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The meaning of the name of the World — the nature and options of fate

World — the meaning of the name, variants of fate and character traits

The name of the World has several versions of the origin. According to one of them, this name comes from the ancient Greek word myrrh, which means aroma-oil or resin, which was used in church services to perform the anointing ceremony.

The Slavic version says that the name comes from the Russian word «peace» and «grace.» And is an abbreviated form of names: Miroslav, Damir, Miralyuba, Mirabella.

In the Arabic version of the origin, the name is derived from the Emir, which means a princess or a child of royal blood.

The meaning of the name of the World - the nature and options of fate

And in Japanese wording, the name of the World is translated as treasure. Getting acquainted with the character of the name, you understand that all these translations have a place to be.

Main characteristic

  • The planet patron of the name is Jupiter;
  • The color that attracts luck and happiness — garnet or purple;
  • A tree that gives positive energy and strength is a hornbeam;
  • Health nourishing plant — clove;
  • Stone amulet — carbuncle;
  • Zodiac sign — Archer.

Features of behavior in childhood and adolescence, talents and inclinations of girls

Baby World is a very intelligent and serious child. This is not always combined with her puppet and sometimes theatrical appearance.

She is very cute, charming and not at all capricious, like most beautiful girls of her age.

Mirochka is friendly with her peers and older people, but she is not looking for a company of friends trying to impose her communication. Loneliness does not gnaw this little child, she will always find something to do.

She is interested in books and educational games, through these hobbies she develops a good memory, attention to trifles, the ability to think and analyze.

Already from an early age in this child some wisdom, discretion can be traced. Her masculine mindset, logic and consistency in actions are wonderfully combined with outward coquetry, femininity and cunning.

In high school, the World is a great student, showing great interest in learning foreign languages. During this period, she reflects on the area where she can realize her knowledge.

She dreams of associating her profession with the ability to travel, communicate with foreigners and replenish her soul with a baggage of new impressions about the world around.

The older Mira becomes, the more the playful and flirtatious person wakes up in her, full of enthusiasm, charm and light carelessness. She spends her free time on romantic dates, gaining new life experiences and reveling in self-confidence.

The meaning of the name of the World - the nature and options of fate

Student years change the World — this is a businesslike, practical and moderately self-serving girl. For her, material wealth is important.

The girl at any cost is trying to become a self-sufficient and financially independent person.

Mirochka loves to draw men’s views on herself, not paying attention to the morality of her actions and condemning the views of others. This concerns not only the girl’s personal connections.

She has a strong will and an independent outlook on life. Her dreams will never be the projection of someone’s desires.

It is concrete and clear for its own purposes.

The strong quality of the World is its independence and being outside the power of others. She can quickly find the road to success, because it will be different, original and extraordinary.

Mira, a student, has many clever and influential admirers, the future husband of this bright person will have to either accept their presence in her life, or leave on her own. The world is outrageous, sociable, witty, resourceful.

She always wants to draw attention to herself.

Realization in the profession, love and health of the Worlds

In more mature years, this charming woman is ironic and mocking towards herself, which looks very charming. She is still vain, likes to change places, scenery and a lot of communication.

Thanks to his knowledge of foreign languages, such a person can succeed in the profession of a translator, journalist, onboard guide for international flights. Her organizational skills can be useful in developing her own business.

Mira is fully capable of successfully managing a small team or group of colleagues supporting her views and ideas.

Mira is artistic nature, these makings are manifested from childhood, and if they develop, Mira can very well become a talented actress, dancer, and musician. In the business environment, she also tries to combine a business approach with creativity.

Mira can be opened by a design agency, drama studio or a development school for children. It is quite possible for her to unite talented artists and create her own art gallery.

In general, the more parents invest in the development of Mira, when she is still a child, the happier and more successful her adult life will be. She can easily achieve a stable and steady income.

The adult World is a cold, strict and sometimes calculating woman. She hides her natural femininity and vulnerability so as not to lose the authority and respect of others.

Persistent and demanding Mirochka sometimes lack patience and diligence.

Love and health

Mira’s family life is full of love and tenderness. If in her youth, this girl was not completely picky, then by the time the family was created, Mirochka was becoming wiser and more perspicacious. She tries to choose her husband quite ordinary and homely.

It is important for her that her husband was not jealous and loyal to her extensive business and friendly relations with other men.

Mira is trying to maintain her certain independence and personal space in the family, combining this with all family traditions, maintaining order and a favorable atmosphere in her home.

Her feelings for her husband are not always clear to others, she may seem completely indifferent and indifferent to her husband. But actually it is not.

Simply Mira tries not to advertise personal relationships and is closed to outsiders.

Perfect compatibility Worlds in marriage is possible with men named: Maxim, Alexander, Daniel, Mark, Makar, Gleb, Victor, Dmitry, Peter, Timofey. It is worth avoiding a serious connection with Artem, Nikolai, Semyon, Igor, Ruslan, Vadim, George, Alexei, Igor, Stepan.

If Mira’s companion respects her interests and supports her wishes, she is ready for many years to keep love and loyalty to her man. Mirochka loves her children, but is strict in their upbringing.

It is important for her that they learn independence, but they can always count on the help of loving parents.

Mira does not like big and noisy companies, preferring to cook tasty and original cooking exclusively for a close circle of relatives. She truly considers her family to be her fortress, the entrance to which is very limited.

The meaning of the name of the World - the nature and options of fate

Mira’s health does not exclude childhood illnesses, but they will be frivolous. Mira is always cheerful, energetic and has a good vitality. In adulthood, she rarely gets sick, sometimes experiencing mild headaches and general malaise.

At the same time, Mira is not indifferent to sport. She is fascinated by dynamic and sometimes extreme activities.

This woman’s energy and physical balance of power will remain for many years to come.

Famous people named Mira

  • Mira Nabelkova — linguist, member of the Council of Linguistics in Slovakia, organizer of various linguistic communities, seminars, awarded for her contribution to the linguistics of Slovakia;
  • Mira Sorvino — theater and film actress in America;
  • Mira Nanda — a writer from India, has made a great contribution in the field of history, philosophy, religion and science of India;
  • Mira Koltsova — a talented dancer and film actress of the Soviet era, teacher-choreographer, Honored Artist of the USSR;
  • Mira Furlan — film actress and singer from Croatia;
  • Mira Meir is a writer and poetess of Israeli origin, editor of literature for children and youth.

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