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The meaning of the name Radik: character, career and love compatibility

Radik — energetic name, health, talents and fate

The name Radik has more than one appearance story:

  • The first is the Greek roots, meaning “ray of sunshine”. The Greek original version of the name is Radium.
  • The second is Russian, Slavic origin; the basis of the name is the root «glad», with the meaning «joy».
  • The third version of the Arabic, according to her, Radik — one of the variations of the name Radif.

In everyday life there is a huge number of forms of pronouncing the name, simple — Radya, Radiy, Radif, Rad, Radim and complex — Radomir, Radmir, Radislav, Radoslav, Radimir, Radosvet.

The nature of the name and fate

The childhood years of Radium pass under the sign of un-cheerful energy, outdoor games and positive. The little boy delivers a lot of trouble to parents and educators, for which he has many comments.

Physically, it is difficult for him to sit in one place. His overflowing seething optimism and enthusiasm.

The meaning of the name Radik: character, career and love compatibility

Often Radya grows in a large family, knows how to direct communications and defend their own opinions. He is also a good friend, a strong defender and adviser.

A great option for the development and direction of a cheerful disposition on the right track — sport. Many parents see this as a busy child. The section of sports games or martial arts will temper the character of the young man, will make friends with an active lifestyle forever.

Although he may not become a professional athlete.

Invariably brave, persistent, independent. From an early age he knows that success will have to be achieved by persistent, hard work.

Education is not easy to obey Radik, restlessness interferes throughout the school way. Favorite subject — physical education.

The name has a positive charge, Radium is a bright, complacent person. With age, this fact becomes even clearer.

Decency and responsiveness distinguish a man, create a flattering reputation.

Radik is a fan of traveling to nature, fishing, relaxing with friends, family. Interested in organizing educational trips and excursions.

Love, family, compatibility

Glad attractive to women throughout life. Able to beautifully and sophisticated care, seeking reciprocal feelings. Can simply «discourage» the girl from the opponent.

Generous, do not stint on the bounty, his beloved lucky and sexually.

To please Radik, a young person should have the following qualities: tenderness, gentleness, and warm-heartedness. He will not like ladies with bad habits, vulgar and foolish.

Will appreciate a good hostess, who knows how to cook and give home comfort and warmth.

Great spouse, attentive and caring. The family will always be financially independent, Radiy works a lot.

Despite the almost full employment and career, the family pays attention.

A man gives compliments and recognition to his wife, loves children very much. In the tradition — joint outdoor activities, outdoor games, swimming, tennis battles. The love of a healthy lifestyle shows by example to children; they adopt a positive image of the father and family man.

Most likely to become a large family!

The meaning of the name Radik: character, career and love compatibility

Radik does not look «on the side», he does not like alcohol. One can only dream of such a husband!

The second half reciprocates the spouse — in love, respected and proud of him.

An excellent couple with women named: Faith, Alexandra, Darius, Lyubov, Nadezhda, Zalina, Zarina, Milena, Arina, Safina, Rushan, Karina, Liana, Julia, Camilla.

What profession is suitable — career and business

Radik is very physically efficient. He is pleased to execute orders, follow the collective plan. Reliable, diligent employee.

A lot of time to work.

Rarely, but can leave unfinished business, losing the excitement and faith in success. In other cases, you can rely on it.

He is suited for a dynamic, diverse activities, does not like routine. The work, where the conditions of performance are constantly changing, there is the inevitability of making lightning decisions — this is for Radik.

Professions: Pharmaceutical, Medical, Press, Sports Trainer, or Clerk. There is a chance to build a military career, work in law enforcement.

Can choose rare professions: designer, fashion designer, jeweler, sign language interpreter.

The meaning of the name Radik: character, career and love compatibility

There is a small percentage of the owners of their own business. The work «on itself» does not bring satisfaction to the Rada, feels part of the team and the company much more comfortable and productive.

Knowing how to make quick decisions, I am glad, however, he is not famous for his love for adventures and illegal enrichment. He should keep away from “fast” money, avoid unnecessary risk.

A man will reach the heights in any profession, inspired by his hobby.

Many representatives of the name made a career as a professional athlete.

Health name

Radik is an optimist, a man of enormous energy. From school, not indifferent to physical education and sport. Do not accept bad habits in life.

Because of this, for many years, keeps its body in good shape, is in excellent mood.

In mature years there is a possibility of diseases of the joints, ligaments. Reception of multivitamin complexes is necessary.

Astrology, angel’s day

  • Heavenly body — the sun
  • Zodiacal constellation — Leo, Aries
  • Rock Olivine
  • Hue coloring — orange, yellow brown
  • Plant — cedar, ginger
  • Animal — Condor

Radik does not celebrate the name, the name is not in the church calendar, because of Islamic affiliation. When churching, the day of the angel is marked by the date of the assigned name.

Horoscopic character features

Capricorn — explosive character: temperament stormy, but easily appeased. Very talented.

Radik does not like to travel, tied to their native places.

Aquarius is flattering and he loves himself to be pleased. Demanding family man, he is suitable for a domineering and calm woman.

Pisces — smooth character, stable emotional background. Dislikes risk, calculates and weighs any decision.

Aries — neat, everything needs order. Picky and pedantic.

It will be held in the profession, it works until old age.

Taurus — conflict-free, seasoned. Excellent professional in their field.

He loves his family, is proud of her, is respectful to the older generation.

Gemini — Radik patient, modest. Self-education throughout life — valuable employee.

Cancer — at times unbalanced, for a long time looking for a partner. Decent worker and family man.

Can do business and make good money.

Leo — needs praise and approval. High opinion of yourself. In the family dominates.

Reads a lot, educated.

Virgo — discreet, hides emotions. In anger, he controls himself badly.

The family is not particularly happy, the outlet — work.

Scales — a good boss, he will not cover the details. Caring, fair, but strict leader.

Sagittarius — a careerist, has high professional ambitions. Pleasant to communicate, but careful.

Scorpio is a family man, proud of his children and wife. Curious in life, interested in technology, works a lot.

Recognizable person with the name Radik

  • Radik Gareev — operatic soloist
  • Radik Iboyan — Mixed Style Fighter
  • Radik Yamlikhanov — football player
  • Radik Yulyakshin — singer, actor
  • Radi Pogodin — children’s writer
  • Radiy Ilkaev — physicist
  • Radik Kulievt — a sculptor (Azarbaijan)
  • Radik Martirosyan — a scientist
  • Radik Khasanov — Mixed Martial Arts Fighter
  • Radik Zakiev — hockey player
  • Radik Zalyaev — Hero of Socialist Labor

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