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The meaning of the name Nazar — the origin, fate and character traits

Confident and solvable Nazar — will the upbringing affect the fate

To date, there are several theories of the origin of the name Nazar:

  • The name Nazar appeared in the era of the popularization of the Christian religion in the Roman Empire and sounded like Nazarius («born in Nazareth», «Nazarene»);
  • In the name of the Jewish roots and in Hebrew it means “vow”, “consecrating himself to the Lord”;
  • The history of the name is associated with the Arabic language. In this version it means «visionary», «gaze.» Female derived name — Nazira.

What forms can the name take

  • Short — Nazarik, Nazik, Nazarka, Zara.
  • Affectionately — Nazarushka, Nazarik, Nazarchik, Zarushka, Nazarochka

The meaning of the name Nazar - the origin, fate and character traits

In other languages

  • In Slavic languages ​​- Nazar
  • In English — Nazar
  • In Italian, Spanish and Portuguese — Nazario
  • In French — Nazaire

In the passport — NAZAR.

In the Orthodox calendar — Nazariy. This name is dubbed at baptism.


Nazar is growing a smart and cheerful boy. He is a mischievous child, but the parents of his upbringing do not cause trouble and problems.

Nazar is a sweet and kind boy. He tries not to intervene in conflicts, but he can stand up for his honor.

Since childhood, he has a high level of sociability. Find contact with any person and be able to make friends in just a few minutes.

This trait will be with him throughout life.

Nazar’s academic performance is average. But this is not because he lacks mental abilities. It just seems to him that the school program is boring and tedious, and therefore he lacks perseverance at school.

But in the sports field, he will show everything that he is capable of. Sport forms his volitional character traits and gives freedom of movement.

Sports can not only become physically healthy and strong, but also help in mental development. Until they become an independent person and provide for themselves, they will not move away from their parents.

The meaning of the name Nazar - the origin, fate and character traits

A matured Nazar will remain kind and humble as in childhood. His main qualities will be confidence, reliability, energy and assertiveness.

For others, he is very confident in himself and stands firmly on his feet. Only a few relatives know that a compliant and gentle person lives inside of him, because he never shows this.

He always carefully considers and weighs all his decisions. This causes the admiration and respect of others. Nazar never throws words to the wind.

Responsibility for him is not an empty word. In the company Nazar will always be in the spotlight.

In a circle of friends this merry fellow is always invited to visit. From an early age, he finds friends quickly.

A special feature of Nazar’s character is his softness, which he carefully hides in himself. Even the closest environment can not guess for years about its features. He always builds himself an assertive man who will not make concessions.

He believes that the image of a confident and unapproachable person will be more successful. And even when he came home, he did not immediately remove the mask of the “iron” person.

The meaning of the name Nazar - the origin, fate and character traits


Nazar is usually the owner of good health. If you exercise and eat healthy, your health will be just perfect.

The guy all his life will be high tone, which can not but rejoice. However, there are weaknesses.

These include the liver, so you need to be careful with alcohol. Respiratory organs may also be vulnerable. For them, a warm climate will be favorable.

Smoking is strictly contraindicated.

In his work, Nazar fully demonstrates all his seriousness and determination. He always with responsibility fulfills all orders and instructions.

He is a great performer and competent specialist. His leadership and colleagues appreciate his qualities. If Nazar finds a case to his liking, then success in it will be ensured.

He is easily fond of his favorite thing and gives him a lot of time. If his duties are not to his liking and cast on boredom, then he will be able to put up with it and conscientiously do his job.

Success is also possible here, but time and effort will need to be spent more.

Relations with the team are friendly. He is friendly with everyone communicates, but he does not intend to let anyone into his world. Colleagues speak of him as a pleasant and intelligent person.

The leadership appreciates his ability without emotion and deliberately acting in unusual situations. Will bring income and pleasure to Nazar your business.

He competently selects his team, where he sees potential in everyone.

Family and relationships

All the hidden softness of Nazar is manifested in relationships in the family. Leadership, he passes his wife.

At home, it is more convenient for him to have his wife lead him through life. He will accept all her decisions.

With his wife, he is gentle and affectionate, showing his care. In the children of his soul does not matter.

If the wife is ready to be a leader and lead her family in the flow of life, then all family members will live in peace, harmony and in love.

Astrological characteristics

  • Zodiac sign — Capricorn.
  • Stone — Amethyst.
  • Name color — Purple.
  • Planet — Uranus.
  • Tree — Barberry.
  • Totem animal — electric ramp.
  • Tree — Barberry.
  • Plant — Alpine rose.

Famous people with the name Nazar

  • Ukrainian singer Yaremchuk
  • Football player of the USSR national team Petrosyan

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