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The meaning of the name Peter — variants of fate and peculiarities of character

Peter — the meaning of the name, character traits and fate

The name Peter of ancient Greek origin means rock, stone. This value can be interpreted as — unshakable, reliable, solid.

Other forms of the name of Peter, Petro, Petrusha, Pete, Pierre, Petros.

Angel Day Peter celebrates three times: July 12 — in honor of St. Peter — the disciple of Jesus, who gave him this name; July 8 — in honor of Peter and Fevronia of Murom. The holy prince was devoted to his faith, honored and respected the people, loved his family.

This day is considered to be an Orthodox holiday dedicated to love, family and loyalty.

General interpretation

  • The planet patron of the name is the Moon;
  • Zodiac sign — Cancer;
  • The tree that gives strength and energy is birch;
  • The color of luck and happiness is turquoise, green;
  • Charm stone — emerald.

Peter’s childhood and adolescence — behavioral patterns and main character traits

Baby Petenka grows very stubborn, easily excitable, stubborn child. He always demands heightened attention, loves compliments and kind words addressed to him.

The boy is active and endowed with certain talents, but in order to learn and develop his abilities, his parents definitely need to deal with him.

The meaning of the name Peter - variants of fate and peculiarities of character

This child will receive the best education, if it grows up in a circle of brothers and sisters. They will create a certain competition for him, which will encourage Peter to express his leadership qualities, show initiative, and work in a team will be a provocation for action. This is important for Petenka, as he is prone to laziness and apathy.

Dispel this can only motivating and inspiring him to the next feats.

At school, Peter is a bright and erudite student. He is curious, inquisitive, has a tendency to both exact and humanities. But all this positive image often spoils inattention, explosive nature, expressiveness.

He loves to dream and make plans for the future. Talking about something, you can get carried away so that the story will easily become a figment of the boy’s violent fantasy.

Such unbridled emotional behavior sometimes spoils his academic performance, but despite this, he successfully finishes school and enters a higher educational institution. Here the young maximalist becomes more sedate, conscious and down to earth.

At this age, student Peter begins to show more and more firmness, perseverance, stubbornness. This young man is an ardent fighter for justice, a fearless, independent leader who is ready to repulse his enemies and protect the weak from offenders.

A sufficiently independent young man begins to form his own view of the world, a clear and uncompromising attitude, beliefs, and a sphere of interests. It is always straightforward, open and understandable to people.

But often behind his uncontrollability, sharpness, toughness and courage hides a vulnerable and sensitive person who is able to have his fears and weaknesses.

In the company of his peers, he is quite sociable, has a good sense of humor, he always has a couple of jokes or funny stories in stock. But he is not ready to let anyone into the close circle of friends.

His complex nature does not tolerate compromises, despises petty and insincere people.

On senior courses, Peter seeks to be the first, to occupy a leading position in everything. But his unpredictable nature and the constant change of interests often leads to the fact that he begins to do not his business.

His ability and potential would be enough to build a dizzying career, but often he chooses a different path.

Petya does not go with the flow, having the strength of will, hardness and stubbornness, he is trying to influence the course of events, to manage difficult life circumstances. Having not received a positive result, he may become depressed, since he is not used to failing.

Career, personal life, health — how will be the fate of an adult Peter

By the age of thirty, Peter is a mature and authoritarian man, who still does not hide his emotional nature. It combines courage and tenderness, generosity and disdain for wastefulness, warmth and toughness.

Admiration of Peter, honoring his virtues is the key to the discovery of his creative energy. Realizing that he is loved and appreciated, Peter is ready for great things, forgetting about laziness and past failures.

Petya is a freedom-loving nature. The field of activity he often chooses such where he can be a free bird, not limited by the possibilities of the office and the rules of the internal labor schedule. Often, such people prefer an independent business or administrative position, which does not require sensitive guidance from above.

But it is possible that Peter will become a good military leader, lawyer or investigator, since it has a tendency to analyze, systematize, discipline and order.

The meaning of the name Peter - variants of fate and peculiarities of character

The name Peter energetically laid the creative beginning. But it will take place if it was encouraged and developed in childhood.

In this case, from Petenka get a talented actor, journalist, artist, writer.

Peter is often unstable in behavior and shows that he is a man of mood. He can become a good leader by achieving a position in society, but his tendency to change will encourage him to quickly change his position, starting from the beginning.

Some men named Peter have a penchant for closed activities that require knowledge of psychology and have extrasensory abilities. Such a Peter is very hidden, hardly noticeable to others, inventive and has a strong energy.

The financial situation of Peter is very unstable. He can be a very wealthy person, occupying a special status in society or, on the contrary, experience eternal monetary difficulties while struggling with failures.

But whatever difficulties Peter might have expected, he courageously endures adversity. Often life for him is a series of obstacles.

Without these difficulties, he probably would not like to change his profession, change his place of residence, go on a risky and extreme journey. Therefore, the more barriers there are in his way, the stronger his motivation for action.

Peter prefers to love bright, beautiful and strong women, but not deprived of female affection, tenderness and gentleness. He is not in a hurry to marry, but strongly attracts women like themselves — with a male character.

Petya is jealous by nature, but for no reason will not contrive a scandal. In his companion is always looking for support and approval of his actions.

She should inspire him and be a muse, relieving from laziness.

If a married woman begins to dominate and rule Peter, he will definitely part with such a person. And will not be in a hurry with the choice of a new bride. But be sure to pay attention to the smart, cheerful and gentle beauty.

It is worth noting that Peter is strongly attached to his mother and often seeks a spouse with a similar character or appearance.

Peter is very fond of children, with their appearance, Peter is changing for the better. He becomes more calm, soft and sentimental.

Changing the lifestyle of Peter and his values. What seemed important before may now seem ridiculous and empty.

During this period, he becomes very hospitable, loves to sit down with friends in a warm family atmosphere.

Peter’s health can be a concern if he does not guard against fire, natural disasters, and extreme sports. In adulthood, there may be eye problems.

Famous people named Peter

  • Tsar Peter the Great — a reformer, the last of the Romanov dynasty, made major changes in the Russian way of life;
  • Peter Stolypin — Reformer and statesman;
  • Petr Alekseev — a chemist, one of the first who was engaged in enlightenment in the field of organic chemistry;
  • Peter Weil — journalist, writer, presenter, member of the Academy of Russian Literature. Winner of international literary awards.

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