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The meaning of the name of the Evangeline — what to expect from the character and fate

Evangelina — the meaning of the name, how to determine the nature and predict the fate

Choosing the name of the unborn child, we wish that it was not just euphonic, but also endowed the baby with special talents and opportunities. What does the name of Evangelina, means in popular sources.

General interpretation

The name of the Gospel is derived from the ancient Greek name of the Gospel and is translated as good news. In the free old Russian translation it means — bringing the good news.

This name does not appear in the calendar holidays of the Orthodox Church and does not have an angel’s day.

  • Brief forms of the name of the Evangeline: Gel, Eve, Wangia, Lina
  • The planet patron of the name is the Moon;
  • Zodiac sign — Cancer;
  • Lucky beast — Fallow deer;
  • The color that attracts good and prosperity is white;
  • The plant that promotes spiritual growth and physical development — Aloe;
  • Totem stone — jade;
  • Perfect compatibility with male names: Boris, Victor, Vladimir, Igor, Peter, Semyon.

Learn the character to determine the profession

The nature of the Gospel is ambiguous. She is unnecessarily shy, shy and closed. He tries to keep unfamiliar people at a distance and will not share with them information about his personal life and plans.

But at the same time she is quite sociable and has a diverse circle of communication. It is important for her to trust someone to tell her secrets.

Otherwise it will be communication related to various areas of life: work, hobby, sports.

Gel is very energetic and active, it is interesting for her to live among purposeful and optimistic people. In search of new knowledge, experience, skills, she does not waste time on conflicts, scandals and quarrels.

If she is offended, she can forgive, since there is no rancor in her. But this does not mean that she will abandon her interests, she will just be able to find a compromise without harming herself and others.

The owner of this name is attractive in appearance, loves flattery and compliments in his address. But her sharp analytical mind, not female logic, allows her to perceive her own attractiveness adequately. Gelya tries to rely on her talents, abilities and sense of purpose.

But own self-esteem can be low if the bad luck begins. It is important that at such moments there was support from loved ones and relatives.

How childhood dreams will affect health and career in adulthood

In childhood, the Evangelina seems a bit clutched and closed. This is due to the fact that her inner emotionality does not correspond to her external calm image.

She does not know how to express her excitement and feelings, which suggests her passivity and infantilism.

In her youth, she acquires new qualities. With peers trying to be kind, honest and fair.

He always communicates on equal terms and quickly finds contact with new classmates. The gel becomes more open, bold and cheerful.

She loves to learn and tries to avoid bad grades. But humanitarian subjects are more easily given to her than exact sciences.

Being interested in the psychology, motivation and emotional intelligence of people, since her student years she has been able to understand people well. This is very useful for her in choosing a future profession and successful career development.

Evangelina is also interested in music and dancing. She does not miss the opportunity to move and show her grace, plasticity and good physical data, which undoubtedly will also affect the future.

Health is young strong Gels. She is hardy, alert and active. But some problems will bring the condition of the skin.

This will be due to allergic reactions to food, drugs, or the state of the environment ecology. Difficulties in digestion are also possible, you should stick to a diet and pay attention to the composition of products.

Already in his student years, the Evangelina is full of contradictions, as if two opposites coexist in it. On the one hand, she is modest and restrained, on the other hand, she can play the role of rebel and pacifist, fighting for her freedoms and the rights of the disadvantaged.

Such eccentricity contributes to its determination and quick decision-making. By this time, she already knows how to quickly achieve a result, while not going ahead.

Wisdom and intuition begin to wake up in it, realizing its advantages, Gelya begins to actively use it.

A characteristic feature of the girl named Evangelina is that she never learned to express her feelings, emotions and mental state through communication, appearance, facial expressions, gestures. Often, her appearance simply does not correspond to her inner world.

Modest Gela may seem vulgar, brisk or overconfident, just experimenting with clothes, makeup or hair.

Work or family — the choice of the Gospel

When choosing a field of activity, it is important for her to remain in a team and be useful. She seeks to perform the tasks efficiently and on time. Her penchant for perfectionism, initiative and leadership qualities encourage her colleagues.

It is capable of leading large masses of people, while not seeking to take a leadership position.

The meaning of the name of the Evangeline - what to expect from the character and fate

The gospel is often a believer, and the moral aspect of its activities is very important. She will never bargain with her conscience to increase her income and achieve financial independence. Although the material security of his life, she devotes a lot of time.

Accustomed to living in comfort and prosperity, she will not allow her to reduce her material status and will do everything possible so that her family reaches a comfortable existence.

Speaking about the profession, Evangelina can be successfully realized in the medical field, be a good teacher, psychologist, journalist and even a television announcer. Her bright appearance, emotionality and originality attract people, allowing you to be a favorite in the team.

She, in turn, receives energy exercises from admiration for her.

The meaning of the name of the Evangeline - what to expect from the character and fate

To be free, but lonely freelance she will not succeed. She can simply lose interest in the job and switch to a family. By the choice of the life partner of the gel is quite serious and gives this process a long time.

This often explains the later marriage of a girl with that name.

Groom for the Gels should be solid and secured. Since childhood, she was taught that man is a support. He must be smart, independent and stand firmly on his feet.

The nature of the future spouse must necessarily be docile, compliant. Gel will not be able to embody all his ideas and dreams, if not confident in the support of her husband. For complete self-realization, a girl does not have to be madly in love with her spouse, it is more important for her to feel unity in her views.

Marriage for her is a partnership, where a man and a woman, living under the same roof and raising common children, combine their efforts and opportunities for a more prosperous existence.

The meaning of the name of the Evangeline - what to expect from the character and fate

Fates in the history of the name

  • Adams Evangelina is a famous practical astrologer of the thirties of the last century. She predicted a fire at the Windsor Hotel in New York City, the Second World War, and a deep financial crisis in America in 1929. This woman was not only a visionary, but also a patron of the arts. Adams did charity work, provided financial support to orphans, and successfully found parents for them. Evangelina was the author of many books and derived such a direction of science as astrological eugenics. Her works and scientific materials still have practical application;
  • Evangelina Anderson is an American writer of paranormal and sci-fi erotica. Her novels are very popular far beyond the borders of Florida, where she lives;
  • Evangelina Dodonova — Russian sound engineer. Worked until 1995 at the film studio «Kazakhfilm». Her professionalism was highly appreciated in Russia.

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