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The meaning of the name Olivia — life and fate, the main character traits

All about the meaning of the name Olivia: the formation of character and fate

Latin gave another beautiful female name — Olivia, meaning «olive tree». Italians consider it their own and give them a different meaning: “carrying the world”, “peaceful”.

Derived from the word oliva, along with a sprig of a symbolic tree in ancient times was a sign of consent and peace.

The meaning of the name Olivia - life and fate, the main character traits

The ancient Romans had a male distribution — Olive, with a similar meaning. Today it is extremely rare. In Italy, the city of Trivigliano, in the opinion of its inhabitants, is under the protection of the Catholic saint Oliva (Olivia).

In Russia, there are almost no girls with that name.

Variants of the name Olivia in different countries

Europeans quite often call their daughters that way, in most cases the sound and the spelling are about the same, except for some exceptions.

  • Olivia — Danish, Spanish, Norwegian, Italian, German, Romanian, Swedish, Finnish.
  • Olive — English.
  • Oliwia — Polish.
  • Olivie — French.
  • Olivie — Czech.
  • Olívia — Portuguese, English

Short form

Despite the rarity, diminutive and short forms are quite a lot:

Lovers traveling to different countries in the passport will be — OLIVIIA.

The meaning of the name Olivia - life and fate, the main character traits

Livi’s character

A child with a given name will be different positivity and sociability. Always find contact with a person of any age.

It is never alone, but it can also be fine without a company. The girl is self-sufficient and inexhaustible.

Always calm, do not wait for impulsive actions from her.

For excellent study there is all the data: a clear memory, ability. Laziness does not bypass it, but this is usually an exception. Performance does not suffer from this.

Little Oli distinguishes perseverance. It rarely leaves the job.

Hobbies, thanks to this, become professional.

The nervous system is not very strong, although it seems like an extremely calm person. Criticism is perceived with difficulty. May withdraw into himself, be depressed, lose interest in food.

Having matured, the girl tests such things extremely seldom. There may be pain in the intestines.

A woman by name rarely offends anyone, although she is quite straightforward. Perfectly copes with understanding the state of the soul of others.

Friends love to talk to her. Relationships will be good with everyone who treats them adequately. The girl is sympathetic and kind heart.

Her desire to help sometimes brings inconvenience and harm.

The love of professionalism helps to build a successful career. As a team leader, she, too, is on top.

Often, Olive is the medium head. For her in the workplace there can be no loosening to anyone, here she is tough.

This can happen even to the detriment of relationships with employees.

Harmony and peace reign in the family, and all because the girl is not in a hurry to the altar and chooses her companion for a long time. Marriage for her is not the main goal.

More important is the search for a congenial person. Combines all aspects of life, not highlighting too one of them.

Households are sometimes jealous of her passion for other things besides their personalities.

Fate name

Wei is very responsible from an early age. The disadvantages include some closure.

Sometimes she just needs loneliness. Don’t mind sitting with a book, skipping a party with friends. Growing up is becoming more serious.

Pragmatism is strongly manifested in affairs. Sentimentality remains in his youth.

Acts very deliberately. However, her family is still tender, which leads her to a happy family life.

Ladies named after Olivia are valuable to their bosses. They are entrusted with matters requiring responsibility, settlement. Professions that are more suited to them:

Loves the company of men, in the sense that she was pleased with their attention, but nothing more. In the chosen one he seeks independence, strength and often finds a spouse with such qualities.

Despite demanding, she adores her children.

Marriage is usually later, not due to the lack of fans. Olivet always has them in abundance.

She chooses, sometimes the requirements are so high that you have to search for a satellite for a long time. Due to this quality, she is happily married.

She does not have to be disappointed. Mutual understanding always reigns in her house.

The state of the body can not be called perfect. If in adolescence there were problems with the gastrointestinal tract, then the mature joints will begin to fail.

Pain will sometimes be very sensitive, but the patient and secretive Wee will never spread about them. She will try to deal with the illness on her own so as not to disturb her beloved households.

The meaning of the name Olivia - life and fate, the main character traits

Patrons for Olivia, characteristics

To the secrets of the name can be attributed a sharp contrast of softness in human communication and authoritarian ways in the labor field.

  • Totem guarding — mole, donkey.
  • Zodiac sign — Aquarius or Capricorn.
  • Lucky number — 4.
  • Plant — root, ivy.
  • Stone — chalcedony.
  • The main color is gray, mouse.
  • Good Luck Day — Saturday.

Orthodox names are absent. Catholics

Compatible with other names

Marriage is most often long lasting or for life with the following carriers

It will be difficult with Ilya, Boris, Sasha, Yasha.

People who glorified the name of Olivia

  • Olivia T. Longgott — famous singer, American.
  • Olivia d’Abo — film actress (UK).
  • Olivia Calpo — Miss Universe 2012 (USA).
  • Olivia Rogowska — athlete, tennis (Australia).
  • Olivia Tr. Arias — was awarded the 2005 Grammy, the spouse of one of the Beatles J. Harrison.
  • Olivia Ruiz (Blanc) — singer (France).
  • Olivia Suluk — Princess of Haiti.
  • Olivia Shakespeare is a 19-20th writer in England.
  • St. Oliva — Martyr, 9th c. (Italy)

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