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The meaning of the name Natalia — the character and fate of a girl

Natalia — the meaning of the name, how the character of the girl can influence the fate

Natalia is a Russian, orthodox name. Latin is translated as birth or christmas.

Other options are possible values ​​- darling, birth, homeland. It is personified with God, the patron of birth.

Other forms of the name: Natasha, Nata, Lia, Tusya, Tata, Tasha. Similar names sounding Natalie, Natalia.

Male version of the name: Noel, Nadal, Natalia.

Angel Day Natalia notes: January 11, March 31 and 22, September 8 and 14.

General interpretation

  • The meaning of the name is favorable to the sign of the zodiac — Virgo;
  • The planet patronizing Natalia is Mercury;
  • Tree, contributing to the restoration of strength and energy — Aralia;
  • Color that attracts good luck and well-being — scarlet, poppy, tomato;
  • Stone amulet — krovavik.

As Natalia manifests itself in childhood and adolescence. Main characteristic

Baby Natasha is growing up an active and cheerful child. She loves to dream and dream.

Sometimes she was very interested in this activity, she forgets to return to reality. Parents from childhood teach her to independence and responsibility.

During her school years, Natalya is very active, she manages to study well and at the same time conduct extracurricular work. She is initiative, hardworking and does not avoid unnecessary duties.

She is interested to become a significant figure in the class, to be a ringleader, an ideological inspirer.

The meaning of the name Natalia - the character and fate of a girl

It is not surprising if Nat will become the headman in the class and will occupy this position even at the institute. She likes to be the center of attention, to feel a significant figure. Since childhood, this girl loves praise and compliments, but reacts negatively to criticism, not accepting comments and reproaches.

Such a character trait will be characteristic of her in adult life.

In high school, Natasha tries to distinguish herself for her high performance, she easily demonstrates her erudition, mental alertness, easy and competent speech. Her interests are not limited to social activities and creative circles, she is agile and inquisitive in exact sciences that require in-depth knowledge, care, accuracy, accuracy.

Its hidden potential and talent has many opportunities for development. No matter what sphere of interest Natasha is interested in in the future, she will have a well-deserved success in everything.

Holding a leadership position among peers, Natalie does not always adequately perceive competition. At such times, she can become hot-tempered, aggressive and very intolerant of her opponent or rival. Natasha’s main moving force is excessive pride and ambition.

These qualities can both provoke the release of negative emotions and affect the creative activity and constructive views.

Facing the choice of profession, the entrant Nath will be inclined to creative or scientific activities. It is possible that she will manage her own business.

But it will most likely be the organization of production, since the sphere of trade relations doesn’t worry her much.

Student Natalie is still active and capricious. Many ideas are buzzing in her head, she is happy and willing to participate in the public life of the university.

Her benevolence, cheerfulness, emotionality and determination attract not only her fans, but also future employers. During this period, she can expect many business and profitable offers.

The case when not to choose Nate, everything will bring her success and welfare.

Student Nata is always easy-going, she is attracted by trips to new cities and countries. She tries to surround herself with those who share her travel passion and keep her company.

Future work prefers to find one that would not exclude business trips and work trips.

In her younger years Natasha may seem slightly frivolous. But it is rather by virtue of her young maximalism and inexperience, and not character traits.

Very soon she will become more staid, visionary, pragmatic and balanced.

The meaning of the name Natalia - the character and fate of a girl

This attractive person with a native Russian name is very material, loves expensive clothes, comfort and well-established life. She is confident that in her power to do so in this life she does not need anything.

Reckoning this can only be ridiculous criticism of her detractors.

Already at such a young age Nata has enemies. Perhaps because of its vigor and cheerfulness, and maybe because of her desire to keep the baton of the championship, not letting anyone to the leadership place.

In any case, in moments of rivalry and struggle with competitors Natalia wakes up a bad temper. She can become cruel, merciless, nervous and irritable.

At these moments it is better not to stand by the militant person on the way.

Career, personal life, health — which fate Natalia prefers

Natalia is a subtle nature with a delicate aesthetic taste. She can be well versed in art, culture, and interested in music.

It can be successfully implemented as an actress, artist, poetess. But Nata is also able to demonstrate her potential in the field of science, education, becoming a good teacher, engineer, scientist.

Natasha’s determination and integrity will be in demand in the public service or in state security agencies. Her career will be successful also because she is accustomed to achieve everything herself, not to retreat and be persistent.

The meaning of the name Natalia - the character and fate of a girl

Natasha’s attitude is free. She does not like to save on herself or her children.

She will not tolerate the needs and will not set aside for a rainy day. Nata just goes and earns as much as she needs.

In love, Natalia is very emotional. She gets married early and seeks to do everything in order to maintain a strong family.

But the relationship with her husband is often not cloudy. Due to her complex nature, Natasha does not know how to compromise and smooth out the conflict.

It is also not typical for her to ask for forgiveness and repent of something. In a dispute, she always considers herself offended.

Before marriage, Natalia has a poor sexual experience, as she is very selective and prefers to have sex only with the perfect man. In marriage, Natalie is mostly faithful to her husband, but sometimes she may succumb to the temptation and charm of a business partner or colleague.

Natalia is subjective in her views and self-willed in actions, but in the upbringing of children she is very liberal. Prefers to give offspring complete freedom and independence, while not particularly limiting in financial resources.

Free time, which is very little, she prefers to pursue a favorite hobby. Such activities can be drawing, singing, needlework.

Active activities of her little concern, instead of playing sports, she would prefer to visit the shocking exhibition or attend the premiere of a new performance.

In many ways, the character of Natasha is determined by the month of birth. «Winter» Natasha is a more cold-blooded, restrained and charismatic person. A person born in spring and summer is more emotional and friendly.

Famous people named Natalia

  • Natalia Goncharova (Pushkin) — the spouse of the “first poet of Russia”. A beautiful and sophisticated woman, was the muse and mother of the children of Alexander Pushkin;
  • Natalia Durova is a circus actress, a courageous trainer and a talented writer;
  • Natalya Kasatkina — ballerina and soloist of the Bolshoi Theater, choreographer;
  • Natalia Vodianova — Russian supermodel, actress, TV presenter, philanthropist and philanthropist;
  • Natalia Andreichenko — Honored Artist of the RSFSR, theater and film actress;
  • Natalia Gundareva — the most popular actress of Soviet cinema, winner of the USSR State Prize;
  • Natalia Bondarchuk — Russian actress, model, film director and screenwriter.

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