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The meaning of the name Olga — character, fate and its meaning

Female name Olga — the characteristic, the origin of the name and its essence

The meaning of the name Olga - character, fate and its meaning

This name is widely known not only in Russia, it is also common in Europe. On other continents, it is more known as Helga.

Olga’s Angel Day marks July 24 (11) — the name day of St. Blessed Princess Olga.

Astrological Symbols

  • Zodiac sign — Cancer.
  • Planet — Uranus.
  • Stone — Amber.
  • Yellow color.
  • Flora — Birch, buttercup
  • Animal World — Leopard.

Main character traits


Olga is a serious person, thoughtful, prone to introspection. She is against liberty and obsession in relationships, a supporter of ethical norms in everything.


Grievances perceives hard, in actions often lack perseverance. He hardly asks for forgiveness and does not forgive herself either.

The girl grows impressionable and vulnerable. Even from a simple remark can shed a tear. On the other hand, she is stubborn in her actions, even when she feels wrong.

Can show and rudeness. She is sociable, friendly equally well with girls and boys, always ready to keep the conversation going. Despite their abilities, learn without hunting.

She has no particular problems at school.

Mature age

Despite her visual appeal, Olga has a strict and demanding character, she always knows what she wants. She knows how to control her feelings, her patience helps her overcome any obstacles.

Professional activity

Olga has all the data to become a leader; she can manifest herself in physical and intellectual work. The work demonstrates an enviable work capacity.

Perseverance and ambition help her to move up the career ladder. She does not like to be only a housewife.

Relationships with men

Olga in this regard, moral nature, does not allow outsiders to interfere in their personal lives. She takes her first love to heart. If she did not lead to marriage, the girl takes it hard.

In the future, she will constantly compare her new gentlemen with her first man. This can cause a long search for your lover to create a family.

Olga is jealous, sensitive to deception and pretense.

At an early age there are no specific health problems. Only more attention should be paid to the respiratory system. Later, she is prone to complications from the flu.

Olga’s main health problems begin at a mature age. After childbirth, the condition of the teeth worsens,

The meaning of the name Olga - character, fate and its meaning

Horoscope name

  1. Aries — an emotional and sensitive nature. She can not choose a permanent one. She is always not satisfied with something. She is a pleasant woman, but she does not have the right approach to a man, trying to subdue him. Loyalty is not particularly different.
  2. Taurus — friendly and emotional nature. Often, she is at the mercy of her feelings, so her actions are not always explainable. She needs to feel the approval of the people around her in order to be confident in her actions. She needs a tough man who will protect her and give tenderness.
  3. Twins — independent, but vulnerable nature. Individual, sociable and intelligent woman. Opinion of people around can negatively affect her behavior. Due to its originality, it attracts men.
  4. Cancer — sensual and dreamy nature. This woman is full of passion and imagination. To draw attention to herself, she uses any means. It can manipulate people in such a way that they do not notice it. With her irresistibleness she is able to charm any man. For relationships, she needs a reliable partner, in whose feelings she will be sure.
  5. The lion is an open and picky person. Such a woman seeks to please all people around. Has a sense of dignity, so rarely cunning. If he feels hostility towards a person, then immediately stops communicating with him. Able to keep his promise. She has a lot of male fans. Married out of love and will be faithful to his family.
  6. Virgo — calm and polite nature. There is an inner uncertainty in her, so when communicating with people she is not completely frank. She is a reliable and capable woman, always ready to help in a difficult situation. Finding an approach to her is not so easy. When she gets married, she becomes an excellent wife, able to create comfort and harmony in everything in the house.
  7. Scales — elegant and delicate nature. A woman with a patient character. He knows how to listen to a person, does not impose his opinion. Does not like impatient and persistent men, always looks great. She will be faithful only to a decent and elegant man.
  8. Scorpio is a romantic and complex nature. She always strives to get new bright impressions, tends to exaggerate human character traits. This prevents her from realistically assessing the situation. May fall in love with an inaccessible man and suffer from it. Such a woman must always proceed from the existing reality.
  9. Sagittarius — energetic and unbalanced nature. Loves to fantasize and love adventures. New adventures attract her. She needs an extraordinary man who can not let her get bored and realize her aspirations.
  10. Capricorn — smart and touchy nature. Such a woman outwardly may seem indifferent, although in her heart she is sensitive and vulnerable. Everything takes to heart. She needs understanding, so she will trust only a caring man.
  11. Aquarius — good-natured and sensitive nature. This woman diligently treats affairs, kind-hearted, responsive, extremely vulnerable. Sometimes suffers from its forgetfulness. She is too impressionable in real life. In a love relationship, she lacks experience, so she can remain single for a long time.
  12. Fish — timid and dreary nature. Her character is insecure, she is not even capable of standing up for herself. A difficult situation in life can be the cause of its deep life decline. Such a woman needs a strong man who is able to solve all her questions and to support morally.

Dependence of nature on birth by season

  1. Spring — an elegant and attractive woman, can easily attract a man, but to choose a candidate for the role of her husband is strictly. There is no shortage of gentlemen.
  2. Summer — direct and naive, easy to fall in love. She has a lot of friends. Her open nature sometimes hurts her, although she quickly recognizes deceptive people.
  3. Autumn — overly economic and business woman. She is persistent and focused on results. She likes everything to go according to her plan. In a relationship with men, prudent, which can cause a long absence of family. However, prudence helps her successfully build her career.
  4. Winter is a balanced woman, aimed at intimate relationships, although her main goal is to create a reliable family. In a man, she appreciates the constant attention and kindness. Negative traits of her character — pride and vanity.

Male Name Compatibility

  • A successful marriage will be with Igor, Victor, Leo, Semyon and Oleg, Boris.
  • Tense relationships await with Denis, Andrey, Peter and Bogdan.

The meaning of the name Olga - character, fate and its meaning

Famous personalities

  1. Cabo — Soviet and Russian actress.
  2. Knipper-Chekhov — Russian actress, Chekhov’s wife.
  3. Aroseva is a Russian actress.

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