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The meaning of the name Ramina: the character of Ramina, fate

What fate awaits a girl named Ramina — what is her character

The rare and unusual for Russia name «Ramina» — appeared in far away Spain, and in translation from Assyrian language means «elevated» or «inspired». The temperament of the owners of this name is very hot.

From early childhood, Ramil refuses to obey his parents and tries to crush them under himself, taking the place of the leader in the family. Her uneasy disposition manifests itself in many other small things.

It is possible to cope with a little mischief-maker only with the help of cunning — direct control and pressure will not lead to anything, since this girl has a great talent for manipulation. However, her intuition is developed rather weakly, so with due diligence, parents will be able to get along with it, showing considerable cunning.

The meaning of the name Ramina: the character of Ramina, fate

Also, a child named Rama is endowed with an incredible burden of communication. This girl is simply unable to stay long alone. This quality will be convenient at the time when the girl is given to a kindergarten or school, where she will enjoy what is in the center of attention.

However, you have to face her stubbornness face to face if parents want to leave her at home alone.

Raminochka has a strong craving for the recognition of their abilities by others. As a rule, this translates into her creative self-expression.

Girls with this name are great dancing, joking and doing other arts (except visual).

Different variations of the name

There are several versions of the origin of the name Ramina. In addition to the option indicated at the beginning of the article, there are three more possible sources.

According to the first, this name is the female form of the male Muslim name Ramin, and it translates as «joyful.»

The second version speaks of the Italian origin of this name. According to her, Ramina was formed from the Latin «Roma», which means «Rome».

Related names are considered Roman, Romana, Romulus, Romolo.

The third version speaks of the Arabic and Jewish origin of this name. If you rely on her, Ramina is a female variation of the male name Rami.

If we rely on Arabic origin, the name will come from the words “shooter, shoot”, and if we assume that its roots are Jewish, it becomes “High.”

Several derivative forms of the name: Raminka, Ramil, Raminushka, Amina, Raminochka, Ram, Mina.

Ramina’s character

A girl named Ramina attracts the opposite sex, and she also enjoys his success and popularity, at any age having a long line of fans. However, the owners of this name are not in a hurry to tie the knot, because they appreciate their own freedom and do not want to part with it.

Such girls are not too attracted by family life, because they do not want to burden themselves with excessive responsibility for the long term. Ramina also easily breaks romantic relationships, if in her opinion they have lost their attractiveness and become burdensome.

In the absence of a good education and upbringing in the child, in the adult life, owners of the name Ramina tend to be impulsive and unpredictable. They find it difficult to be disciplined, and their actions can often go beyond the generally accepted social framework.

Surrounding people often find her behavior insulting to themselves. On this basis, numerous conflicts and unpleasant situations can appear.

If Ramina will give in to emotions and in conflict situations act thoughtlessly or allow herself extra sayings, there may even be problems with the law.

Of the positive features, sociability, ability to work in a team and a developed creative principle are worth noting. Ramina is surrounded by numerous friends, companions and colleagues.

Different name characteristics

Among the characteristics of the name Ramil are the following:

  • Suitable colors for the owners of the name Ramina — yellow and orange;
  • Lucky numbers are 23, 3, 20, 5, 2;
  • Planet — Mercury, Uranus;
  • Metal — mercury;
  • Zodiac sign — Gemini, Aquarius;
  • The stone talisman is an emerald;
  • Day of week Wednesday.

Different aspects of life

Rama’s personal life resembles a kaleidoscope of endlessly changing fans and supers. Ramina is able to maintain relationships with several men at the same time, but far from each of them she will be linked by sexual intimacy.

She easily enjoys and falls in love, but her feelings are often superficial.

Ramina is not in a hurry to acquire a family — she can look closely at her chosen one up to several years, until she is completely convinced both in her reliability and in her own readiness to go into family life. However, for her children, this woman will be an excellent mother, capable of supporting and raising them properly in everything.

If she agreed to start a family, her house will not know the problems.

Rama’s career is best formed in areas where there is constant interaction and communication with other people. From the directions it is necessary to give preference to scientific activity, art or sport.

Other details about this name

The best marriage awaits Ramin when choosing a man with one of these names — Oleg, Timofey, Leonid, Yaroslav, George.

Of the famous representatives of the owners of this name can be noted Ramin Power — a singer from Italy, and Ramin Gaetani — an actress from Argentina.

According to the esoteric horoscope, Ramina is distinguished by reliability and always clearly aware of what should be given priority at a given point in time. Has authority in society from the earliest years.

People around you always know that you can rely on it in any situation. Can spend the last strength in order to maintain such a reputation.

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