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The meaning of the name Radmir — character, fate and compatibility

Radmir — the meaning of a name, a characteristic according to aspects of life

The origin of the male name Radmir is Slavic. According to one of the versions offered by linguists, it is formed by two roots — “happy” and “peace”, and therefore it means “to enjoy the world”.

According to another version, its origin is built on the roots of “army” and “peace”, which means “to rat (fight) for peace”.

The meaning of the name Radmir - character, fate and compatibility

In men who have become owners of this name at birth, a developed creative beginning is noted. They tend to have great talent. The temperament of this person will be bright and not typical.

Radmir will always strive to find the best way to apply his abilities or to find a way to increase the opportunities present.

A person with this beautiful name is born to achieve success, and he will do it not by physical labor, but mental and creative. The inability to provide himself with what he needs, and not only the most necessary, but also luxury goods, is below his dignity, so he will do everything to get up.

It is unlikely that he will lose his dignity in the pursuit of success, but mistrust towards people and egoism may develop.

Different variations of the name Radmir

This name has different variations. Abbreviated Radmir called so: Radek, Radik, Ratko, Rat, Radya, Radechek, Radim.

The synonyms of this name are: Radzimir, Radimir, Radomir, Rodomir, Radomer.

Various secrets of Radmir’s character

The main thing for Radmir is success and position in society. By nature, he is emotional, but for the sake of such a goal he restrains his emotions and becomes secretive.

In order to win the favor of people, he knows how to adjust to anyone. He seems to have many friends, but in reality these are comrades and friends from whom you can ask for help, and if you have real friends, Radmir has one or two.

Thanks to his intuition, he knows how to feel the situation, even to foresee, to adapt to it and to go out of the water, with minimal losses, and even with a profit.

Radmir is merciless to competitors, he is not ashamed to act unfairly towards them. Many do not trust such a person, and he himself is incredulous.

But some people manage to manipulate Radmir, for example, with the help of flattery, from which it is difficult for him to defend himself.

Rafdmir is active, not dreamy, and his achievement will not be below his dignity. This applies not only to his one, but also to his family, and his few close friends — he will provide a decent standard of living for his family, and he will help friends in achieving their goals if he shares them.

Fate awaiting Radmir

Little Radya is different emotional and creative abilities. He learns early to read and enchants peers and adults with his stories, retold from books or invented.

They want to be friends with a boy, he is surrounded by children, but it is easy to quarrel with them.

The meaning of the name Radmir - character, fate and compatibility

At school, he is not forced to do what he doesn’t like, it is below his dignity. Motivate him to learn can only that it will bring him success in the future.

His mental abilities are developed, most of all he hates physical labor and does not want to associate himself with him.

But at school, most often leans on those subjects that he likes most, and the rest is more superficial. Also, do not forget about the clubs and sections — if Radmir succeeds in some kind of sport or creativity and realizes that this is his talent, he can connect life with this.

He is a very conflicted person, in the class he is not very friendly, but they don’t touch him and are afraid. He extinguishes his conflict and emotionality with age, when it comes to the realization that to achieve success it is important to have good relationships with the right people and make a good impression.

Esoteric characteristics and name

To fully understand the meaning of this name, it is worth knowing its various characteristics:

  • The patron planet is Jupiter;
  • Happy day of the week is Thursday;
  • Zodiac sign — Archer, fish;
  • Favorable colors for the name — purple, blue, magenta;
  • Favorable metals — tin and zinc;
  • Plant mascot — mushrooms, water lily;
  • Animal Mascot — Albatross;
  • Lucky numbers are 1, 30, 2, 10.

Radmir does not mark the day of the angel or the name day, since this male name is not on the lists of Catholic and Orthodox Christians.

Different aspects of life

A person named Radmir is distinguished by good health, but due to excessive emotionality, he is prone to nervous breakdowns, and because of his dislike for physical work and pleasures, he is prone to obesity.

In a career he succeeds, most of all, this person is attracted by creative professions — an actor, a journalist, a scientist, he can also become a good athlete or entrepreneur.

The meaning of the name Radmir - character, fate and compatibility

Such a person marries late, because most of his life comes first in his career, not his family, but from a certain age everything changes. He has friendly and partner relations with his wife, although he is unlikely to help her with housework.

He loves children and tries to provide them a decent future.

Compatible with female names

The most favorable union, based on trust and mutual understanding, will be formed by a man named Radmir with such girls as: Polina, Arina, Barbara, Alesia, Milan, Veronika, Irina.

Medium compatibility awaits him in the park with girls who are named like this: Ksenia, Olesya, Uliana, Eva, Alexandra, Ekaterina, Sofia, Anna, Miroslava, Kamila, Victoria, Yana, Vasilisa, Natalya, Alena, Alina, Christina.

He absolutely should not mess with the girls by name: Valeria, Taisiya, Tatiana, Sofia.

Famous people with this name

Among the men who bear this name, there are famous people who in their lives manifest characteristic of this name character traits. Among them is Radmir Gabdullin — the famous and successful fighter of mixed martial arts. And also Radmir Nureyev — the main billiard coach in the whole Moscow confederation.

Radomir Vasilevsky — Soviet film director.

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