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The meaning of the name Photinia — the bright destiny of the owner

The meaning of Photinia for women’s fate and character

The very beautiful meaning of the name Photinha is radiant, light, carrying light. The word first appeared in Greek (φωτεινός) — sounds like [photinos], and thanks to the spread of Christianity throughout the world, it became known.

During the formation of the Russian state, the women who wore it were not uncommon. It remained in the peasant environment up to the 20th century.

Today, almost no one is called that, although there is interest in such names. In the modern language «Svetlana» is recognized as a synonym.

The meaning of the name Photinia - the bright destiny of the owner

Other forms

  • Photinha — common people.
  • Photina — church
  • Fotka, Fatka, Fatyukha — razg.
  • Fotoyushka, Fotya, Photenka — diminutive.
  • Photinium — male version.

A girl named Photinia is almost always an idealist. Her inclination to bring up the pedestal of the person she liked often plays a nasty joke with her. Rarely does anyone fit the fantasized image, and then she becomes disappointed.

Her demands are not all about good quality.

Inherent in a strong desire for perfection in everything. Very negatively perceives any, even the most insignificant disadvantages of loved ones. In general, the girl is friendly, sociable.

Likes to meet for the benefit of friends very limited circle. Easily calculates a liar, and lie to her there is no way.

If he convicts a friend of hypocrisy, parting with him without regret forever. Those whom you trust will always be supported in a difficult moment, will be faithful.

A woman has a weakness that gives her a lot of trouble. If he sees that it is not easy for someone, he takes it under his wing, although sometimes she is not asked to do so.

The trait that does the honor of Fote is hard work. In the profession, in her studies, she always gets the most important projects.

Vanity, which is sometimes too bloated, sometimes interferes with the implementation of plans.

Fortune favors the girl from her early years. She almost does not meet difficulties, and the fact that others are mined with all their strength comes easily, without tension.

However, the pet of fate does not like to be idle, she often uses all the talents multiplied by hard work and effort to achieve lofty goals.

Never alone, if she herself does not wish. Everybody loves her, she is sociable and can convince a person of her beautiful location to him, although sometimes he is unpleasant. This is done solely from rational mercantile motives.

Despite her some arrogance, a woman will never go over her head, but she will not lose her.

Different characteristics and secrets

  • Crystal talisman — hematite, obsidian.
  • Numbers — 3, 9.
  • Patron Planet — Saturn.
  • Happy day — Saturday.
  • Zodiac — Aquarius.
  • Metal — lead.
  • Totem — ant, mole.
  • Metal — lead.
  • Favorable plant: wrestler, cumin, pine.
  • Color: black, shades of dark gray.

The meaning of the name Photinia - the bright destiny of the owner

According to the Christian canons, the name day of Photina is marked

  1. 13 (26) .02. — prp. Photinia
  2. 26 (11) .03. — m. Photinia
  3. March 20 (02.04). — m. Samaritan woman Photinia.

All sides of life

Love and relationships

Being a young lady is in the anxious waiting of the prince on horseback. Almost from the cradle she dreams of a magnificent wedding.

In such dreams, she does not notice the real contenders for her hand, sometimes very worthy guys.

If the prince did not show up, the girl embodies her dreams with a suitable young man for this purpose. Often she simply suffocates her chosen one with a wave of emotions and passion, if he gives in at the first couple, then further development of events may no longer be.

About what the family nest will be the woman already knows in advance and with a firm step goes to the goal. For her, it is often important that she meets her dreams, under which she diligently drives all that is possible. She will play the role of the housewife’s wife until she has played enough, then again she wants to change something.

For the husband attitude will be even and respectful. Passions that were in full swing before marriage are no longer interesting to her.

How a mother is ready to realize herself fully. Loves children and do not mind having them in large quantities.

Professional side

Thanks to diligence and hard work can become a highly qualified doctor or a good economist. It will make a good middle manager:

  • head teacher
  • kindergarten manager
  • general sales manager and more.

Compatibility with men by name

Marriage and relationships for Foti will be successful with Nikolay, Grigory, Ruslan, Vadim, Stepan, Konstantin.

Difficulties will arise with Arseny, George, Arthur, Vyacheslav, Nikita.

If the name of the chosen person is not in this list, it means that there are several possible developments.

Personalities in history and modernity

Photinia Samaritan Woman

It is believed that she lived in Samaria, having once talked with Christ, understood that her erratic life was wrong. After that, all the relatives, including sons, began to preach Christianity.

In the period of Nero’s persecution of 65-68, Fotinia from Carthage together with her son were summoned to the capital, where the sovereign demanded that everyone who arrived there renounce the faith.

After suffering, the emperor threw the whole family into a dungeon and forgot about them. Remembering after 3 years, he sent slaves to visit them. they reported that the prisoners were in good health, unharmed.

In addition, the place of their imprisonment has become a place of pilgrimage. The enraged Nero ordered to crucify the men for three days, but they remained unharmed.

The guards, seeing the crucified, were blind, and the angel untied them and returned the forces to the prisoners, who prayed over the slaves and made them sighted. So the servants of Nero became Christians, seeing a miracle. By order of the monster from the saints alive, they tore off their skin and decapitated them, leaving Fotinia even for flour.

She only laughed at the proposal to renounce Christ, for which she was thrown into a well, where she died.

The meaning of the name Photinia - the bright destiny of the owner

Mother Photinia

Self-proclaimed ecclesiastical activities, which does not recognize the ROC. I built a temple in the Nizhny Novgorod region with my own money by selling an apartment. He leads the service, there are parishioners, publishes his books.

Today he calls himself Mother Mary.

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