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The meaning of the name Olesya — character, tastes, fate, amulet, totem, name day

Olesya — not only from Polesia: the meaning of the name, fate and love

Recently, this name has become popular — this is mentioned even in one of the novels of Akunin. Is it good or bad?

Will the owner of this feminine name covered with the Polissian legends be happy or unhappy?

The meaning of the name Olesya - character, tastes, fate, amulet, totem, name day

What does this name mean?

The main version of the origin is considered Slavic. Our ancestors had a great honor the name Lesana (it meant «forest», «living in the forest»).

Philologists are sure: later this name had many options: Lesya, Alesya, Olesya.

It is also believed that this is simply a shortened form of longer female names. Say, Alexandra («defender» from the Greek), Alena («shining», also from the Greek).

Friendly appeal to the bearer of this name: Olesechka, Lesyechka, Lesya, Olya. And when they get angry, they exclaim: Leska or Olka!

What character gives the name of his mistress?

Pluses: Les is very active, loves sports. This is an independent, distinguished personality. She always believes in herself, and no failure can unsettle her.

She is honest, always says what she thinks. Optimist.

Disadvantages: the girl is prone to eccentric acts, in her youth, casting fear on her parents, and in a more mature age — on her spouse or children. She does not trust others, relying solely on her own strength in everything (although they often overestimate them).

Life, that is the fate of Olesya

  • Childhood. Outwardly, the girl resembles a dad, but by nature — a spilled mother. She prefers to be friends with girls, and she demonstratively does not notice the guys (even enchanted by the beauty and independence of this baby).
  • Youth. While her contemporaries dream of becoming teachers, singers or hairdressers, this girl is interested in typical male professions. No matter how her parents persuade her, she will submit documents to the “navigator” or to the geological department. True, after learning a couple of years among the guys, she can understand that she was mistaken after all, and transfer to an economic one in order to become an accountant.
  • Maturity. This bright girl does not ban herself near the stove — she likes to be among people, as they say, to show herself and watch others. Most of all, she loves to be “some sort of thing,” so she can master a strange profession (say, a pathologist, mountaineer), and stick to a particular style of clothing.

Interesting facts for lovers of esotericism and astrology

The meaning of the name Olesya - character, tastes, fate, amulet, totem, name day

  • An ideal sign of the zodiac: Aquarius. So if your daughter was born from January 21 to February 21, it is a sign: it is the name Olesya who “asks” for her!
  • Stone mascot: coral.
  • Patron of the planet: Uranus.
  • Color name: shade of sea wave.
  • Animal totem: jellyfish.
  • A plant that serves as a source of strength for a carrier named: willow and sea anemone (aka sea anemone, the closest relative of a coral polyp).

Nameless Olesya: they are not, because in the calendar there is no such saint or martyr. When baptism Lesya can choose different names, but most often the father will advise the name of Alexander.

Angel Day for women who chose him: in the spring — April 2, as well as May 6 and 31, and in the winter — November 19.

Different aspects of life

  • Love. Most often, the girl — odnolyubka, loyal and gentle. In relationships, she never «wags», but often turns out to be jealous. Partner will choose a strong, and all his life will reach for his «bar». Her boyfriend or spouse needs to be prepared for the fact that Lesa will always want something new: today she has a rather romantic dinner in a restaurant, and tomorrow there will not be enough love on the roof.
  • Family. The first marriage of Olesya can burst, but the second is guaranteed to be strong. In general, the family for this bright girl plays a very important role. For the sake of children, she can even give up work — in this case, Mommy will give up all her originality to be raised (for example, by starting to harden her tokens using the Nikitin system, or to teach them English from the age of two).
  • Health and disease. As a little girl, she does not “crawl out” of sore throats and bronchitis. At transitional age, it outgrows these misfortunes. In many ways, sport helps her to be in a good physical company.

With which man, Lesya, is destined to know happiness, and with which — bitterness?

  • A happy marriage to a girl is guaranteed with: Andrey, Anton, Dmitry, Denis, Vitaly, Vadim, Evgeny, Maxim (this is not only the ideal husband for Lesya, but also the best business partner), Nikita, Roman, Ilya, Igor, Oleg, Kirill, Konstantin, Leonid.
  • A more or less even relationship (though not without “shoals”) will develop with: Alexander, Vladimir, Marat.
  • And these guys will not be able to make Olesya happy: Artem, Vladislav, Sergey, Ivan, Mikhail, Nikolay, Pavel, Yuri. Alexey or Stanislav is a good lover for Olesya, but for a long time their bright relationship will not last.

Namesakes famous throughout the world

  1. Olesya Sudzilovskaya (1974) — Russian actress. She starred in films and TV shows “Lily of the Valley Silver”, “Stop on Demand”, “Gangster Petersburg”.
  2. Olesya Fattakhova (1989) — a serial actress from Russia (“Doctor Tyrsa”, “How I Met Your Mother” — Russian version).
  3. Olesya Zheleznyak (1974) — actress. Theaters (Lenkom, Theater on Malaya Bronnaya), cinema (“My Fair Nanny”, “Love in the Big City”).
  4. Alesya (1976) is the creative name of the soloist of the Syabry group from Belarus.
  5. Olesya Lyashenko (1979) — singer, former backing vocalist of the group “Mumiy Troll”. At the present time is engaged in a solo career.
  6. Olesya Malibu or Kozhevnikov (1989) — a person known in show business circles. She is called wet (a girl who has done a lot of plastic surgery). Became famous thanks to the popular show «Let’s Get Married», «House-2».
  7. Olesya Forsheva (1979) — athlete, Olympic champion.
  8. Olesya Barel (1960) — basketball player, master of sports.
  9. Olesya Zykina (1980) — athlete from Russia, world champion in running, Olympic champion.
  10. Olesya Abdullina (1989) — Latvian chess player, world and European champion. Born in Bashkortostan.
  11. Olesya Vladykina (1988) — Russian swimmer, paraolympics, champion and record holder.
  12. Olesya “Ali” Aliyeva (1977) is a skier from Adygea.

And in the end, of course, we cannot but remind the famous Soviet song of the group “Syabry” “Olesya”. Interestingly, the clip was created from frames of the same film, based on the story Kuprin.

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