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The meaning of the name Oksana — variants of fate and peculiarities of character

Oksana — the meaning of the name, how the character and habits can affect the fate

The name Oksana has Ukrainian roots, but, like other names, Oksana is credited with Greek origin. The name means hospitable.

And if we assume that Oksana is a derivative from the name of Ksenia, then it still matters — a stranger or stranger. Other forms of the name: Ksyusha, Aksinya, Ksenia.

General interpretation

  • The planet patronizing Oksana is Jupiter;
  • Totem animal — Elephant;
  • Zodiac sign — Aquarius;
  • Color that attracts well-being and luck — Green;
  • Stone-mascot — emerald.

Angel Day on February 6 in honor of the Orthodox Xenia of Petersburg. She was revered as a blissful wonderworker, healer and helper for all the suffering people.

The icon depicting St. Xenia is considered one of the miraculous. It strengthens faith and hope for the best.

Children’s and young years of Oksana. Characteristics and actions

Baby Oksana is born very clever and sensible child. She is not smart for years, active and observant. Ksyusha eagerly interested in everything that happens around.

She starts walking early, speaks, has a good memory.

Ksenia — a person of creative origin — this is already apparent from childhood. She prefers to spend her free time in the company of girls, is fond of needlework, sewing, knitting. But her plans can change quickly.

Inspired by the new idea, Ksyusha will easily give up the previous occupation.

The meaning of the name Oksana - variants of fate and peculiarities of character

Since Xenia’s childhood, the boys love it, they see something special and elusive in it. She is charming, cheerful and energetic, can easily inspire a group of friends to something new and interesting.

Ksenia is a person of mood, quickly changing priorities, prone to spontaneous decisions and hasty actions. Such rashness and impulsivity often become a cause for sadness and depression.

During her school years, Oksana is more interested in extracurricular work and circles than in basic subjects. She is a little lazy, prone to work that does not require an analytical mind.

But her excellent visual memory and ability to speak have a positive effect on grades in the certificate.

Xenia loves to pursue personal goals that she has set for herself. At the same time, the opinion and position of those around her is not important

In friendship, sometimes shows indifference and cares little for others.

As a teenager, Oksana is often not self-confident, modest and shy. During this period, inspiration is important to her. She dreams of traveling, beautiful clothes and a wealthy life.

Young Ksenia begins to be interested in esotericism, psychology, magic.

As a student, she learns to quickly adapt to any changes and act effectively in unusual situations. Ksyusha becomes more independent, but still impulsive and hasty, which affects the result of her actions.

A girl with such a sonorous name is very straightforward, open and firm in her moral principles. But sometimes you can expect unexpected spontaneous actions from her, which are very surprising and alarming to others.

In her youth, Oksana becomes more autonomous from her parents, realizing that her successful self-realization depends only on her abilities. In her work, she is not an innovator, but she is able to positively recommend herself qualitatively copying someone’s activity.

She is responsible and executive, if you entrust an important matter to her, then be sure that she will do it efficiently and on time.

A girl with a beautiful Ukrainian name attracts young people with her grace, hidden sexuality. With an extensive circle of acquaintances, she does not seek a serious relationship.

Xenia is diplomatic, courteous, delicate, does not like to provoke a conflict and tries to avoid quarrels with peers.

Oksana is notable for the lack of self-criticism. She is ready to blame destiny, relatives, former friends or lovers for her troubles and problems — anyone, but not herself.

But being an optimist, he is not discouraged and does not become self-contained, but tries to go further, bravely overcoming difficulties.

Her desire for freedom and independence can influence her plans and character. She becomes overly proud, sometimes proud of the conflict.

Ksyusha has no clear plan, prefers to live for one day, not trying to burden herself with the knot and the birth of children.

In maturity, Ksenia becomes a little bit bitchy, she can manipulate people’s feelings, play with their emotions. Her jokes become more impudent, caustic and sometimes cruel. It is in the name, as «Xenia» in ancient Greece called short stinging quatrains.

But she herself is also very sensitive and touchy.

Oksana quickly exhausts her internal resources and is subject to stress. Therefore, she sometimes has a need for solitude.

So she is resting, rethinking reality, gaining strength and energy.

Career, family, health — that will have value for Oksana

Professionally, Oksana is a person who is focused on results, not a process. She does not like to go deep into what does not bring her moral satisfaction.

It is also important for her to feel her independence and not to be subject to constant control from outside.

Independent Oksana prefers to live separately from her parents, but maintaining warm and friendly relations with relatives. She does not seek early marriage, but this does not mean that she will be completely absorbed in her career implementation.

Xenia can be fully realized in difficult, male professions that require high responsibility and dedication, as well as in areas related to business trips, communication with people and participation in social events. During life, she can change a number of professions, gaining new skills and trying herself in a different field.

Ksenia is material, she likes to dress expensive, travel, surround herself with beautiful things, but often lives beyond her means, experiencing financial difficulties. Ksyusha’s mistake is that she doesn’t know how to postpone and life on credit is acceptable to her.

The meaning of the name Oksana - variants of fate and peculiarities of character

With the advent of the family, Oksana is changing not only the lifestyle, but also the values, habits and addictions. She is ready to fully devote herself to children and her beloved man, having abandoned her career.

But this is only if the man is ready to fully provide it, satisfying all her material needs.

Ksenia is a peace-loving person, surrounded by loved ones trying to create and maintain warmth, comfort of a home. She loves her children very much and often indulges them too much. The spouse tries to rehabilitate, adapting his character for himself.

But more often than not, her attempts to do this are in vain.

The meaning of the name Oksana - variants of fate and peculiarities of character

Union with a man for Oksana will be favorable if his name: Philip, Paul, Arkady, Alexander. Relationships can be strained with Leonid, Vyacheslav, Roman.

Oksana’s health may vary depending on the period of birth. Ksenia, born in the autumn-winter months, is subject to alcohol and drug addiction.

It is also worth avoiding situations that can put her under stress and prolonged depression.

Spring-year-old Ksenia loves to be seduced, capricious, emotional, touchy. Her body is prone to colds and various viruses.

In more mature years, special attention should be paid to the cardiovascular system, kidneys, and liver.

Famous people named Oksana

  • Oksana Fedorova — Miss Universe, abandoning her title for a career. Leading the first channel of Russian television;
  • Oksana Fandera — one of the most beautiful film and theater actresses;
  • Oksana Domnina — Russian figure skater, Olympic bronze medalist, World and European champion;
  • Oksana Dmitrieva is a state and political figure, a deputy of the legislative assembly of Russia, a scientist and an economist.

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