

In his studies, he is distinguished by high performance due to his ability to clearly capture the essence of things and his curiosity.

Thanks to a developed imagination and a rich imagination, it can realize itself in the creative field. The same qualities also help him in the school educational process and subsequent educational institutions.

Different variations of the name

The form of the name Raphael is Western European. In the Orthodox Russian version, this name has the form Raphael, and in Islam, Israfil.

The abbreviated forms of this name are: Fail, Fafa, Rafaila, Raf, Rafa, Lele, Ilya.

Synonyms for the name Raphael: Raphael, Raphael, Raphel, Raphel.

Secrets of the character of Raphael

This man has a highly developed intuition — better than many women. Also, due to his rich imagination, he can easily mislead the interlocutor in order to gain any benefit (he is quite capable of such actions, since he is generally self-interested).

Although, on the whole, Raphael is very kind — he will help a needy friend or even a stranger without wrangling. Able to make the only correct and quick decisions due to the excellent ability to analytics.

This man is not distinguished by industriousness — he works according to the mood, which then seizes him, then leaves him, because his work is done as if in spurts. His decisiveness is hampered by the fact that he can tritely forget his choice.

The fate of raphael

From childhood, the boy will have good health and good immunity. However, in adulthood, this man risks being dependent on alcohol, coffee, nicotine and other methods of artificially raising the tone.

In this area, he should be very careful.

The meaning of the name Raphael - the fate and character of Raphael

The character often resembles the father, and in the family is the mother’s pet. As a rule, looks like her. Dress this guy will be stylish and tasteful, according to all the rules of modern fashion.

Throughout life will attach great importance to its appearance.

He needs to feel that he is loved by someone and there is someone who is willing and willing to take care of him. If he receives less of this, he begins to yearn and suffer.

However, attention should also be paid to him with care, so as not to ignite his inner pride.

During life, he should take care of his eyes and musculoskeletal system. You should also be careful in the use of cigarettes, coffee or alcohol because of the high risk of quickly getting highly addictive.

Esoteric characteristics and name

Raphael has one interesting feature — he can easily deceive, confuse and throw dust in the eyes for the sake of getting profit, while he himself is easily bought for flattery.

The flatterer easily and quickly seizes his heart and mind, being able to dictate the required behavior to Raphael.

  • Patron of the planet — Pluto;
  • Animal talisman — a camel;
  • Plant mascot — violet;
  • Stone-mascot — sapphire;
  • Zodiac sign — scorpio;
  • The color of the name is yellow.

Named names of this name are celebrated on February 27, June 6 and 19, October 24, December 19, 11.

Raphael in different aspects of life

In love, Raphael, as a rule, expects success. This is due to his subtle ability to properly care for the girl, as well as his natural charm and attractiveness.

However, he himself may be mistaken in the truth of his feelings, taking a short-term passion for strong love.

The meaning of the name Raphael - the fate and character of Raphael

This man marries, as a rule, late, but in marriage he reveals his best qualities. In the wife, as a rule, takes a girl with a character that can respect and endure.

To establish a family well-being. He loves children and gives them a lot of time.

In his work, Rafael should choose such a field in which he will really be interested. Because otherwise he will not be able to achieve success.

Physical labor is also not for him — he can become a good actor, writer, doctor or journalist.

Male Name Compatibility

Raphael is compatible with many girls. However, the best union awaits him in a pair with the following names: Sofia, Uliana, Alyona, Julia, Elena, Olga, Alexandra, Margarita, Elizabeth, Victoria, Anna, Natalia, Svetlana.

Not the most favorable union will develop with Maria, Anastasia, Alice, Zlata, Tatiana, Irina, Yana and Olesya.

Famous personalities

Among the men who bore this rare name, there are famous and prominent personalities. Among them — Rafael Santi — Italian architect, graphic artist, painter.

Rafael Arosh — singer from France. Rafael Parera — Spanish tennis player.

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